Should You Rent A Car When Visiting Vegas?

Las Vegas

Despite the fact that Las Vegas has a plethora of tourist-friendly transportation alternatives, many visitors worry about whether they should rent a car in the city.

Some travelers enjoy the flexibility that renting a car provides but is it worth the extra cost? If you’re surprised whether or not to hire a car for your future trip to Vegas, you should look into the study we’ve done on the subject at sd rental auto.

It doesn’t make sense to rent a car if you’re only planning to stay on the Las Vegas Strip. The Strip is very walkable, but there are also several affordable public transportation choices for travelers.

People who prefer to go exploring outside of the Las Vegas Strip, on the other hand, may profit from the convenience of renting a car.

The decision to rent a car is based on your budget, preferences, and what you want to visit in Vegas. Continue reading the transportation tips below if you still have queries about traveling around this beautiful city. 

Is Renting A Car Necessary In Vegas?

In general, people who want to spend their whole vacation on the Las Vegas Strip do not require a rental car.

If you’re staying off-Strip or want to see some of the sights around Las Vegas, renting a car is a better option.

Here are some benefits and cons to consider when deciding whether or not a Las Vegas rental automobile is good for you. 

The Benefits Of Renting A Car In Vegas

  • The best part about renting a car in Vegas is that you can go wherever you want, anytime you want. This is useful if you want to visit the many attractions surrounding the Vegas Strip (e.g., Lake Mead, the Hoover Dam, and Red Rock Canyon).
  • To view the most popular destinations surrounding Sin City, read my post on “13 Self-Drive Day Trips From Las Vegas.” You might also be interested in this comprehensive guide to “Visiting Death Valley From Las Vegas.”
  • Some guests also rent a car because they stay in an off-Strip casino. You won’t have to rely on your hotel’s often unreliable shuttle service if you rent a car.
  • A high-quality GPS will be a nice investment if you’re going on a road trip around Vegas. One of these devices should make it easier for you to go to your desired location without too much trouble.

 The Cons Of Renting A Car In Vegas

  • Purchasing a rental car is more expensive on average than taking public transportation. This is true if you’re staying at a hotel located on the Strip. Plus, parking costs at big-name hotels can be high, so be prepared for sticker shock.
  • Furthermore, renting a car makes little sense if you’re solely interested in seeing the Las Vegas Strip. All of the major attractions on the Vegas Strip are easily accessible by foot. There are also numerous public transit choices available to you.
  • Finally, driving in Las Vegas, especially at rush hour, can be a headache-inducing experience. As you traverse these new streets, be prepared to stop for pedestrians and sit bumper to bumper.

How Does The Bus Work In Las Vegas?  

All bus-related transit in Las Vegas is handled by the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC).

The “Deuce” and the “SDX Strip & Downtown Express” are the two most important tourist routes. From the South Strip Terminal to Fremont Street, both of these lines traverse north and south along Las Vegas Boulevard.

As their name implies, Deuce buses are double-deckers that run 24 hours a day, seven days a week. On the other hand, SDX buses stop running between the hours of midnight and 9 a.m. A Deuce bus normally takes 15–20 minutes to arrive, but SDX buses should arrive every 15 minutes.

 Is it possible to get a free shuttle in Vegas?

There are a few free shuttles available for budget-conscious visitors to Las Vegas. Because many shuttles are designated for hotel guests, those with room keys will have priority access to the seats on these buses. As a result, if a bus is full before you can board, you’ll have to wait for another bus to arrive.

In addition, several free shuttles have been temporarily suspended owing to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Check with the hotels that provide these services to verify if they are still available.

 How Much Is A Taxi Fare In Vegas?

In Vegas, there is no set cost for taxis. However, all drivers should charge $2.76 per mile. You’ll also have to pay a $3.50 activation fee, a 3% excise tax, and a $32.40 per hour excess time fee.

A journey from McCarran International to on-Strip hotels should cost between $20 and $26 on average. If you’re taking a taxi from the airport to the Las Vegas Strip, you’ll have to pay an extra $2.

 Does Las Vegas Have A Monorail?

Many first-time visitors are startled to hear that the Las Vegas Strip has a monorail. The Vegas Monorail, originally built to connect MGM Grand and Bally’s, today spans nearly four miles and makes seven stops along the Strip.

You must purchase a ticket for the monorail either online or from a vending machine if you want to ride it. A variety of ticket choices are available, ranging from a $5 one-ride pass to a $56 seven-day unlimited pass.

While in Las Vegas, you can use your Uber or Lyft apps. Most resorts now have a special location set aside for ridesharing vehicles.

While surge pricing should be avoided, most tourists remark that Uber and Lyft are substantially less expensive than traditional taxis. It’s not uncommon for Uber prices from McCarran International to the Las Vegas Strip to be in the $11 range.

 Is A Rental Car Right For Your Vegas Vacation?

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While renting a car is helpful, it is not required to stay on the Las Vegas Strip. To save money on shows (or slots! ), concentrate on taking advantage of the Strip’s public transit. If you’re staying off-Strip or plan to travel outside of Vegas, only look into rental vehicle pricing.