Mr. Siddharth Darda Founder of Tistabene: India’s Best Fashion Brand

Siddharth Darda

Interview with Mr. Siddharth Darda Founder of Tistabene: India’s Best Fashion Brand

At Sugermint Media, our aim is to bring to our entrepreneurs community some of the inspiring and motivational stories from the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

As part of this endeavour, we invited yet another passionate entrepreneur Mr. Siddharth Darda for an exclusive interview with us.

Mr. Siddharth Darda is a Seasoned Entrepreneur. He is the founder of Founder of Tistabene, India’s Best Fashion Brand. Let’s know more about his inspirational journey and his advice for our growing community!

This is the interview of Mr. Siddharth Darda, Successful Indian entrepreneur and founder of Founder of Tistabene, India’s Best Fashion Brand.

Who is Siddharth Darda?

Siddharth Darda: Born and brought up in Jaipur, in a middle class family. After all those schooling years, I went to the UK for my undergrad.

I came back a couple of months early to start something new in Jaipur itself. Back in 2017, Tistabene was found with the complete efforts and hard work of my father. 

My father has been my biggest inspiration, Mr. Pramod Darda, who had nothing and now has everything. His hard work has really paid off and now we are here with our very own brand, Tistabene.

What made you start Tistabene?

Siddharth Darda: As I said, I dropped out of college. I came back to Jaipur to start something new in Jaipur itself. So after all the research and all, we decided to get into clothing.

At that point in time, the clothing was really good, especially the Jaipuri prints. The Jaipuri printed shirts and women’s wear were really a great thing on the market at that time.

We started with the collection of 30 shirts right at that point of time, just to see the engagement and whether people would like it or not. 

Out of those 30 shirts, 10 SKUs are still currently with us. We shipped more than 200 orders of those shirts at that moment itself. 

After that, COVID-19 hit us, and we were shut down completely for 6–8 months. There was completely no activity. After that, we came up with more zest and zeal in order to expand our business further. 

We thought that men’s apparel was a good market to get into. Those printed shirts are not so easily available everywhere, especially Jaipuri prints.

You will still find abstract and other kinds of prints, but Jaipuri prints were not easily available at that point in time.

They as well have a huge hit in the international market. We decided to explore more, and from that point on, we started investing in different SKUs and other kinds of men’s apparel. 

Right now, we have more than 2200 designs of shirts, more than 100+ designs of denim, and a lot more. Currently, we are into all the categories of men’s apparel. 

What is Tistabene’s monthly order rate?

Siddharth Darda: Right now we are dispatching up to 1200 to 1500 orders per day, and they too are divided into two categories. Around 500–600 orders come through our own website, and the remaining orders come through all the third party platforms. 

Does Tistabene have any offline presence? 

Siddharth Darda: Yes, definitely. We have offline stores as well. In Jaipur, we have 3 stores, and in PAN India, we have 9 stores. We are working on franchises as well as company-operated stores.  

So we have a store in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore,Ganga Nagar, 2 stores on the Jaipur-Delhi highway, and 3 stores in Jaipur. 

What are the challenges of running a D2C business?

Siddharth Darda: The only difficulty we faced in starting was the RTO, because in India, the RTO is the biggest problem, the biggest challenge. So we are still trying to control it as much as possible.

So yeah! That was one of the biggest challenges for us.

What is Tistabene’s prepaid to COD order ratio?

Siddharth Darda: Eight months later, our prepaid ratio was 13–14%. At that point in time, we were really struggling with the prepaid orders and the RTO thing. So we got to know about GoKwik and explored more about it.

After that, our prepaid orders increased from 13% to 24%. Where the RTO also decreased by a couple of percent.

What are Tistabene’s future plans?

Siddharth Darda: So our aim is to go public in 2025. Then we should have at least 10,000 orders per day. So we are working hard to achieve that goal. Also we are planning to open offline stores PAN India. 

Also, we are trying to go international with our website. In a couple of months we will be available in the US, UK and all the countries globally. 

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