Interview with Shrenik Parmar, Founder and CEO of DegreeLabs Limited

Shrenik Parmar

An exclusive interview with Shrenik Parmar, Founder and CEO of DegreeLabs Limited, Pioneering force in the Transnational Education (TNE) sector

Shrenik Parmar, a visionary Edtech entrepreneur with over thirteen years of experience, who has navigated the higher education sector with unwavering passion and expertise. His journey is a testament to his dedication to providing innovative solutions that empower students to pursue their academic and career dreams without the burden of excessive costs.

Shrenik’s story of innovation and impact began when he founded DegreeLabs Limited, a platform born out of his profound commitment to democratising access to global education within India. Under his strategic leadership and heartfelt dedication, DegreeLabs is effectively bridging the gap in the transnational education sector (TNE), making quality education accessible to all.

Shrenik’s entrepreneurial journey didn’t start there; it found its roots in his previous venture, Proodle Solutions Limited (UK), where he showcased remarkable acumen by orchestrating a commendable revenue generation of $450,000. His seamless transition from one venture to another reflects not just his business acumen but also his passion for transforming the landscape of higher education.

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Shernik serves as a distinguished ambassador for the University of Nottingham Ingenuity Lab, a role in which he continues to contribute significantly to the global student and entrepreneurial community. His entrepreneurial journey is adorned with a plethora of international awards in the UK, China, and India, reflecting his exceptional dedication and excellence in the higher education field.

Could you start by providing an overview of DegreeLabs Limited and the role it plays in the transnational education sector? What inspired you to establish this organization?

Shrenik Parmar: DegreeLabs heralds a new era in transnational education, exclusively positioning itself as India’s pioneer portal where students navigate the multifaceted world of TNE. The spark that ignited DegreeLabs was an aspiration to architect an educational landscape where Indian students can effortlessly tap into the wealth of international education through a single, seamless app. We’re not just a portal; we’re a gateway to global educational excellence, backed by robust market research and a deep understanding of the sector’s dynamics.

Transnational education is a rapidly evolving field. How has DegreeLabs Limited adapted to the changing landscape and contributed to its growth and development?

Shrenik Parmar: As the TNE terrain evolves, DegreeLabs has stood resilient, emerging as a harbinger of change by launching India’s first and exclusive app for TNE program discovery. Our approach has been data-driven, focusing on market statistics to form our strategies, ensuring we stay ahead of the curve. By pioneering this digital platform, we’ve laid the groundwork for students to engage with advisors and find their perfect international education fit.

What are the key challenges and opportunities you’ve encountered in the transnational education sector, and how has DegreeLabs Limited addressed these challenges?

Shrenik Parmar: Our pilot launch was a critical phase; it was less about mass enrollments and more about forging strong foundations with Indian HEIs, refining our systems, and engaging with thousands of students and parents to validate our service. Now, as we prepare to onboard hundreds of Indian HEIs offering TNE programs, our focus shifts to recruiting thousands of students for upcoming intakes, a testament to our readiness to scale.

With globalization and digital transformation, how has technology played a role in enhancing the accessibility and quality of transnational education through DegreeLabs Limited?

Shrenik Parmar: DegreeLabs leverages technology not as a mere tool but as an ecosystem enhancer for TNE. Our app serves as a digital concierge, advising students on the myriad of TNE options while equipping them with decision-making prowess. This digital transformation is key to transcending geographical barriers, making the pursuit of international education as simple as a tap on a screen.

What are some notable achievements or milestones that DegreeLabs Limited has accomplished in bridging the gap between international education institutions and students around the world?

Shrenik Parmar: Our most significant achievement during our initial phase was establishing a robust platform that has already begun to facilitate connections between Indian and foreign HEIs, paving the way for academic collaborations. From dual degrees and credit transfers to immersive and integrated master’s programs, we’ve laid the essential framework to foster these global partnerships.

Ensuring the quality and standardization of education across different countries is a critical concern. How does DegreeLabs Limited maintain quality assurance and accreditation in the transnational education programs it offers?

Shrenik Parmar: In upholding our commitment to quality, DegreeLabs meticulously screens and partners with institutions that not only hold esteemed accreditations but also share our dedication to educational excellence. We work closely with these institutions to ensure that our TNE programs are not only of high caliber but also tailored to meet the evolving needs of global education standards.

Students pursuing transnational education often face unique cultural and logistical challenges. Could you share some strategies DegreeLabs Limited employs to support and guide these students effectively?

Shrenik Parmar: DegreeLabs recognizes the cultural and academic challenges of TNE. We’ve devised a comprehensive support system that accompanies students every step of the way, from choosing the right program to acclimating to a new academic environment. We go beyond just enrollment; we prepare students to become global citizens in an interconnected world.

What advice would you offer to other entrepreneurs and leaders looking to make an impact in the transnational education sector, based on your experiences with DegreeLabs Limited?

Shrenik Parmar: My advice is to deeply understand the market you’re stepping into. Leverage data and genuine student feedback to build solutions that resonate on a global scale. And remember, it’s not just about creating platforms; it’s about fostering ecosystems that nurture both academic excellence and cultural understanding.

What are your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Shrenik Parmar: Aspiring entrepreneurs should focus on creating value and impact. Equip yourself with patience and persistence, and remember that the most profound ventures often stem from addressing simple, yet overlooked needs. Surround yourself with a team that shares your vision, and be ready to lead with empathy and integrity.

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