Interview with Siddhant Jain: Co-founder & CEO of VdoCipher

Siddhant Jain

An exclusive interview with Siddhant Jain, Co-founder & CEO of VdoCipher

In the ever-evolving world of online media and content delivery, VdoCipher has emerged as a pioneering force, dedicated to ensuring secure and seamless video streaming experiences.

At the helm of this innovative venture is Siddhant Jain, the Co-founder & CEO of VdoCipher. Siddhant’s visionary leadership has propelled the company to the forefront of the digital media landscape, providing a trusted platform for businesses, educators, and creators to protect their video content while delivering it to global audiences.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into Siddhant’s journey, the technology behind VdoCipher, and its impact on the rapidly changing landscape of online video consumption.

He Studied at IIT Delhi from 2010-2015. Previously ran a freelance business WebDWeb building cloud-based solutions for Businesses.

Can you tell us about the journey that led you to co-found VdoCipher and why you decided to focus on secure video hosting for businesses?

Siddhant Jain: We (Vibhav and Siddhant) were engineering students at IIT Delhi. Online video piracy has always been rampant. As college students when we started, we could see movies and courses getting pirated everywhere.

Vibhav already had experience as a freelancer to build cloud-based applications. While doing a course on Coursera on encryption, Vibhav thought of combining encryption with cloud-rendered video Playback.

Then to confirm more details, we reached out to 2 big Indian e-learning companies with a prototype and asked them if video piracy was an issue for them; when they said yes and also mentioned that they were looking for more secure solutions, which is when we built out the whole product. By the time we got out of college, we had 6 paying customers.

Kindly brief us about VdoCipher, its specialization, and the services that it offers

Siddhant Jain: VdoCipher helps edtech and media platforms to play videos on their platforms in the most secure and smooth manner. VdoCipher ensures its revenues are protected against video piracy. A combination of Hollywood standard DRM encryption (Digital Rights Management), screen capture blocking, viewer-specific watermarking & licensing technologies ensure that videos can’t be downloaded or shared illegally from a video platform.

Optimized encoding for videos ensures a quality experience in low internet connections across tier 2,3 cities. Video Platform owners can use VdoCipher on their own website or app.

The complete packaged offering includes Global CDN server hosting, Custom video player, Analytics, Dashboard, and APIs to manage videos. VdoCipher serves 3000+ paid business customers across 120+ countries. VdoCipher also won the best video security company award by Streaming Media Magazine, Europe.

What unique challenges do businesses face when it comes to hosting and delivering video content securely, and how does VdoCipher address those challenges?

Siddhant Jain: VdoCipher key competitors are Vimeo, Brightcove and similar other video hosting platforms mostly based out of the USA. What differentiates us is the highest security from video piracy via DRM encryption, watermarking technologies and easy affordable integrations. Our presence and support in India also help our Indian customers.

In today’s digital landscape, data privacy and security are major concerns. How does VdoCipher ensure the protection of video content and prevent unauthorized access?

Siddhant Jain: At VdoCipher, we use the same underlying encryption protocols that are used by the likes of Netflix, and Hotstar to secure their Hollywood content. We are a direct Google partner for the major encryption technology called Widevine DRM.

These technologies were previously accessible only to large media enterprises. Edtech businesses/schools/colleges and small-medium media platforms never got access to these high-security standards owing to technical and pricing challenges.

We are probably the first one globally that has combined the highest security tech with an easy-to-use packaged offering of video player and cloud hosting; allowing us to cater to any size of business.

A single teacher owning a website to a large edtech platform with millions of users; everybody can have access to our secure product.

What sets VdoCipher apart from other video hosting platforms in terms of security features and capabilities?

Siddhant Jain: The existing video hosting solutions in markets like Vimeo, and Youtube provide no or very low security from video piracy. There are security technologies available in the market but previously it was only within reach of large enterprises like Netflix, Hotstar etc.

VdoCipher combines the highest security technologies with a complete player + video hosting solution to serve all sizes of businesses. Thus, VdoCipher effectively brings Netflix-like video security from the heights of large media enterprises to within the reach of edtech platforms and small/medium movie platforms.

To sum up, VdoCipher offers easiest Integrations as compared to others with the highest available security features.

With the increasing popularity of online video, how does VdoCipher stay ahead of emerging trends and technologies to provide the most robust and secure solutions for its clients?

Siddhant Jain: Online video and security technologies regularly go through major updates, which makes older technology redundant. Our core tech team works regularly on that to ensure we stay ahead of the technology curve.

One key aspect of our adaptability is our ability to integrate with emerging technologies like Flutter, React Native etc and  provide SDKs) for these. These integrations allow our clients to leverage the most current and popular frameworks for their video streaming needs.

Importantly, our platform is designed with user-friendliness in mind, ensuring that even individuals with limited technical expertise can effectively secure their video content.

We provide very easy integration for different types of platforms and users. Even a non coder with limited or no technical expertise will be easily able to secure his videos though our platform.

How does VdoCipher enable businesses to customize and control the viewing experience of their video content while maintaining security measures?

Siddhant Jain:  The viewing experience for the viewers is through the secure video playback on our video player. Our smart custom player enables businesses to offer adaptive streaming, allowing viewers to enjoy content at the best quality based on their internet connection.

Multilingual subtitles can be seamlessly integrated, broadening the content’s accessibility to a global audience. Moreover, businesses can customize the player’s appearance, including adjusting colors and other visual elements, to align with their brand identity.

One of standout feature is our capability to enable secure offline video downloads within mobile apps. This empowers viewers to watch content at their convenience, even without a stable internet connection. Businesses can rest assured that their content remains protected against piracy, allowing them to strike a balance between viewer satisfaction and content security.

How does VdoCipher handle scalability and high-performance requirements for businesses that have a large user base or experience high traffic volumes?

Siddhant Jain: VdoCipher leverages top-tier infrastructure and services to scale according to our clients’ growing needs. Our commitment to scalability extends beyond technology. It’s a part of our operational DNA. We work closely with clients to understand their unique requirements and proactively optimize our infrastructure to ensure they consistently receive the performance they need.

Since these years, we have been able to cater our services for premiering some Hollywood movies as well as top Edtech businesses all across the Globe.

What developments or innovations can we expect from VdoCipher in terms of secure video hosting for businesses?

Siddhant Jain: We have exciting plans on the horizon, like launch of Live streaming, non-Secure video streaming, and addition of  forensic watermarking for secure videos.

Live Streaming Services:

We are very soon introducing live streaming capabilities to our portfolio. This addition will empower businesses to engage their audiences in real-time, delivering content seamlessly.

Non-Secure Video Streaming

We’re excited to introduce Non-Secure Video Streaming, a flexible solution that recognizes not all content requires the highest level of security.

Forensic Watermarking:

To enhance our anti-piracy efforts, we are soon adding  forensic watermarking technology for our secure video services. This will enable businesses to detect and deter piracy in a more comprehensive and reliable manner.

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