Interview with Sidhant, Founder & CEO of n0c tech


An exclusive interview with Sidhant, Founder & CEO of n0c tech

In an exclusive interview that delves into the world of innovation and technology, we have the privilege of engaging with Sidhant, the visionary Founder and CEO of n0c tech. With a passion for cutting-edge solutions and a keen eye for emerging trends, Sidhant has steered n0c tech to the forefront of the industry.

As we sit down to discuss his journey, inspirations, and the future of his brainchild, we gain valuable insights into the mind of a dynamic entrepreneur who is reshaping the tech landscape.

Could you introduce yourself and provide some insights into your journey that led you to establish n0c tech at such a young age?

Sidhant: I am Sidhant, 24 years old, studied at New York University & Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering). I have done scientific research in the university’s lab – Robotics & Machine Intelligence Lab and Chemistry Lab.

I have written research papers on 3D printable UV curable bio-nano composite as green building material, bio-nano-robots for therapeutic delivery to treat CNS disorders, and on energy efficient carbon capture tech.

Earlier, I had founded Halanx, an AI powered fintech platform, to eliminate security deposits while renting, and make renting homes affordable for low-middle income renters in India. This startup was acquired by Naxome, a construction tech company, wanting to enter into the fintech domain.

Why did I start n0c tech? One day, in the extreme summer of Delhi, i got a call from hospital, that “Your mother is hospitalised, and fainted due to heat stroke”. That struck me. The Delhi temperature in summers is so extreme that I can’t go outside for lunch during hot summers. This is the impact of climate change. I felt that kids, families and all of us, face extreme heat

waves & strokes with high temperatures. Temperature across the globe has increased substantially, and climate disasters like forest fires, melting glaciers, and health hazards are increasing in frequency.

As per International Energy Agency, 36.3 billion metric tons of co2 is emitted every year, by industries like power, cement, steel, oil & gas refinery, transportation, etc. This increased co2 emissions increase average global temperature, and causes climate disasters we mentioned above.

This problem struck me personally, that humanity is facing the climate disaster, and these problems are increasing globally, and will become extreme climate disasters in future. If we continue to emit co2 as usual, then Earth will become inhabitable by 2100.

So, I started research on decarbonization, and talked to many emitting companies and officers in the Ministry of Environment, forest & climate change. Natarajan Chandrasekaran of Tata Group said “Changing the whole trillion dollar Industrial infrastructure by electrification and process changes will cost trillion dollars, and hundreds of years.

Renewables, and EVs can only decarbonise a part of industries, but there is still major gap left in emission reduction, where it’s very hard to decarbonise, and we need low cost plug and play solutions, like carbon capture, but traditional carbon capture takes very large space, costs millions of dollars, and consumes a lot of energy, so can’t be adopted at scale. We need advanced, low cost, energy efficient carbon capture solutions”.

This is what we are building at n0c tech, an advanced, electric carbon capture machine that costs 85% less & consumes 50% less energy than traditional tech like liquid amine scrubbing. The Industrial emitters with high scope 1 emissions can plug this carbon capture machine to their flue gas source, and capture 90%+ co2, without emitting that to the atmosphere.

Even big companies with high scope 2 & 3 emissions in logistics, airlines, trucking, etc can buy high quality, verified, carbon credits from n0c’s Direct Air Capture

Machine. This way, Industrial Emitters and big corporations can reduce their emissions, and reach a net zero carbon future.

As per the Paris Agreement signed by 196 countries, governments are forming new carbon regulations, like Inflation Reduction Act by Biden’s US Government, and Carbon Credit Policy by Narendra Modi’s Indian Government, and Governments in Europe are already putting climate taxes, and penalties on emissions.

Big banks & investors are investing in sustainable companies, and are checking ESG reports and CDP scores of companies, before investing. Customers love environmentally friendly brands, like Tesla’s skyrocketing sales and market cap.

At n0c tech, we are on a mission to take the whole world to a net zero carbon future, with preserved natural resources and earth for our kids.

n0c tech is known for its innovative solutions. What unique products or services does n0c tech provide that have garnered attention and recognition?

Sidhant: Our electric carbon capture tech captures co2 from industrial sources and atmosphere, at 85% lower cost & 50% less energy consumption than traditional tech.

Being a young entrepreneur in a competitive industry, what advantages or challenges have you encountered while building and leading n0c tech?

Sidhant: As a young entrepreneur, I can see the drawbacks of older technologies, and can put my fresh lenses on the problems that traditional tech faced, and solve them well, with emerging tech – high performance computing, electrochemistry, IoT, AI/ML, etc, which were not available a few decades ago.

Could you discuss the company culture you’ve cultivated at n0c tech? How do you nurture a collaborative and innovative environment among your team?

Sidhant: We are a deeptech company solving hard technical challenges, so we have a diverse engineering team – mechanical, chemical, R&D, electronic, computer engineers, all cross-collaborate to solve the technical challenges. The team members are accountable and independently lead their engineering problems and to-do tasks.

Have there been any individuals or companies that have inspired you on your entrepreneurial journey? Who are your role models in the tech industry?

Sidhant: Elon Musk inspires me, who is solving society’s grand challenges and hard technical challenges in EV (Tesla), Spacetech (SpaceX), Neurotech (Neuralink) and more.

What are your aspirations for the future of n0c tech? Are there any plans for expanding your product line or entering new markets?

Sidhant: We are laser focused on advancing carbon capture tech only, and the goal is to decarbonize industries to reach a net zero carbon future, as a society together. Our Target Markets are the United States, Europe & Canada.

Entrepreneurship is a continuous learning journey. How do you invest in your personal growth and keep honing your skills as the CEO of n0c tech?

Sidhant: I read research papers & books, on a daily basis. I spend time with other peer founders, and learn from them. I keep learning from mistakes & experiences of mine, other founders & successful people.

What advice would you offer to young individuals who aspire to follow in your footsteps and establish their own startups?

Sidhant: Build technical products that solve big societal problems & create large scale impact, not just a mere small business for money. Money is a by-product of great work. Great execution comes by progressing daily in laser focussed direction, and diving deep into execution, and building a great team which executes together.

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