Green Glamour: Showcasing Exquisite Solar Installations in Prestigious Properties

In the world of luxury and elegance, where prestige meets sustainability, Vareyn Solar emerges as the go-to solution provider for the glitzy and glamorous. Among the notable projects stands Nahargarh Ranthambore, nestled in the verdant outdoors of the Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary.

Here, amidst serene surroundings, Vareyn Solar has woven a tale of environmental stewardship and luxury, exemplifying the fusion of opulence and eco-consciousness.

Nahargarh Ranthambore is nestled in the green outdoors of Ranthambore Tiger Sanctuary, a serene location where their clientele who are visiting for the sanctuary and peace are amazed with the serendipity of their surroundings.

The property celebrates nature like no one else with mantras like renew and reuse wherein they have a sewage treatment plant, an RO Bottling Plant and now a Solar Power Plant to get their carbon footprint to zero if not in the negative.

Vareyn Solar is known amongst its clientele to fit the brief to a “T”, we customise our solar plants according to the demands of our clients, some deem solar panels too modern for the heritage look of the property some desire a solution to get their carbon footprint to zero on top, The success of Vareyn Solar lies in delivering on our promises and nailing the brief every time.

For example, The Nahargarh Property had a request of not ruining their existing kitchen garden where they wanted uplift the land and bring about a concept of “Farm to Table” for their visitors from India & Abroad so they can relax and enjoy their stay furthermore beyond the Tiger Park Adventure.

The team at Vareyn Solar was successful in not only giving them the best generation from the solar plant without ruining or using excess of land but also made sure that the water used to clean the panels is reused in the garden itself helping the property in their vision of zero waste.

Another prime example of the success of Vareyn Solar Team is the Kumbhalgarh Installation. Kumbhalgarh being a quaint hill station near Udaipur region is frequently visited by tourists who enjoy peace and quite away from the hustle and bustle of big cities.

Fateh Safari Lodge is a Five Star Property at Kumbhalgarh, located on a hilltop with vintage cars on display and an infinity pool one would like to spend the whole day in covered with greenery from every side, making it the go to place at Kumbhalgarh.

The Management of the property wanted to go solar after the success of their initial Solar Plants at Fateh Garh Palace, Udaipur and Vareyn Solar was again called upon to do the needful.

The request was simple “The heritage property which is a crown jewel in Kumbhalgarh should not lose its vibe with an extravagant touch of Solar Panels”, Our Team visited Fatehgarh Safari Lodge, Kumbhalgarh along with the Co-Founder & Director Mr.Ishan Chaturvedi for a solution as the rooftop space at the property was small and already being used, in a round across the property, Mr.Ishan found that the south side of the north facing property had a large garden being overlooked by rooms where the guests would stay and beyond the garden was a steep downhill area which was only visible from the incoming road.

He asked the team to workout a cost-effective solution, so that the plant can be installed on this steep downhill as this will inform no way hamper the look of the property and as the entire hill is part of the property, Net-metering can be achieved.

This led to a three month effort with long nights for the installation team and the design team along with multiple visits of Mr.Chaturvedi himself, what became an engineering Marvel for the Vareyn Solar Team the cherry on top was cinching the 150km/hr Wind resistance certification on the on-site fabricated solar structure.

It’s victories like these that change the playing field of Vareyn Solar and put them in a class apart and why Vareyn Solar has a long list of clients who keep coming back with further more challenging work for the team.

With each installation, whether it be the serene landscapes of Nahargarh Ranthambore or the vintage charm of Fateh Safari Lodge in Kumbhalgarh, the team at Vareyn Solar demonstrates unwavering dedication to their craft and a commitment to sustainability.

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