Snapdeal waives off penalty on sellers for cancelled, delayed orders amid lockdown

Snapdeal waives off penalty on sellers
Snapdeal waives off penalty on sellers

New Delhi based Indian e-commerce company, Snapdeal waives off penalty on sellers for cancelled, delayed orders amid lockdown.

Snapdeal has prioritized the sale of essential goods including grocery, safety products, home hygiene, personal care products etc. but unlike Flipkart and Amazon, it continues to accept orders for other categories as well.

Snapdeal spokesperson said that Snapdeal has increased the timelines available for shipping the orders received by sellers. The company is facing the logistical issues due to the lockdown and have stretched their delivery schedules from few days to weeks for shipping the orders.

Snapdeal on Thursday extended the delivery timelines to plan seller’s order fulfilment as per the local operating conditions. The company have more than 5 lakh sellers on its e-commerce platform, told them that it would not levy penalties for delayed, cancellation charges or cancelled orders. The penalty, otherwise, varies depending on cancelling, delays orders etc.

Snapdeal spokesperson said that current extension conveyed is till 31st March. Will further be estimated to ensure sellers suffer no penalty for reasons beyond their control. This was done to ensure that sellers can plan their operations as per their local operating situations.

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Kunal Bahl, Snapdeal’s founder and the chief said that the respite given by the police of Gurugram to e-commerce companies for delivering orders nevertheless being exempted by the government to function under the current lockdown.