Interview with Shradha Salla, a well-known Numerologist and Vastu Expert

Shradha Salla

An exclusive interview with Shradha Salla, a well-known Numerologist and Vastu Expert

Welcome to this exclusive interview with Shradha Salla, a prominent figure in the world of numerology and Vastu. With a wealth of knowledge and experience, Shradha has carved a niche for herself as a sought-after numerologist and Vastu expert.

Her deep understanding of these ancient sciences has empowered countless individuals to harmonize their lives, align their energies, and unlock their hidden potentials.

Through this interview, we delve into Shradha Salla’s journey, insights, and expertise, gaining a unique glimpse into the transformative impact of numerology and Vastu on our lives. Join us as we explore the fascinating realm of numbers, energies, and spaces with the esteemed Shradha Salla.

Tell us a little about yourself

Shradha Salla: Hi! So, my education was bachelor of Home Science from S.N.D.T and I majored in Media, in PR and in Photography. Before that, I studied from Pettit High School. Always been a very bright, good student, but there was more of a creative feel and a creative edge that I had within me. Family background’s been often extremely intelligent set of people in my house.

My brother has done his M.B.A and he lives in London. My parents are also graduated from law and English honours and, it’s been a very beautiful childhood that I’ve grown up with, with a lot of respect, good knowledge, well taught and well brought up kids.

Can you tell us about your journey and how you became interested in Numerology and Vastu?

Shradha Salla: I was pregnant with my second daughter in 2006 and my first was two years old. That’s when I was home for a while and wanted to put my mind to use. So, I started to study numerology.

I had a Sir coming over, and, whenever I got time in between both the girls, I used to do my classes with him, got very interested in the field.

And then I started to read more books and study a little more from that. I got into tarot and just started to do it for friends and family in the house and understand what science is all about. That’s how the interest developed. But, the one thing I did was I never stopped.

I always felt that there was something that I was connecting with in the field of occult sciences, and I just wanted to learn.  

There was never any intention in my mind that I was going to take this into business later on. I was just passionate about it and I wanted to learn. So, it started with numerology around 18 years ago.

I went into a lot of courses and a lot of study for tarot because I believe in tarot very, very strongly. And then, a little down the line, I understood because energies are everything and energy, tarot and all are part of energy. There’s the energy of the world also. Right? There’s the energy of direction also.

That is when I got into Vastu and now we do know that Vastu complies everywhere and every one kind of believes in it, so it just started out of fun and interest and passion, and now it’s become, of course, the passion is still there, but it’s also become a business.

 Also, I always had an aesthetic with places. I always wanted a place to look nice, decluttered, very clear, very clean and that’s where I got into Vastu, involved with energy enhancement and energy cleanliness where when you enter a place, besides the directions being correct, you have a feel-good factor about the place with a positive vibe.

What exactly is numerology, and how does it influence people’s lives?

Shradha Salla: Numerology is the science of numbers. There are nine numbers on the nine planets. Each one of these numbers has a direct effect on these planets. It affects a person’s life because, literally, we are governed by numbers from one of the first forms of languages.

Roman numbers were one of the first and foremost languages which got formed into symbols, and then alphabets came out.

When you look around, every single thing is a number from the time to currency, to your date, to everything around you. Uh, it governs and rules a person’s life because numbers have a certain kind of weight and a certain kind of power within them.

And when calculations are done right, for example, even in mathematics, you get the desired result that you want.

So, numerology is obviously not related to mathematics except for the addition and subtraction process that you have to go through. But these numbers relate to your planets and that’s how they have a very big significance in our life. Like your date of birth, it will have a direct significance on when you are born, which month, which year.

And that’s when you do your calculations and the analysis and come down to understanding more about a person.

Tell us about your recent collaboration with The Designer’s Class

Shradha Salla: Absolutely loving my recent collaboration with the designer’s class. The entire team’s very nice, very creative, very passionate about what they’re doing, and, what I love the most is their reach, the reach out to so many people out there. I mean, knowledge is something that is so important in life.

It’s a little seed that we’re putting out there, and the more people that get involved, it gets into a nice big tree and then it starts to bear fruit.

So, knowledge is one of those. Beautiful fruits, which you eventually get and everyone is in seek of something somewhere. So, what the designer’s class is doing is it’s offering so many different courses and knowledge on so many different factors.

Just at the click of a button, in the comfort of your house, in the comfort of your office. Wherever you are, you can sit and learn so much. So, I absolutely love the association.

