Skoda Auto to make India an export hub starting next year

Skoda Auto

From the next year, Skoda plans to make India an export hub

May 9, 2023: Skoda Auto, the Czech automobile manufacturer, has announced that it will designate India as its new export hub starting next year.

This move by Skoda Auto comes as a part of their strategy to increase their global presence and tap into the growing demand for automobiles in emerging markets.

What sets this development apart is that Skoda Auto will not only use India as a production base for cars but also as an export hub.

This will allow Skoda to leverage India’s competitive advantage in terms of low-cost production and export to other markets, primarily in the Asia-Pacific region.

Skoda Auto has been present in India for almost two decades, and this decision will further strengthen its commitment to the Indian market.

The company has already invested heavily in India, including setting up a manufacturing facility in Maharashtra, and has also partnered with Volkswagen India to explore synergies in product development and production.

Skoda Auto’s move to designate India as an export hub is not only a significant milestone for the Indian automotive industry but also an endorsement of the country’s potential as a global manufacturing hub.

With this development, India is likely to attract more investments from foreign automobile manufacturers looking to capitalize on India’s competitive advantage in manufacturing and export.

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