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Shonell Thakker

Interview with Shonell Thakker, Co-founder, and CEO of Diquery Digital

Shonell Thakker, a digital marketing expert, Shonell has completed her MBA in Media and Entertainment from Whistling Woods International.

Prior to her current role, she worked in various prominent organizations like Excel Home Entertainment, Amir Khan Productions, Fox, Disney, and many more. Presently she is serving her duties as Co-Founder and CEO at Diquery.

Shonell Thakker, Co-founder, and CEO of Diquery Digital have worked with renowned organizations globally like Disney, 20th Century Fox, UTV, Excel Home Entertainment, Walkwater Media, Mills & Boon, and many more!

After gaining over a decade of marketing, branding, strategy, and media experience she saw the opportunity to use digital marketing to enhance brands.

She also started noticing a serious gap in the way Digital Marketing was being adapted by businesses. Thus, her first venture Diquery Digital was born which aims to resolve the Digital Queries of both individuals as well as businesses. She is confident, unapologetic & truly sets an example for many!

Diquery Digital is a full digital service agency that services clients across industries and has recently ventured into the Web3 ecosystem.

Kindly brief us about Diquery Digital, its specialization, and the services that it offers

Shonell Thakker: We, at Diquery, empower you and your businesses to gain more impact, be more innovative and interact with your desired target audience.

So, what’s with the name, Diquery, you may ask? It is short for Digital Query and its phonetic similarity to the cocktail Daiquiri is purely a happy coincidence.

We are the refreshingly new kids on the block who understand that all businesses have an individuality that needs special and personalized attention and that’s exactly what we offer you.

It isn’t enough to just be a part of a herd, it’s important to stand out and be heard. We add that power and zing that your business needs.

Services: – Business consulting/Digital marketing/Creative Marketing/ Social Media Management/Content Marketing/ Technology Consulting

What is your biggest USP

Shonell Thakker: Diquery is leveraging upon the tech and Brand goals, instead of just focusing on one platform to help a brand grow.

How do you see Diquery Digital and the industry growing in India in the coming years?

Shonell Thakker: The marketing industry is changing, and the industry as a whole will welcome diversity, both in terms of people’s identities and skill sets, and in terms of establishing inclusive practices that foster growth.

The marketing sector is seeing a wave of transformation on all fronts to shape it to be future-relevant.

What is your Leadership Mantra?

Shonell Thakker: Focus on what is the best possible for the brand and the team and the revenue is sure to follow. Nothing beats quality work.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? What made you choose this type of business?

Shonell Thakker: After gaining over a decade of marketing, branding, strategy, and media experience she saw the opportunity to use digital marketing to enhance brands. She also started noticing a serious gap in the way Digital Marketing was being adapted by businesses.

We have been on this trip for more than 7 years and have witnessed a lot of progress and a change of perspective. I’ve had a few clients who have stuck with us throughout the years.

Approximately 70% of our clients that want to try something different and innovative with their digital marketing have always returned to us.

Also, I’ve seen a lot of openness in terms of adopting digital advertisements, but the issue comes when individuals don’t completely understand the concept of the platforms employed. When it comes to television or traditional media, it has been around for hundreds of years.

What was your mission at the outset?

Shonell Thakker: Having seen the companies find the right agency fit because of the cookie cutter solutions, the mission was always to personalize the strategy for the client to help achieve maximum impact

What are your company’s goals?

  • Be able to provide a reliable ecosystem for the brands to achieve their brand goals
  • Adapt to new technologies and ecosystems to help the clients leverage on the additional business opportunities.

What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

Shonell Thakker: There haven’t really been any lasting failures. The biggest one we face is clients defaulting payments. We now take part of the payment in advance to avoid any business loss.

What are some of the biggest mistakes you’ve made?

Shonell Thakker: Hiring basis the CV rather than the actual work output. Wrong hires are the most harmful to the company growth

Your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Shonell Thakker: It is impossible to plan ahead in the current scenario. Instead of presuming the impact of your role, give each ecosystem time and learn all that it has to offer. Switching mind and roles at a fast pace has long term damages to personal growth.

A challenge might help to fuel one’s passion. Knowing that you have a significant task ahead of you is enough to inspire you to achieve better.

Entrepreneurs must constantly be prepared to meet problems and must be willing to succeed in the face of them.

You can’t always foresee how your firm will function, but by acknowledging the risks and being eager to win, you’ll be able to make things work.

Website: https://www.diquery.com

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