Everything you need to know about Singapore’s Divorce Law and Family Low

Singapore Family Law Act

If you are looking for information on divorce law or family law, this article might be helpful. After all, family lawyer Singapore are specialised in these areas of law.

What is the Singapore Family Law Act?

The Singapore Family Law Act is a law which is applicable to all Singaporean citizens and permanent residents that governs the legal rights of married couples who have been living together for at least two years.

If a marriage is found to be irretrievable, divorce proceedings can be initiated before a family court by a family lawyer Singapore.

It’s a law that aims to promote the well-being of children by providing for their welfare, including protection from neglect or abuse, maintenance, and other rights. 

Singapore’s Family Law Act is a comprehensive piece of legislation which governs the rights and obligations of married people as well as those in a civil partnership or unmarried.

What are the types of trust issues that I’ll want to address during probate proceedings?

One of the most common types of trust provisions is a clause in which you give your spouse the right to remove your property from the trust.

As time goes on, you may find that you are not in agreement with this clause or that one or more of the trustees have abused their authority.

It is always best to have an attorney from family law firm Singapore help you to preserve and maintain your trust during probate proceedings.

Reasons for Divorce in Singapore

There are many reasons why people decide to end their marriage with Singapore Divorce Law as per divorce law lawyers in Singapore.

Some of the reasons are infidelity, child custody disputes, domestic violence, and irreconcilable differences.

One of the most common reasons is marital incompatibility. Whether or not this is true for you or your spouse, it pays to learn about Singapore Divorce Law before your divorce proceeds.

The reasons for divorce in Singapore by divorce law lawyers in Singapore may be different than you think.

One of the most common is incompatibility of lifestyle, so if your marital problems are related to how you spend your time and what you do together, this may be a good reason to consider getting a divorce.

Another cause for divorce is cohabitation outside marriage without legal union. This only applies if there is no issue with legitimacy or heterosexuality.

Child Custody Laws in Singapore

A couple who may be separated and contemplating divorce can also look at the custody laws in Singapore as per child custody lawyer.

This is an issue that many people think should be addressed beforehand to prevent any backpedalling later on.

The Child Custody Act of Singapore was passed to manage and decide child custody cases in a fair and quick manner. 

It is often said that where there is no child, there is no father. In Singapore, the law states that if the parents are unmarried, the child will be granted custody to the mother.

However, this will not apply to foreigners who come into the country to marry a Singaporean man and have their marriage recognised by our laws as per child custody lawyer.

The Property Division and Support Obligations

A divorce under the Singaporean law is called a “decree of dissolution of marriage”. It is commonly referred to as a “divorce” or “dissolution”.

The divorce is granted by the court if the couple agrees that they cannot live together. A divorce has two main consequences: property division and support obligations.

Divorce in Singapore is not only complex, but also urgent, given that courts typically take approximately 2-3 years to hear a case. Probate is an option for the divorcee to gain control over property and distribute assets, but it can be time-consuming.

Singapore’s Divorce Law is quite different from the law in other countries. Under Singapore law, assets are divided obediently, without regard to any pre-existing agreements made by the parties.

However, one can still be entitled to claim financial support, which is known as spousal support, if the couple have children under 18 years old or are disabled.

In conclusion

Singapore is a society that values stability and continuity, particularly when it comes to the family unit.

However, this does not mean that Singaporean divorce law is any less complex than other countries around the world; in fact, many aspects of the law are unique to the country.

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