Should I Become An Artist?

Pavis Paints fluid art

I am often asked how an artist can earn money and whether it is possible to “live” from my creativity in the media of writing and visual arts. I was told over and over again that I could not make money if I was not a “real job,” etc.

If your expectations are unrealistic, it is easy to become discouraged if you realize that you are too busy selling your work and not good enough at what you do. I have heard from many people who do not believe that I can make money with creativity through writing or visual arts. 

Well I’m here to prove you wrong!

You don’t have to be an expert and wait until you’re really good before you can make money with your fluid art. You will never get to the point where you have nothing left to learn, and you will have no chance of learning successfully, of making money by selling something that is very much in demand, even if it is your own work. 

Proof that your artworks are already in demand makes you attractive to galleries and collectors who want to try your work, but you don’t need the expertise of an “expert” or the knowledge of the art world to do so. 

There is no right time to take your art to the next level.

So stop waiting for that “right time” and do something now to start your art career. If you think you want to pursue art as a profession, you should start as soon as possible. 

In this sense, we should delve into why it is still absolutely worth becoming an artist. If calling yourself an “artist” were a prerequisite for earning a full-time living from art, it would exclude thousands of people from the world we live in today.

However, if you want to be an “artist,” you have to be not only an “artist,” but also a successful artist. 

Marketing yourself is part of being an artist.

You have to do your work out there, be discovered by potential customers, sell your artwork and make money as an artist.

If you want to become an artist, you have to know how to ask for and receive your wishes and create more fullness than you ever thought possible. 

It’s time for you to make money, a mission of value and value, so make art and you’re in flux. You make art, you get your “work” out there.

Acrylic artist pavis paints

If you find a successful artist you look up to, ask them for advice, word of mouth is your greatest tool in the art world.

If you want to make money as an artist, then you should not stop trying to improve your art. Make sure you practice every day to get better and if you can’t, make it a habit to continue painting and continuously improve.

Is art your passion?

If art is your passion and you want to focus all your energy on it, then find a way to do that and know that this may be the most difficult and frustrating path you will go down, but be open to it.

There are many ways to make money from your art, whether it is through teaching at an art school, a university art department or even as a freelance artist. 

Sometimes unexpected opportunities show you the right way to earn money as an artist, and if you are open and willing to open up, you may even have to start paying the bills from other means.

Other ways to make money from art are teaching, publishing, advertising, book publishing and other media such as books, books and magazines. 

If you want to use your passion for art to motivate and inspire young people and to encourage the development of emerging talent, a career as an art teacher can be very rewarding.

Author: Francesca Pavis

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