Interview with Shraddha Lath, Founder of Seek Skincare, Handpicked Clean Skincare essentials

Shraddha Lath

An exclusive interview with Shraddha Lath, Founder of Seek Skincare, Handpicked Clean Skincare essentials

Shraddha Lath, a visionary entrepreneur and the Founder of Seek Skincare, has carved a unique path in the world of beauty and wellness. With a relentless commitment to sustainable and holistic skincare solutions, Shraddha has not only transformed the industry but has also inspired countless individuals to embrace self-care in an eco-conscious way.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the journey of Seek Skincare, its core values, and the remarkable insights of its founder. Join us as we explore the intersection of beauty, sustainability, and self-love through the eyes of an inspiring innovator.

Can you tell me more about Seek Skincare’s approach to skinimalism and how it simplifies skincare routines for customers?

Shraddha Lath: Skinimalism, the minimalistic approach to skincare has been our driving force, promoting the fact that you don’t need a 10-12 step skincare routine that is tedious and could result in inconsistency. Instead, we believe that everyone, regardless of their age or gender, only needs three simple steps: cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen.

With the introduction of Seek, our product line simplifies things to focus solely on the skincare essentials: a gentle cleanser, a lightweight hydrating moisturiser, and a sunscreen serum for shielding you from the sun’s harmful rays.

Additionally, we love multi-functional products that minimise the need for multiple purchases. Our multi-use balm is a versatile product that quickly nourishes dry lips and distressed skin areas.

Sustainability is a core value at Seek Skincare. Could you provide specific examples of the steps the company has taken to minimize its environmental impact and promote eco-friendly practices?

Shraddha Lath: ‘Sustainable’ is a term used by many brands, but for us, it’s a lifestyle. Having said that, for Seek Skincare, we ensure we source our ingredients responsibly, all our products are vegan and cruelty-free. We use 100% recyclable paper for our packaging, consciously reduce the use of single-use plastic, and ensure to reduce the carbon footprint from manufacturing to delivery.

We also actively engage with our community to ensure a greener future. We believe that buying less is also sustainable, so we concentrate solely on essential skincare needs.

Seek Skincare prides itself on using clean, non-toxic ingredients in its products. How does the company ensure the safety and quality of these ingredients, and how are they sourced?

Shraddha Lath: We’re proud to offer products that are clean and safe for your skin. All our products are certified and carefully curated to meet the highest standards of clean skincare. They don’t contain harmful ingredients like parabens, sulfates, or silicones.

We’re also cruelty-free and vegan, meaning we don’t harm animals in our product testing. Plus, our products are free from added fragrances and colors. We’ve put a lot of research into making sure our products are of high quality, with key ingredients that help in achieving the best skin results.

What inspired you to start Seek Skincare?

Shraddha Lath: Influenced by a minimalistic approach, focusing on what’s essential for your skin’s health rather than indulging in an extensive skincare routine that might not fit into daily life, I introduce ‘seek’.

The idea of launching a skincare brand stemmed from my passion for skincare, a desire to produce clean and sustainable products, and a dedication to making affordable luxury available to a wide audience.

With my experience, I am convinced that skincare extends beyond product use and encompasses overall wellness. The consistent practice of self-love and self-care leads to higher vibrations that enhance one’s lifestyle.

Seek Skincare emphasizes accessibility and affordability. What strategies does the company employ to keep prices reasonable while maintaining product quality and effectiveness?

Shraddha Lath: Seek bridges the gap between luxury and affordability through products with premium and minimal packaging and quality. We achieve this with high-quality ingredients that are without any toxins, efficient production, direct-to-consumer sales, and a commitment to accessible luxury. Our focus is on providing a luxury experience without the luxury price tag.

You mentioned that self-care is a vital aspect of wellness. How does Seek Skincare aim to create a tranquil and enjoyable skincare experience for its customers?

Shraddha Lath: When you find joy in self-care, effortlessly incorporating skincare routines without making it feel like a chore, you attain a sense of tranquility.

Self-care involves many practices, and skincare is just a part of it. Eating well, staying hydrated, getting good sleep, and managing stress are all important too. When you do these things along with a good skincare routine, your skin can look amazing. So, it’s not just about products; it’s about taking care of yourself in every way.

In a world where beauty often comes at the cost of environmental impact, Shraddha Lath’s pioneering venture, Seek Skincare, stands as a beacon of hope. Her dedication to creating sustainable, ethically sourced, and effective skincare products serves as an inspiration for us all.

Through this interview, we have gained a profound understanding of Shraddha’s mission to redefine beauty standards and encourage individuals to seek self-care while respecting the planet.

As Seek Skincare continues to flourish and inspire, it is clear that Shraddha Lath’s vision is not just about skin deep beauty, but about fostering a more conscious and harmonious relationship with our planet.

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