Small Business Idea: How to Start Game Parlour Business in India – Plan, Investment, Profit, Risk, and Marketing

game parlour business

New Business Ideas: Game Parlour Business

Starting your own Game Parlour business in India can be the a very rewarding and the best business ideas with low investment and high profit.

Registration, Location, Staff, Marketing, Risk, and operating your own game parlour business will require a lot of work and dedication, but with proper preparation, you can definitely make it in the field.

In this article, you will learn how to start your own game parlour business in India. Find detail information about market potentials, , Investment, business plan, License and Registration, Marketing, competition, risk, and earning.

This is one of the most successful small business ideas in India. If you are planning to start game parlour business in India, you are at the right place.

Hope, in this low cost business ideas with high profit you find useful information about game parlour business. Entrepreneurs can start this low investment business and earn money. This is one of the best business to start with little Money.

When we think about the game parlour business, it seems a very exciting, Daunting and interesting venture. The game parlors are always in high demand as kids and youngsters are found of the game parlor.

Game Parlor is a place where kids and youngsters come to play different high-definition games on large screens. There are many attractive designed games are in trends, in which the player involves fully by his hand or legs. The thrill and excitement are unparalleled. 

These games prices are very high, that’s why parents or guardian can’t effort that amount of money. That is why they prefer to send their kids in a game parlor.

Starting your new business has always been exciting. The game parlor is the most exciting and profitable venture. If you want to go for this business, go for it. 


If you are planning for a gaming parlor, The idea is good, but the investment is high, as in high demand for the games, you are always on a profitable note. 

You can start parlor with two and three games later, you can move forward with the latest one. 

If we talk about investment, it’s about Rs 5 lakh. From 1st month you can get 50 users daily. You can also go for a bank loan and can pay in installments.

Market Research & Potential

The success of an enterprise depends upon the alertness and devotion in the business. He must have full knowledge of the product and how to get the right customers. For this, market research is a must. 

In the gaming business; the majority of your customers would be those, who have become bored with their existing collections, or the ones who don’t have these types of fast-track games.

Check the market before entering the field. Like what games are in trend. And which area is best for game Parlor where you can get more customers, or the customers can approach easily.

The users would arrive at your parlor to experience the refreshing tingle of nerves offered by newer gaming launches.

As such, your success depends largely on updating your game collection at periodic intervals. Users need new games according to the trends or more popular in the market.

Teenagers and kids discuss their gaming with their friends, and they follow each other. So you have to go through that what is much popular among them.

Few things that you can make an eye on them are…

  • Pay visits to nearby gaming.
  • Visit the parlor in a different period to check about the peak period of the business.
  • Analyze tactfully the game that is more popular among them.
  • One more smart idea; set up near the food lounge, or you can also open a little food corner with the game parlor. So that teenager play and food will engage them too. A double profit.
  • Get in touch with a parlor owner. Inquire about the reason that had compelled him to bring the shutter down.
  • Always look for innovative and improvised ways to enhance player’s experience and engagement levels.

Machinery & Equipment

For starting a game parlor, you need to buy gaming machinery. There are many gaming types of machinery in the market. It’s up to you how much you want in starting.

Games are underlying hardware experience frequent upgraded, and it would be financially harder for you to change it regularly.

To remain relevant, scour the market intensively for genuine supplier with whom you can enter into meaningful strategic alliances. In this way, you will not be burdened with buying new machinery all the time and save from extra taxes. 

You need a computer for your game parlor, for connecting it from your machinery and for billing.


Try to materialize your game parlor either you can go for individual or in a partnership. A sole proprietorship would take you at risk of loss. It’s better to go into a reliable partnership that would entitle you to immunity from market risk and debts under partnership laws.

One more option is there; that you can seek the franchise of a renowned gaming parlor brand. 

In this manner, you would be shielded initially from uncertainties and huge capital investment. Now, the franchise owner must avail you of the latest hardware with marketing support.

Also, you can capitalize on the brand identity of the franchise, although you have to shell out a portion of the profits made to the franchise owner.


Go for a store in an area that has many related customers. You can lease in the supermarket or a mall, as there are too many crowd and kids or teenager prefer to come with friends or parents. They often attracted to the gaming zone. So it is preferable to take that type of places.

One more place is there, where you can go for parlor, is in any health care. Parents who are accompanied by children would find a place to engage them momently during consulting with a doctor.

If you can secure a place near a renowned school, it would be good going. Teenagers usually attract to the game parlors.

After school hours or upon the conclusion of private coaching classes, they would drop in for an hour or so to regain their vitality through the excellent eye, hand and mind coordination upon consoles. Parents don’t discourage their children from taking part in this refreshing pastime.

License and Registration

The provisional registration certificate would serve as the government’s guarantee for your enterprise and would be accepted by banks to issue you funds from the venture capital (Capital Investment Subsidy Scheme (CISS) set aside by the incumbent government for supporting start-ups.

According to norms, you have to secure PAN (Permanent Account Number) and TAN (Tax Account Number) issued in the name of your business by filling out Form 49A and 49B and uploading needful documents on the government’s TIN-NSDL’s site.

You also have to acquire GST (Goods and Service Tax) number from the site of the Central Board of Excise and Customs. Or you can contact any C.A for further assistance with all these papers.

Staff Requirement

There is not staff needed, only 1 or 2 can work on an initial basis. Later you can increase your staff according to your need.


If you want a profitable parlortake your shop to the prime location, half of your marketing will be over there.

Make a scheme of discounts and little gifts that always attract kids. As kids and teenagers are your marketing members, attract them as much as you can by giving different offers. Give them an offer of next time coming. So that to avail offer they come again with a bang. 

Distribute attractive pamphlets near schools, tuitions and stick bills where students gather most. This scheme is going to work, and you have a rocking game parlor.

Loyalty programs would feel them rewarded for association with your Parlor. Make a scheme that is rewarding to those players who would bring in newer customers. You can also participate in entertainment fairs held in the city and promote yourself aggressively.


There is not much risk in the gaming zone. In starting you can’t get much profit as it is cutter by your expenditure. 2 Or 3 months later you can expect the growth. Risk is low, but you have to go for different strategies to attract customers.

Earning and Profit

The Indian gaming industry is worth 600 crore rupees. It is registering an annual growth of 30%. By the end of 2025, the gaming market is expected to be 6000 crore revenue generators. It sounds good for Game Parlor.

If we check the expenditure to establish the zone. In lighting, budget LEDs, padded headphones, computers, consoles, individual controllers, CCTV cameras, and staff would be your major expenses. After all the calculations, you will earn profit from the second month onwards. 


In all, we can say that Gaming parlor is a good investment for earning money. As nowadays, kids b’day parties and get-togethers are done in-game parlors. There they can enjoy themselves with their friends. 

Checking all the notes we are in conclusion that, game parlor is a profitable business if done with good marketing strategies and connecting schemes.

Once you finalized the location of the store, visit your nearest police station to intimate about the decision.

A technical team may visit your location to conduct audits related to fire safety and other safety provisions. Never allow anyone to play on credit, even if it amounts to losing that particular lead.

Is the game parlor a good business idea?

Yes, it is a good idea because there is a trend that all kids rushed to a gaming parlor to enjoy themselves at weekends or on vacation with friends. So, you can go for it.

What do you need for a game parlor?

You need the latest hardware machinery and related equipment’s like lighting, budget LEDs, padded headphones, computers, consoles, individual controllers, CCTV cameras, and staff, and you need licensing too.

Is it safe to play in a game parlor?

Yes If all safeties are taken in the game parlor, like fire safety, open playing place and parlor is in a public area, then it is safe.

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