Solverified offers free D-App Project Analysis to reduce the risks of rug-pulls or defi scams


Updated on 18 Sep, 2022: The Indian based startup Solverified announced free decentralized project analysis. The plan ‘Fundamental Analysis’ which they named it, usually costs around $2800 to $50k. Solverified charges $330 for the whole examination of a decentralized project and certification.

But gladly, Solverified announced to provide project owners a free Fundamental Analysis through out September 2022 as a part of their contribution to the betterment of blockchain ecosystem & decentralization.

Initially the team will be providing a cost-less fundamental analysis of decentralized project. This will help any community to have more understanding and trust on that particular project and also reduces the risk chances of Defi / crypto scams or rug-pulls.

A community or a user can easily come to a conclusion by reading the detailed examination result and can be confident on where they are investing their hard earned money.

Solverified also claims Project will be certified with a trust score after the completion of Analysis. Usually a project analysis takes 3–7 days to receive their reports. The reports can be verified with Solverified and will be published on their official channels.

Projects can claim the offer now through the official website

Criticizers think that this initiative from Solverified team is appreciable in terms of identifying and alerting risky or shady projects for the blockchain or dapp users.

Solverified also offers a low cost quality auditing around $130 and a core audit may go up-to $450 with a lot of benefits, while many other firms are charging minimum $10k for just a report. You can secure your projects at affordable costs.

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