Interview: Simran Kohli, Co-founder of Dusaan

Simran Kohli, Co-founder of Dusaan

An exclusive interview with Simran Kohli, Co-founder of Dusaan, a prominent name in the realm of home and kitchen products online

Welcoming you to this exclusive interview, today we have the pleasure of delving into the insights of Simran Kohli, the co-founder of Dusaan, a prominent name in the realm of home and kitchen products online.

With a keen eye for innovation and a passion for enhancing everyday living experiences, Simran has played a pivotal role in shaping Dusaan into a thriving enterprise.

Her journey is marked by a relentless pursuit of excellence, coupled with a deep understanding of consumer needs in the ever-evolving market. Join us as we uncover the inspirations, challenges, and triumphs that have defined Simran’s entrepreneurial voyage with Dusaan.

What motivated you and your co-founder to establish Dusaan, and how does it stand out in the competitive home decor marketplace?

Simran Kohli: While working with multiple startups in the consumer space, I observed the shortcomings in certain categories within the e-commerce space. Simultaneously, I caught sight of the wide gap between manufacturers in the Indian home decor category, the absence of a comprehensive home decor marketplace, and how the industry has been slow in embracing changes.

I was amazed by how disorganized the $40 billion home decor industry was, particularly in India. I believe that my background in investing enabled me to understand the market sentiment and helped me identify the lags and struggles of the industry.

To bridge the gap in the home decor industry, particularly between remarkable brands creating high-quality and affordable products and customers seeking the same, Dusaan was founded. Today, Dusaan is an online marketplace that seeks to transform the home decor space and remodel the home shopping experience.

Founded together, the company empowers hundreds of unique homegrown brands to create their own brand identity and connect with customers. Having identified India’s home decor revolution, they aimed to build a platform that could accelerate it.

Can you share insights into Dusaan’s rapid growth and its appeal to the target demographic of women aged 25-40?

Simran Kohli: Dusaan has gained its reputation as the fastest-growing home decor marketplace in the country. Dusaan’s success lies in catering to mid-aged women’s desire to prioritize and reflect on experiences and self-expression in their homes.

It aligns well with this tech-savvy demographic’s online shopping preferences. Dusaan offers a unique, design-forward aesthetic, eliminating the need to search multiple stores. It has carved a niche in the home decor market, resonating deeply with the aspirations and values of young women in India. 

How does Dusaan collaborate with local brands and vendors to offer a diverse range of premium home decor products to its customers?

Simran Kohli: Dusaan directly partners with established and emerging local brands, offering them a platform to reach a wider audience. We leverage our market knowledge to identify upcoming trends and collaborate with vendors to develop products that cater to these trends.

By fostering these collaborative relationships, Dusaan ensures a steady stream of diverse and high-quality products while empowering local businesses and artisans. We empower these brands by helping in creative production, marketing, ensuring visibility, reaching the right audience, and so on.

Could you elaborate on Dusaan’s recent initiatives to enhance customer service and improve the overall shopping experience, excluding technological advancements?

Simran Kohli: Dusaan prioritizes customer experience beyond tech upgrades. To offer smooth knowledge transfer and help them choose better, we curate design guides through merchandising and creatives.

We create a lot of educational content to showcase values, tips and tricks, ongoing offers, and more to empower customers. These initiatives create a positive, personalized experience that goes beyond just selling products.

As Dusaan aims to become a household name in India, how does it plan to expand its presence and offerings while maintaining its commitment to offering curated, aesthetically pleasing home decor items?

Simran Kohli: Maintaining our curated aesthetic through quality control, storytelling, and community building ensures the brand identity stays strong, solidifying our position as India’s leading home decor destination.

Currently, we have 40+ categories offering 25k+ SKUs that are all everyday utilities for homes. We plan to expand the catalog and include more multipurpose products with great offers that help homeowners decorate their dream homes.

In conclusion, our conversation with Simran Kohli has shed light on the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, particularly within the home and kitchen products sector. Through her astute leadership and unwavering commitment to quality, Simran has propelled Dusaan to new heights, earning both acclaim and customer loyalty along the way.

As we bid farewell to this insightful dialogue, we are reminded of the importance of innovation, resilience, and customer-centricity in driving business success. With Simran at the helm, Dusaan continues to chart a course towards even greater achievements, promising a future filled with innovation and excellence in the realm of online retail.

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