Entrepreneurial Journey of Shivangi Bajpai – Founder of Mixmitti!

Shivangi Bajpai – Founder of Mixmitti

Shivangi Bajpai who is the founder of accessory label Mixmitti is a wildlife enthusiast whose passion for the care and awareness of wild animals can well be felt when having a coffee table conversation with her.

Raised in Kenya, Shivangi voices that she has always been a person who loves to travel and photograph wildlife especially in Africa which is known for its savanna’s and wildlife welfare practices.

She connects with animals on a personal level and being a NIFT student, she decided to come up with an idea that would change the conventional sense of fashion; thus was bringing forth Mixmitti – A PETA verified vegan accessory label!

Explaining at length the early beginning of Mixmitti Shivangi quotes “The journey started just as a mere experimentation 2 years back, one tiny catalogue collection to see how people would respond.

But the appreciation and love it got from all over the place for its uniqueness and vision, we were overwhelmed!

Though struggling through the pandemic has kept our pace slow and rather unstable, every time I design something I feel fulfilled that it is for a greater good and that keeps me and my team going.

She underlines Mixmitti mission is to make people aware about animals, their facts and their endangered conditions- right from the point of who makes our products to the one who purchases it.

It’s critical at such an hour of time when animals are constantly under the radar of getting extinct due to ignorant human actions.

The images, the embroidery, the materials- each detail of Mixmitti products help a person to learn, be aware of their surroundings and make conscious fashion choices, all at once.

When asked what are the plans for the brand for the next five years? She candidly voices “Plans, well we have stopped making plans with such uncertainty in daily events.

Our only plan is to achieve as much positive impact as possible through our range of products and through each collection we launch now and in future.

We are constantly experimenting with something new, something creative with individuals and professionals who are eager to bring positive impact through their skills, be it photography or art works.

With time we plan to grow this community of people even bigger, across every country and continent and create a niche of customers- loving and learning about animals, doing their bit by making conscious fashion choices and contributing towards animal welfare and thus making this world a better place.”

Donning a mentor’s hat for young entrepreneurs she says “One thing I really want to say is- “Know your story- what do you as a designer want your brand to convey and is it unique enough” only if it’s so will you be able to survive the tough competition.

Let’s be true, the fashion industry is saturated with a lot of bright ideas, and already established designers.

So what will bring you out? your ability to conduct something totally out of the box, that fills in the institutional void of the market and is able to make an impact so you get customers.

Signing off on her learning from the pandemic “Keep patience, bad times only come to make you appreciative of the good times.

Also, don’t get too disheartened when things aren’t turning out as you planned they would. This often leads to losing hope and will to work.

You are allowed to have a break but hold onto that eagerness, that energy with which you started it all in the first place.

Start planning new strategies according to the newer times and soon things will resume to their normal self. “

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Founders like Shivangi whose ongoing entrepreneurial journey must only be encouraged and draw inspiration for as in founding her label she has given more than a pound of her footprint for the cause and love of Wild animals!