Interview with Shrawan Daga, Founder of Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda

Shrawan Daga

An exclusive interview with Shrawan Daga, Founder of Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda, largest Ayurvedic juice and ayurveda manufacturer in India

It is with great pleasure that we welcome Shrawan Daga, the visionary Founder of Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda, to our interview today. As the luminary behind the largest Ayurvedic juice and Ayurveda manufacturing enterprise in India, Mr. Daga has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the wellness industry.

His dedication to harnessing the power of traditional Ayurvedic principles and blending them with modern manufacturing techniques has not only positioned Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda as a leader but has also significantly contributed to the well-being of countless individuals.

Today, we have the opportunity to delve into Mr. Daga’s insights, experiences, and the journey that has led to the unparalleled success of Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda.

Can you please share with us your personal journey and what inspired you to enter the field of Ayurveda and herbal products?

Shrawan Daga: I completed my schooling from Mount Abu, following which I pursued B Com for graduation. In my last year in college, i.e. 2007, I raised the initial funds for Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda by selling some old scrap. After five years of hardship, business gradually began to improve. Then, we put forth a lot of effort as a B2B brand, providing unadulterated Ayurvedic ingredients to other companies.

The brand’s operational size has grown astronomically during the last five years. From 1-3 e-commerce orders per day to 5000 orders per day, we have grown several times over. Furthermore, we are currently exporting to numerous nations worldwide. Covid was revolutionary. Actor and humanitarian Sonu Sood also came on board as an ambassador during the second wave of Covid.

We took all necessary steps to make people more aware of the power of Ayurvedic herbs to boost immunity and combat corona symptoms. We are currently growing it as a direct-to-consumer brand and are getting amazing feedback.

We are also aiming at making Ayurveda a household name across the globe. with expertise in market research, skin care, and nutrition and am inspired to take Krishna’s Herbal and Ayurveda to greater heights.

How did the idea for Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda come about, and what motivated you to start this venture?

Shrawan Daga: Krishna’s Herbal and Ayurveda was established with the goal of incorporating Ayurveda into everyday homes to promote overall health and alleviate sickness. We purchase our products directly from farmers, including neem, ashwagandha, and aloe vera. In order to ensure that the finished goods are of the highest calibre, we also teach farmers about the best organic agricultural techniques.

They undergo extensive quality testing before being employed in our cutting-edge production facility in a variety of Ayurvedic compositions. Fresh and raw strong herbs are used to make all of our products, which are then packed using automated filling processes that require no human touch.

Our in-house microbiology and R&D laboratories are of the highest calibre, ensuring that the best raw materials and superior final product are used. The goods that are brought to market are of the highest quality and Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda guarantees and promises their purity.

Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda has become the 2nd largest Ayurvedic juice and Ayurveda manufacturer in India. What do you attribute to the company’s remarkable success and growth?

Shrawan Daga: Krishna’s Herbal and Ayurveda is 100% quality conscious and adheres to traditional Ayurvedic practises. The team that includes skilled doctors, agricultural scientists, and quality control experts, with women accounting for roughly 65% of the total workforce is committed to ensuring this. We are a household name in the herbal and Ayurvedic industries, with all manufacturing done in-house and nothing outsourced. And we owe our success to them.

How does Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda approach the development of new Ayurvedic products? What role does innovation play in your company’s product strategy?

Shrawan Daga: Ayush units were previously working on shortcut procedures that did not produce the desired outcomes. We concentrated on natural herbs, acquiring them directly from the farmers and ensuring that they followed the Ayurvedic process for cultivation. In reality, our machinery assures that our products are free of human intervention.

This was a game changer, and the Ayurvedic products produced excellent effects. Ayurveda, which was once seen to be a long healing procedure and hence avoided, has now become the first choice for many people, and this changing perspective has helped Ayurveda to become the frontrunner solution for most diseases.

Quality is crucial in the herbal and Ayurvedic sector. How does Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda ensure the quality and authenticity of its products?

Shrawan Daga: As I have elaborated earlier, Ayurveda has the solution for all sorts of problems you can think of, be it diabetes, high cholesterol, skin or hair problem etc. We also have immunity boosting ingredients which when ingrained in daily routine can lead to better immune systems, healthier digestive systems that will ensure that we lead a healthier, happier life.

Krishna’s Herbal and Ayurveda products are made after utmost consideration, in the purest, most unadulterated form, which yields results in no time at all.

We have tie ups with farmers, thus we source the ingredients from the right places and ultimately the final products are manufactured in our units, under a keen eye, where only the best is produced as the end product. Infact, most of our juices have to be consumed within one month of opening the bottles as they are free of preservatives, chemicals and artificial ingredients, and natural ingredients can only last this long.

In a competitive market, how do you differentiate your products from others in the Ayurvedic and herbal industry?

Shrawan Daga: Our manufacturing process is top of the class, as it is based on the ancient system of Ayurveda. So, instead of mass producing chyawanprash, our preservative free chyawanprash is made in an iron pan in small batches. It is prepared using A2 desi cow ghee and more than 45 herbs that aid in boosting immunity.

Likewise, our Aloe vera gel is prepared from the fresh pulp of the plant obtained within 4 hours, instead of the standard 5 days. This maintains freshness of the product, and ultimately yields better results. Likewise, we have Diabic care for diabetes patients, Migraine Juice, immunity boosters like Noni juice and many more.

All our products are free from artificial flavours and colours, preservative free and are seeped in the wisdom of Ayurveda. And this is the biggest differentiator between us and the competitors.

Can you share any new product launches that Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda has in the pipeline?

Shrawan Daga: We are in the process of adding more products to our preservative free range. We have already added chyawanprash, shilajit, Raw noni juice and tablets to preservative free range.

Also Soon we will be ready with Fat reducer tablet and Papaya leaf tablet.

What is your success tip for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Shrawan Daga: Hardwork and perseverance is the key to success. Success comes after a lot of failures , so do not get demotivated by the failures.

In conclusion, our conversation with Shrawan Daga, Founder of Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda, has been nothing short of enlightening. Mr. Daga’s commitment to promoting health and well-being through Ayurveda is not only admirable but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs in the wellness sector.

As we reflect on his journey, it is evident that Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation. We extend our gratitude to Mr. Daga for sharing his valuable insights, and we eagerly anticipate witnessing the continued growth and positive impact of Krishna’s Herbal & Ayurveda in the years to come.

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