Entrepreneurial Journey of Sidharth Jain, Founder and CEO of GraffersID

Entrepreneurial Journey of Sidharth Jain

The founder of GraffersID, Sidharth Jain, was born and brought up in Barwaha, which is about 60 km from Indore. His mission was to increase the success rate of startups in India.

The current start-up rate is about 10% whereas the success rate of his clients is about 85% which is the highest.

After finishing his schooling from Indore, which is the cleanest city of India, he wanted to explore. So, he chose to go to Mumbai.

Yes, of course his family wasn’t ready for him to go, but he insisted on going. He went over there, took admission in the college which had the best infrastructure and informed his family.

He didn’t have any friends and his communication was not at par with the Mumbaikers. He failed in a subject in the first semester.

But then he decided not to fail again and studied well, got into sports and even stood first in a few subjects. He won various prizes in debate competitions and some national science fairs.

The Start

After his college he only applied for an IT company, Accenture. He wanted to prove that he is optimistic and after giving an interview for an hour he got selected.

After entering he had to give another test which felt like climbing Mt. Everest as he barely knew to code. He gave the test and applied his own logic which impressed the trainer and he got another chance.

In his first year at Accenture he contributed to the Knowledge library of Accenture and he became the Subject Matter Expert for the technologies that were trending.

Soon, everybody started knowing him on campus and he didn’t even have to introduce himself. People outside the company started approaching him for his help with the technology and he got the exposure from the clients outside.

Most people say that smart work is the way to success but he wanted to inform his readers that after working aggressively for 5 years and after many sleepless nights he learned many things. 

Beginning as an Entrepreneur

After leaving his job in Accenture, he even helped many people for free with the technology, it was then people got impressed and started knowing him with his work.

He believed there is no alternative to knowledge and you learn a lot of things from practical experiences, so do not say NO to any practical challenges coming your way. It is when you get the most promising solutions when you face a challenge.

He met a lot of new clients everyone with a new startup idea and hundreds of challenges. He got driven by their energy and stated solving challenges for the start ups.

It was then when he got an idea to improve and increase the rate of success of start-ups and had an idea of starting his own company.

The idea came up his mind when he went to Singapore to assist one of his clients for his project. He saw everyone was discussing about the failure of startups which was 90%.

While discussing the reasons and the bridging the gap everyone agreed this was due to the two important domains IT and Sales and right guidance and mentorship are like water the basic and most important necessity.

His client introduces him to a couple of Silicon Valley investors and a few founders of Start-ups of Singapore.

He started his company alone and soon in about two months they became a team of four. He handled many roles at once.

And when his team grew to a number of 15 they produced many results and improved their revenue rate by 55%.

Issued faced

Everything was going great until one of his clients failed to launch their product. His client has to shut down his company only after 6 months of operation due to delay in launching the product.

He felt so bad and felt like he destroyed someone’s future and dream. It was then when he quit his job and worked hard to help his client. They restarted the dream and launched the product this time by working hard day and night.

Finally he launched his own company in 2017. GraffersID was launched back in October in 2017. Just after launching and as a very young founder he had to face some financial crises and the company’s account was blocked.

The clients who had the initial projects had nothing to offer him, but with his optimistic attitude he didn’t stop. He knew this phase had to come and he knew he had to pass this.

He waited and not stopped and he knew good things will find their own way to come if you don’t give up.

From his success story with GraffersID, Sidharth Jain shared three most important challenges which were:

Hiring the right employees. Finding the right clients and being up to date about the clients. And constantly educate and update the employees to handle and manage the more complex technologies.

Sidharth has a few tips to offer to young entrepreneurs

  1. Feedbacks from the customers – He believed in building a strong customer feedback mechanism. He says always take feedback from all your customers or clients to improve your product’s quality and efficiency. Always ask about the challenges and problems your customers face while using your product and try to improve them. This helps in two things – one, improving your product’s quality and second, building relationships with customers.
  2. Steps to follow if the startups grow rapidly – Always engage with your customers and even the employees. Sometimes the most logical and challenging ideas come from the people around you. So, if your startup grows rapidly, believe in expanding. And secondly, keep focusing on your product’s delivery rather than money.
  3. The most important tip or advice he had to offer his readers is to stay hungry and crave for new things to learn and learn from wherever you can. And for that you need to explore. Keep exploring and keep growing.
  4. Never stop while achieving your goals. And one goal once achieved, do not stop dreaming and keep making new goals that is how you become successful.
  5. Offer bonuses to your employees and appreciate them for their hard work.
  6. Lastly, he had to share his belief. He believed truly in not giving up. One must keep going on, even if failed to keep growing.

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