Shiv Khandelvwal, an incredibly talented Gen-Z Creative Director & Cinematographer

Shiv Khandelvwal

Interview with Shiv Khandelvwal, an incredibly talented Gen-Z Creative Director, Cinematographer

Shiv Khandelvwal, an incredibly talented Gen-Z Creative Director, Cinematographer, and Content Creator.

As a talented Gen-Z Director & Cinematographer, Shiv had the privilege of capturing mesmerizing behind-the-scenes moments of global sensation Priyanka Chopra at the Met Gala, as well as the extraordinary journey of fashion influencer Diipa Khosla at the esteemed Cannes Film Festival.

Shiv Khandelvwal was the Only Indian member of the team present in New York during the Met Gala, where he captured the behind-the-scenes footage.

Can you tell us a bit about your journey and how you became a Gen-Z Creative Director and Cinematographer?

Shiv Khandelvwal: Myself, Shiv Khandelvwal, a versatile creator with 4+ years of experience in fashion, filmmaking, and advertising.

I began my journey in Delhi NCR, completing my education at Modern School before moving to Mumbai.

Seeking internships across various industries, I developed a comprehensive understanding of different fields.

Attending a transformative summer program at Harvard, I immersed myself in documentary filmmaking, video production, editing, and design.

This experience sparked my passion and led me to capture diverse subjects, including a documentary on Drag Queens in Boston and exploring locations like New York.

Joining Wedding Filmer in Mumbai, I refined my skills and gained valuable professional experience.  Throughout my journey, I managed social media for Janice Sequeira’s show, collaborating with talented individuals and deepening my understanding of effective online platforms.

These experiences provided insights into the industry’s behind-the-scenes dynamics, enabling me to cater to the distinct needs and expectations of clients.

With a unique perspective and accumulated expertise, I approach each project with enthusiasm, incorporating my own ideas to deliver exceptional results.

What inspires you as a creative director and cinematographer, and how do you incorporate that inspiration into your work?

Shiv Khandelvwal: As a creative director, I approach each project as a unique artistic endeavor, striving to create exceptional and authentic content.

I view my work as art, not just “content,” and showcase this perspective on my personal Instagram. I value the platform as a way to share meaningful and creative content that reflects my vision.

I draw inspiration from talented individuals and companies worldwide, admiring their work ethic and innovative approaches, especially those involved in events like Paris Fashion Week. Influential directors in the industry also inspire me.

How do you approach the creative process when working on a new project? Can you walk us through your typical workflow?

Shiv Khandelvwal: I receive inquiries from clients who have seen my work or been referred to me, and we collaborate to define project deliverables and align expectations.

Every project presents unique challenges and opportunities. One memorable project involved capturing a football match in a village in Haryana, India for a Spanish company. It was an incredible experience, exploring a new location and documenting the event.

My projects span a diverse range, from beauty brand recaps to capturing moments in unique settings. Attention to detail is crucial, especially in accurately representing colors and maintaining natural aesthetics for beauty brands.

Each project is a chance for me to apply my creative expertise, adapt my approach, and exceed client expectations through technical excellence and artistic vision.

What is your preferred style or aesthetic regarding cinematography, and why does it resonate with you?

Shiv Khandelvwal: Combining Vishal Punjabi’s guidance from The Wedding Filmer and my Harvard summer program experience, I approach projects with a simple and focused style.

I prioritize simplicity and capturing the essence of each moment without distractions. When shooting, I take a hands-off approach, observing and documenting reality as it unfolds.

My creative philosophy revolves around simplicity, realism, and being present at the moment. I strive to create compelling and authentic visual narratives by keeping things genuine.

How do you stay updated with the latest trends and technologies in the creative industry, and how do you incorporate them into your work?

Shiv Khandelvwal: In the past two years, I actively collaborated in “Social Media Star with Janice,” curated by Janice Sequeria.

This YouTube series brought together prominent content creators and Bollywood celebrities for interviews.

My role was to identify and utilize trends with different celebrities, developing a keen eye for trends and a passion for exploration.

Staying updated with the latest trends is crucial, especially with the focus on artificial intelligence (AI). With a dedicated AI team, we incorporate augmented reality (AR) and innovative elements into our work.

You can see unique AR content in my profile. By staying in touch with online trends, my team and I continuously adapt our content to remain engaging.

Collaboration is a crucial aspect of filmmaking and creative direction. How do you approach collaborating with other artists, and what do you value most in a collaborative environment?

Shiv Khandelvwal: Collaboration is vital in filmmaking and creative direction. I actively seek diverse artists who inspire me on platforms like Instagram.

Crafting compelling messages, I connect with potential collaborators. Networking through friends and sharing project updates on social media helps attract like-minded individuals for co-directing or cinematography collaborations. Finding partners who share my passion is crucial for fruitful collaborations.

What advice would you give to aspiring Gen-Z creatives who want to pursue a career in creative direction and cinematography?

Shiv Khandelvwal: As someone who is still exploring my own path, I understand the importance of offering advice to others, especially those studying film.

I encourage aspiring filmmakers to fearlessly reach out to their inspirations, disregarding any discouragement they may face.

It’s crucial to stay true to oneself and believe in what works best for personal growth and creative vision.

I emphasize the significance of taking the initiative to seek internships, freelance opportunities, or collaborations beyond the boundaries of one’s educational institution.

How do you see the future of creative direction and cinematography evolving, particularly with the advancements in technology and the changing audience preferences?

Shiv Khandelvwal: Looking ahead to the future of creative direction, I acknowledge the changing dynamics of people’s attention spans in our fast-paced world.

I understand the importance of capturing the audience’s interest within the first few seconds of any creative content, whether it’s an email, advertisement, or any other form of communication. Creating engaging and captivating content from the very beginning is crucial.

I also recognize the significance of staying informed about emerging technologies, particularly in the realm of artificial intelligence.

It’s essential to adapt and leverage these technologies to our advantage. By understanding and utilizing AI-powered software and websites, we can save time and create innovative and visually appealing content.

Remaining updated and evolving with the advancements in technology is vital for staying relevant in the future

As a Gen-Z creative director and cinematographer, what role do you think you play in shaping the cultural and artistic landscape of today’s society?

Shiv Khandelvwal: I share my work to inspire others and strive for authenticity and genuine moments. I aim to contribute to the artistic landscape and collaborate with like-minded individuals.

I embrace meaningful projects, socially relevant topics, and diverse perspectives to tell compelling stories. I recognize the importance of representing every individual’s story in my work.

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