Signs Your Partner May be Cheating Emotionally


Chances that your instincts are right concerning a cheating partner are usually high. If you suspect anything, be it physically or emotionally lacking, examine it further and possibly together.

Signs of a cheating partner are usually all around us. At times, they may be visible through other people’s eyes.

After visiting a Ukrainian dating service, for instance, you likely found that soulmate. These relationships need long-term regular maintenance, unfortunately.

Couples do not always see the need for regulating love languages and fixing broken parts of the relationship.

Examine the signs of a possibly cheating husband, wife, or other partners. They are not assurances but guides to signs and symptoms of cheating partners.

1. Rushing for the phone

Ordinarily, people in relationships won’t rush to the phone in hopes of answering before you do. This act normally signifies that they would rather not deal with you asking who, or what it is all about.

They may indeed grab the phone and rush into another room to answer it. This is also followed by them talking discreetly, quietly, and hoping you won’t hear them.

At this point, you’re probably wondering who they meet, and when. It could be your partner isn’t sleeping with anyone else because they are present where they promised to be.

However, they are talking to someone else whether you are around, or not. This form of cheating could be as drastic and devastating as physically cheating on you.

2. Sex is non-existent

If the sex has become non-existent or mediocre at best, one partner is likely cheating. Again, it may not necessarily be physical cheating. Emotional unavailability means the sex can never be that good.

If the lady is thinking about someone else, perhaps in an emotional way, and misses their chats they will not perform. It is also likely that she, or he, is thinking about them while having sex with you.

On the other hand, perhaps sex has become boring and she is simply trying to please you and it is not working.

If she runs to the phone immediately after this mediocre sex, she is undoubtedly cheating on you emotionally.

3. Resentments

Once couples start resenting each other, it might be time to end the relationship. When partners are picking resentments unexplainably, they could be cheating emotionally. 

It means your partner has been talking to someone else and they are convinced you are the one with the problem.

It can begin with her staring at you, or with him complaining about stuff you never knew he even noticed. When random arguments pop up, there is a chance of a cheating partner.

Lastly, remember when she or he would ask for advice regarding almost anything? Suddenly your partner seems to be a know-it-all.

There is no more consultation and instead, they may even offer unsolicited advice once in a while. These are signs of someone receiving more than enough advice, help, and guidance elsewhere. It might be time to consult them too and find out what is happening.

Bottom Line

The above-mentioned signs are not conclusive to be signs of a cheating spouse. They show where there could be possibilities of someone cheating emotionally and perhaps not necessarily physically. Finding out the root cause of these changes in behavior is important to avoid jumping to conclusions.

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