Smart strategies for growing business in Kolkata

strategies for growing business

If you’re a startup or small business in Kolkata, perhaps you’re looking for strategies to grow your business.

If you’re working from one of the best coworking spaces in Kolkata, you already have a wealth of information and opportunities to explore.

From brainstorming with peers and asking for feedback on business expansion ideas to attending mentoring sessions, Q&As with industry experts, networking, and workshops, such coworking spaces can offer a lot to propel your business to the next stage.

Given below are some smart growth strategies that your Kolkata-based business can benefit from:

Know your customers well

You need to understand your customers’ needs and preferences well to offer them the products and services they need.

You can conduct surveys, offer rewards or gift coupons for feedback or suggestions, etc. to get useful insights into your offerings and then tweak them to suit your customer needs.

You could even think of personalizing some of your offerings to woo your loyal customers and incite them into coming back.

Nurture existing customers while trying to onboard newer ones

Don’t forget your existing customers. Send them e-cards on birthdays and anniversaries, greetings on festivals, and new offers and information of special launches, among others.

You should even set up a marketing system and sales funnel to convert your one-time shoppers into your repeat customers.

While ensuring your existing customers don’t abandon you, you should also look for newer and better opportunities to get new clients and expand your customer base.

However, you should strike a balance between finding new customers and nurturing the existing ones to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Offer excellent customer services

Customers these days don’t like to wait endlessly, especially if they have got a grievance, need an issue fixed, or want to complain about a product/service.

You should ensure your business is quick to respond to these angry and unsatisfied customers and pacifies them on time.

At the same time, you should respond to customer feedback and advice/suggestion faster to make people understand you care and would go the extra mile to serve them better, when you can.

When your customer service is top-notch, more people are likely to talk about you and recommend you, which would help you to grow your business.  

Host online events

To create a buzz about your offerings, you can host online events to attract customers. Be it events to talk about how to use your products or services and their benefits, ask your existing customers to share their feedback and comments, or host live sessions (say on Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, etc.) to talk to your existing and potential customers and answer their questions.

Attend networking events

To grow your business, you need to build your network and nurture it. If you’re working at a co working space, you’ll find it easy to meet and connect with like-minded professionals.

If not, you’ll need to find people who could help your business – either today or in the future, and build relationships with them.

When you network with the right people, they can not only help expand your business reach but even do some word-of-the-mouth publicity for your business and offer referrals. 

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These are just some of the smart strategies that you can implement to grow your business in Kolkata.