Interview: Shreya Sharma, Founder & CEO of Rest the Case, a legal aggregator platform

Shreya Sharma

Interview with Shreya Sharma, Founder & CEO of Rest the Case, a legal aggregator platform

Ms. Shreya Sharma is an ambitious young entrepreneur and tedx speaker, who studied International relations at the prestigious Harvard university, Cambridge, Massachusetts and recently graduated from the Cardiff University, Wales with llb hons.

Although Ms. Sharma came from an affluent family of the city, she always knew that she was to make her own mark in this competitive world.

After a lot of pondering,introspection and hard work she successfully built a legal aggregator platform, Rest The Case, that strives to make legal information and services approachable to the nation.

By the people and for the people, Rest the case offers infinite opportunities for lawyers and clients and makes the law accessible to everyone in just a few clicks.

In just the first year of its inception her company Rest The Case has been recognised as the best startup of 2021 by India 500.

This award winning company Is an online platform that gives a smart and convenient edge to bridge the gap between the courts and the people.

From starting her own company at the age of 21 to being a recipient of India 5000 women achiever award 2021 she left no stone unturned to rise triumphant.

What inspired you to start Rest The Case, a legal aggregator platform? Could you share some insights into its mission and how it operates?

Shreya Sharma: It has been a constant struggle for people to find legal help. It is often difficult to make sure you have the right and trustworthy lawyer, to find the right information related to law in a simple and comprehensive format, to go through a ton of contacts before you can finally find someone who can actually manage your legal case. 

Right from finding the kind of lawyer you need, to documentation and all other steps involved in a legal process, a one stop solution to legal matters has always been a necessity but has not been easily accessible or available. ‘Rest The Case’ is your one stop solution for all your legal services and information.

While studying abroad I saw how easy it was to access legal information and also seek advice for the same.

After witnessing that, I decided to introduce the same in India. My vision for ‘Rest The Case’ is to make it a One Stop Solution for all things legal in India.

A platform that is accessible to all no matter how big or small their problem might be, we wish to be your go to solution when it comes to all legal matters in India, and to build a trusted community for you when sharing confidential information.

Kindly brief us about Rest The Case, its specialization, and the services that it offers

Shreya Sharma: With ‘Rest The Case’ all legal issues are taken of, with just a click of a button. We offer simplified legal information in their knowledge bank, verified lawyers that a client can filter based on location, experience, gender if required and specialization so that one can find an apt lawyer, ready to use document templates that a client can fill up and use immediately, all this in one place.

Apart from this they also offer legal news and bare acts so that one can be informed when they require help.

As a female entrepreneur in the legal tech industry, what challenges have you faced, and how have you overcome them?

Shreya Sharma: There is a lot of gender bias in the legal industry of India. Overcoming that bias and lack of representation is one of the major challenges that I had to face as a female entrepreneur.

It is a cliché that women don’t handle pressure well or cannot handle an organization at large. I was questioned by multiple people along the way, in fact when we were onboarding the first few lawyers lots of them didn’t take it seriously, they even asked me if this was just a hobby or an actual business.

What I think I believe in very strongly is letting our actions and our work speak louder than our words and we have tried our best to make sure, that is what people see.

Being persistent, dedicated and having a hardworking team with me has helped me overcome the challenges seamlessly.

Rest The Case aims to provide access to legal information and services. How do you ensure the platform remains inclusive and accessible to all individuals, regardless of their socioeconomic backgrounds?

Shreya Sharma: We offer a diverse range of opportunities for lawyers and clients and makes law accessible to all with just a simple click.

Simply from the comfort of your home you can now not only connect with lawyers from your city and for specific legal issues you have and find solutions together, but the platform also caters to the needs of law students by helping them find resourceful tips and information and also connect with lawyers for advice.

On this platform one can also find legal document templates for seamless legal drafting, venture into an extensive legal library where they cover information right from laws, bare acts, interesting news pieces etc. We make sure that our resources are user-friendly and everyone can access to it free of cost.

In your opinion, what role does technology play in transforming the legal industry, and how does Rest The Case leverage technology to streamline legal processes?

Shreya Sharma: Technology has the potential to transform the legal industry by automating repetitive tasks, improving efficiency, enhancing legal research capabilities, and facilitating access to legal information.

In future RTC will leverage technology to streamline legal processes by utilizing natural language processing, machine learning, and data analytics to assist with legal research, document management, and client communication.

As an entrepreneur, what skills and qualities do you believe are essential for success, particularly for young women looking to start their own businesses?

Shreya Sharma: As an entrepreneur, I think there are some things that you should not forget. I think before anything else you must believe in yourself.

I always say that you must believe in yourself every day, it is a process and you need to do it every single day.

If you don’t believe in yourself and your idea, no one will. Secondly, it is very important to remember to think, plan and execute.

This means thinking about your idea, thinking about what problem you are trying to solve, and whether the approach you are taking will solve the purpose.

Then plan based on whatever you had decided and a clear and efficient skeleton third and extremely important execute your plan, and build a team.

If you had one piece of advice for someone just starting out, what would it be?

Shreya Sharma: I have said this before, but I think as many times as you point this out it is less. The most important thing for anyone is to believe in themselves.

I always say that you must believe in yourself every day, it is a process and you need to do it every single day. If you don’t believe in yourself and your idea, no one will

How do you balance your role as a founder, speaker, and potentially other responsibilities in your life? Do you have any strategies for maintaining a work-life balance?

Shreya Sharma: It might sound made up or bookish but I have always been told by my father that you should do what you love and you never have to work a single day of your life.

I genuinely enjoy every day that I go to work or think about what is next with regard to Rest The Case. I usually take up things that I know will help the purpose I have with Rest The Case and that’s why work doesn’t seem like work.

I do other things for fun like I like to go to the gym, I play tennis I love to read, but I don’t feel the need to escape from going to work every day.

Are there any mentors or role models who have influenced your entrepreneurial journey? How have they inspired or guided you?

Shreya Sharma: I think I have learned the most from my family. I have seen my entire family work tirelessly every single day.

Since I was little and I used to go with somebody from my family to the office and just see and listen to all that was happening today when I still do the same and try to learn all the things that they do, they have taught me everything I know today.

What message or key takeaway would you like to share with our audience, particularly with young women who may be considering entrepreneurship or making a difference in the legal industry?

Shreya Sharma: I think in the legal industry what is most important is to keep learning. learning never stops as a lawyer.

Keep yourselves informed and open to whatever new comes around. It is an ever-evolving industry and it’s important to be up to date.

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