Entrepreneur story of young stalwarts Shweta Golechha and Saurabh Sukhani

Shweta Golechha and Saurabh Sukhani
Shweta Golechha and Saurabh Sukhani

Sibling Magic!

Dynamic duo siblings Shweta Golechha and Saurabh Sukhani are perfect examples of jet setting youngsters who after a bit of individual work experience decided to bond together for the entrepreneurial plunge!

Born in a traditional Marawadi family the siblings worked their way up gaining recognition with innovative hand painted conceptualized silver jewelry!

Conception for their brand Shvet started in 2008 when Saurabh was working in American Express Bank after completing his MBA and Shweta was working with AKM Mehrasons after completing her Jewelry designing from NIFT.

After doing the initial research they opted to pursue manufacturing of sterling silver jewelry since gold was expensive.

They inspired to start a business line of jewelry which never existed at that time and they succeeded!

Designing Jewelry in Continuum!

Launching ‘Shvet’ on 9th December 2009 was indeed a dream come true for them, and there has been no looking back since then.

Credit must be given to both as both have smartly divided the roles achieving both customer satisfaction with splendid designs as well as deep market penetration with business acumen.

Shweta Golechha the ace designer, along with her team routinely innovates and comes up with fresh collections that have been well appreciated in exhibitions in India, and abroad.

While Saurabh has churned his marketing know -now looking after both India and abroad operations.

Chronicling the brand’s journey in the last 12 years Saurabh Voices “Within a year of launching, we bagged our first order from Fab India.

It was a Big morale booster for us! Soon after that, as destiny had it, we were part of the movie Band Baaja Baarat produced by Yashraj Films as we sourced jewelry to them. We have our name in the credentials too!

We started doing premium lifestyle exhibitions getting love and appreciation from across India.

Another highlight was to experiment with hand painting. We started with Raja Rani Miniature art and it was an instant hit!

We started selling at the best boutiques and web portals of India e.g. Ensemble, Nimei, Jaypore, Ogaan to name a few.

We also got chosen by one of the premium lifestyle exhibitions of the world Fashion Forward Exhibition at Dubai to showcase our jewelry.”

When asked on the mission of the brand Shweta Golechha voices “The mission of the brand is to keep creating inspirational jewelry by using both old techniques and latest technology infusing it with various ancient hand paintings.”

Shvet the jewelry brand is into manufacturing sterling silver jewelry. Including earrings, rings, necklaces, brooches, buttons etc.

Everything is a work of art involving significant human effort as individual pieces are handcrafted and hand painted.

For the next one year, both Saurabh and Shweta plan to expand their venture at different offline stores and online portals as well as their own website.

They also want to push and market deep their silver plated line of jewelry expecting it to flourish.

Moreover, in the next five years spreading their jewelry’s footprint in international markets and exports are a priority for sure!

Moving onto a mentoring role both advise young aspiring designers and entrepreneurs that, “If you like an idea then just start it without thinking much. Be innovative always and take risks.

Conclusively they add in light of the pandemic that we must be prepared in advance for unexpected events.

World is changing very fast if we compare from a few decades back and one thing which is a must is being adapt at the right time.

Signing off, both reflect that “The only thing that makes us stand out is our ability to continuously innovate.

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We design jewelry every day.  New pieces are manufactured daily. Lot of R&D goes in terms of art work. Always in search of new art forms and its motifs.”