It’s a very positive feeling and I only like to work with positive people, so the fact that I’m working with the designer’s class, I know that it is something that’s going to be very successful and go a long way.

What are the fundamental principles of Vastu Shastra, and how does it impact the energy of a living or working space?

Shradha Salla: The fundamental principle of as is the science of directions, and there are basically four, primary directions, and then you have nine more. So, basically north, southeast, west, and there’s northeast, southeast, southwest and northwest.

And then you have the centre, which is known as a brahmasthaan. The principle is based on the five elements of earth, fire, water, air, and spirit.

And, according to these charts, you kind of align yourself, your mind, and your space. And once you have the right alignment, that’s when the energy flows.

 Vastness affects your workspace because you’re creating a positive vibe, right? And you are also decluttering, removing the stuff that you don’t want, and adding factors and creating the right direction in order to reflect and circulate the right energy in space.

Many people might be sceptical about numerology and Vastu. How do you address scepticism and misconceptions about these practices?

Shradha Salla:  I absolutely love sceptics because you get to see a different point of view of a person, so it’s very important not to just have line faith and believe and do anything. I think when you question yourself and question the other person, you only get to you. You are more interested in the subject and you get to know him.

What you need to know and the right thing. See, I always say there are three things that are ruling us. One is our destiny, which is not in our hands.

Second is our karma accumulation of our past, present, and future karmic lifetimes. And the third thing is something known as free will. Now all numerology or any signs does this, does it?

They affect your free will. So even if you’re sceptical about it, you, you know, you’re justified in being so because you cannot handle your destiny or your karma. But when they do come to me, I explain it to them.

What you can achieve with your free will, your strengths, your weaknesses, and everything that you have, and how we can take that further.

So, when they understand the way I’m explaining it to them, no. I can proudly say that most of them kind of start leaning towards them. Accepting what I’m trying to tell them and being more open towards it.

So, it’s a beautiful thing to have a question, answer session with them, understand their viewpoint, then understand mine.

But by the end of it, I feel everyone comes to a certain level of acceptance that, yes, there are these planets, they do exist and they are having an effect on our life. Maybe not a hundred percent effect, but it’s definitely affecting it somewhere or another.

How will you customize your teachings for students based on their specific needs and goals at The Designer’s Class?

Shradha Salla: So, when they look at the course, it’s already kind of customized because I have taught students how they can calculate their own personal date of birth, and they can do it for their friends and family. What different days stand for?

What different numbers stand for? How you can work with different gemstones and all this is based on your personal needs.

So, the Course is kind of already available to everybody as a whole and it is also pre-customized for your needs because we’ve gone very into specific details.

Even in Vastu, I have taught you how to read a compass, on how to read directions if you are dealing with something in your house, how you can kind of understand through a compass.

And what are the changes you can make to your house? There is a lot of personal-related stuff mentioned in the course which a person can use, according to their needs.

What advice would you give to these young learners who are interested in learning numerology or Vastu and pursuing it as a career?

Shradha Salla: My advice to you young learners is never stop learning. The fact that you are doing this course just shows that there’s an interest as a passion, and let this passion be taken to another level. You know, interestingly, there are some universities abroad who are actually teaching, numbers in astrology as a proper subject because everything is shifting to this big, ultra universe.

People are understanding about a car science now. The metaverse is coming in. Everybody knows the language of energies.

So, think that you are looking, you are getting knowledge of the past. You are using it in your present, and you are also going to use it in your future because this is one subject that is not going to go and accept it or not.

Believe it or not, it’s going to be attached to your daily life in some form or the other.

As a numerologist and Vastu expert, how do you maintain a balance between your personal life and your profession?

Shradha Salla: So, as a Numerologist, I understand the strength of strength of my personal numbers, and I know, I know they’re well. I know I have some multitasking, abilities in me and I use that to my advantage to maintain that balance between my personal and professional life. Also, the thirst to wake up every morning and do more drives me.

To make sure I’m giving my clients a hundred percent and also my daughters, my family, and myself a hundred percent too. there is no limit.

You know, we all are limitless human beings, so I in fact, don’t maintain a balance. I go all out and do how much ever I can. Why should we maintain a balance?

balance is a state of mind. And it’s great to have that, but we have so much power in us that we can explore and do Beyond that also, all you need to do is wake up every morning, declutter your mind.

This is what I do on a personal, level every morning, declutter my mind, remove the nonsense. And then what is left is pure positive energy.

Use that to your maximum potential, and automatically you’ll be able to handle personal, professional, and so much more in life.

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