Small Business Idea for Yoga Teacher – Start Yoga Business from home and earn money

Yoga Teacher

Small Business Idea for Yoga Teacher, Instructor, or Trainer

Starting your own yoga business in India can be the a very rewarding and the best business to start. It is a low investment and high profit home based business.

In this article, you will learn how to start your own business in India. Find detail information about business plan, License and Registration, market potentials, Investment, risk, Marketing, competition, and earning.

This is one of the most successful small business ideas in India. If you are planning to start small scale business in India, you are at the right place.

In today’s busy world, more and more people are becoming health conscious. In recent years, yoga has gained a lot of popularity not only in India but also abroad.

Seeing the goodness of health and mental benefits, Prime Minister Narendra Modi started Yoga Day on June 21, 2015. So that people become aware of this practice and incorporate it in their daily life.

International Yoga Day has been celebrated on 21 June since 2015. This idea is first proposed by the current PM Narendra Modi. And he takes yoga goodness worldwide and makes an International Place. 

So, there is a good opportunity to take this practice in this business. You can be a yoga teacher or Instructor, as this work is so much in demand. You can earn easily if you have a good knowledge and its benefits for the body. 

When we talk about a peaceful practice, come in our mind. The ancient Technique of India was most loved and appreciated in the 20th century. 

This practice gives mental and physical relaxation. Nowadays many people all over the world diverted to this practice because of its health goodness. It is a mental, spiritual and physical practice that helps one attain inner peace.

If you are new in this field, there are many online and offline courses that you can opt for according to your requirement.

There are also big universities which provide courses. You can go for Bachelor and Master’s degree for this business.

Click here to Create your own online yoga lessons.

It gives a good business opportunity. You can take yoga teacher or instructor as a side business too. As it is a morning and evening program, you can give your time in another profession too.

The colleges that offer yoga courses are

University of Technology, Jaipur, Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak, Uttrakhand open University, Uttrakhand, Patana University, Patana, University of Madras, Lovely Professional University, Bilaspur, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth Varanasi, and the list is very long.

These universities provide different types of courses, and you can choose accordingly.

Yoga Jobs and opportunities

Yoga Instructor

As a yoga Instructor, there are many opportunities that you can go for. You can open your centre. Its startup may be slow, but later your business can grow up.

Now people also called yoga instructor in their building as group Instructor, and they pay according. Many people go for a personal Instructor too. The charges are according to your popularity and instruction style.

Yoga Therapist

This is also a good line related to this profession. The yoga Therapist deals with people having physical problem like back pain, diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, etc.

There is much demand for this therapy. Its rates are good, mostly old people go for therapy if they have some problem in body movement.

Yoga Advisor

Yoga adviser advises the how you can start your journey. He also advises you which yoga is preferable according to your body and problem you are facing.

There is a good scope in yoga advisor, as many companies ask yoga instructor to join in monthly basis.

Yoga Specialist

You can be a specialist too. A Yoga specialist has command over specialised. These trainers complete their training programme in the field they want to specialised in.

For example, some teachers like to teach senior citizens, some limit themselves to pregnant women, some like to teach children, etc.

Nowadays there is a big demand for Yoga specialist. As pregnant women are too much cautious about their physique, they need a specialist for pre and post-delivery.

This is the most wanted profession these days. People are health conscious and need an instructor for better health and physique.

Yoga Researcher

It is very beneficial, and numerous researches are taking place. Scientist are also inventing the goodness of yoga. How it can be helpful for different diseases like diabetes, stress disorder, multiple sclerosis etc. 

Yoga Aerobics Instructor

This is also in high demand; many health centres need yoga Aerobics Instructor. You can open your centre too. Women like aerobics. Aerobics Instructor is highly in demand. People take personal instructors and they are highly paid.

Yoga Consultant

You can go for consultant. As a yoga consultant, you can guide how to make yoga as a profession and what is needed for the customers.

Consultant can guide how to go for the Yoga studio, Branding and Marketing consultation, sales processes, online presence, etc.


There is not much investment in this business. You only need a clinic, where you can handle your regular patient.

Only you need a good knowledge of this field or done any degree. So that you can solve the customer problem by techniques. 

Market Research and Potential

Before entering any profession, you have the knowledge of, how this profession works, or how can you gain the client.

As there are many parts of the Yoga business, you have to check what you can do perfectly and whom you have interested in.

You have to survey in which field you can get more client and what is the most profitable one? In this business, you have to check how other competitors work and attract clientele with offers and attractive schemes. 

Machinery or Equipment

In yoga no machinery or equipment is needed, this is a physical and mental exercise where no machinery is needed.


The right process to enter this business is to get the right degree and certificate of yoga in a particular subject, you will get a good client.

Good client means you can earn well. So, go for a particular course and start your business. The career scope of yoga is not going to fall. 

You can take this profession as a side business too.


Find a place in a good market area or near a residential area. You can go to a place where the public reaches easily or where people reach easily.

Because they have to visit regularly. So choose a place that easily reached by clients. Check also for minimum lease. 

License and Registration

There is no need for a license and registration for this business. You can do this job as freelancing, and no registration is required.

Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and advertising is one of the most important parts of every business. You should know the right strategy to catch your customers and show them how yoga is needed for health and explain what you are going to teach as an instructor. 

You have to do marketing about, how yoga is more beneficial than other physical exercises and its advantages.  This you can do by social media and other marketing applications.

Make your website with beautiful content of yoga and its profits and how it can reduce your mental and physical health. Customers can contact you through this website, so the website should be informative and with courses described. You can also earn by advertising if your website is informative.

Go for social media post regularly. So, when a client needs any type of instructor or teacher, your name came first in mind for treatment. 

For marketing, you can also go for a free yoga treatment scheme for 5 days, or a yoga for mental awareness free program, so that customer came to your place to know the goodness.

Earning and Profit

There is not much investment, and the profit is good. But in start-up, you didn’t get much but later with your good efforts, you can earn a good amount.

School, colleges, hospitals, health centres all need yoga instructors or teachers, there you can get a good salary.


Yoga is the best physical and mental practice for humans, and everyone should do it regularly. The yoga business is good nowadays and you can go for it without a doubt.

As there is much clientele for it. Many people turn towards yoga, because of its health benefits. Keep your profession on demand by attractive social media posts. Many asanas give different benefits. Circulate this type of message and attract a client.


What is the curriculum for a yoga course?

The curriculum of Yoga contains different types of posture and asana, focusing on breath technique.

There are many courses that you can opt-in colleges for yoga. There is a diploma, graduation, and also master degree courses in the curriculum, you can opt for any according to your interest.

Which is the best course to become a yoga teacher?

The ‘Yoga Teachers’ certificate course is providing in-depth knowledge of yoga practices. The training program is for all, after that, you become a yoga teacher and can teach in India and abroad. It’s upon you how you take your profession.

Do you need a license to teach yoga?

No, you didn’t need any certificate to teach yoga. However, the industry has trade and professional organizations for yoga teacherswhere they provide training and registration, but such certificate is optional. If you have good knowledge and its benefits, you can join as a Yoga Instructor.

Can a yoga teacher teach online?

Now in pandemic time most of the works are going online, from teaching to selling products. Many yoga classes are going online, and students are doing it. You can easily tech online by making a group and take session accordingly.

How much money does the yoga industry make?

The industry brings in almost $30 billion per year, and as the community grows, so do the employment opportunities. When most people think of yoga as a career, business, or profession, their minds immediately jump to yoga teachers and studio owners.

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