Some Bathroom Trends You Need the Most Right Now!

The bathroom is one of the house’s most used and abused corners. The wear and tear on the surfaces is a witness to this.

If you don’t believe this, check statistics suggesting that one person spends about 30 minutes every day here.

So, it’s no surprise that this place endures so much. And sadly, most people only treat it as a functional room.

They feel this room can do without aesthetic touches. Do you disagree with them? You will only feel lucky if you realize the mistake and do something about it.

The beautification efforts will show results when you enter this space in the morning and notice the difference. Your mornings will suddenly feel fresher.

Do you want evidence of this? Let’s start with the bathroom vanity. Replace an old model with a popular vessel sink design and pair it with an equally attractive faucet design.

Once you approve of this change, you can revisit your perception of this space, which can be much more than being functional. Before this, let’s find out how other homeowners are transforming it.

Anthracite accents

Most people consider accentuating their bedrooms, living areas, and kids’ rooms. The idea of adding accents to bathrooms never occurs to them.

Now, homeowners want to give their bathrooms also an aesthetic spin. 2023 is slightly different from previous years in this sense.

Some have already started equipping this corner with unique elements like anthracite. It’s a rock material with a submetallic luster.

You can refer to it as hard coal or black coal. The highly dense rock contains little impurities, making it suitable for humid and warm environments of bathrooms.

Depending on the interior scheme, you can add it in its natural hue or dark gray color. When used correctly with wall paint, décor, and others, it can immediately pivot everyone’s attention to itself for having a natural appeal.

Nature-like color scheme

The trendy bathroom shades cover both sides of the color spectrum – cool and warm tones. That gives you the freedom to experiment with many of them, whether you apply something to make your bathroom pop or feel cohesive.

You can be subtle to bold in your imagination. If you support earthy tones for their timeless classic appeal, select anything from dusky brown, warm ochre, and sandy beige.

You can use a little of each of them or try different saturations of the same shade. The scope is vast. In the end, your bathroom will get its most stunning look ever.

Another popular option in 2023 is seaside blue, consisting of sea green and blue colors. When you combine teal with blue, it creates a marine-like ambiance in the bathroom.

To build such an atmosphere, stick to deeper tones. Some people enjoy the soft coastal vibe more. Pastel colors can be ideal for them. No matter the choice, the bathroom will look like fresh air.

Interestingly, many homes still stick to green shades in the bathroom despite other intriguing choices. However, they are abandoning dark greens for lighter tones like olive green, as these allow them to play with textures.

Or you can adhere to natural hues to avoid artificial effects. Peachy pink, for instance, is a neutral hue that makes any room warm and refreshing – dodge neon and blush pinks for its rosy feel. And the best part is peachy pink goes with masculine and feminine sensibilities.

Plush area rugs

Add a lush element to transform any corner’s warmth and luxuriousness. In the case of a bathroom, it is an elegant area rug you can imagine.

Do away with those boring bathmats to create space for this addition. Pick something with an oriental or geometric appeal to keep this space’s beauty relevant for many years.

A few key points

Some people consider remodeling their existing bathroom or adding a new one. But they wonder which is more expensive.

The experts explain that the latter arrangement will be heavy on your pocket. Converting an old bathroom is less costly.

But if you decide to transform your laundry room into a bathroom, it will be expensive but still more affordable than other areas.

You can estimate the cost to be around USD $5-13k. Because the laundry room also has plumbing lines so you can save a few dollars in this department.

However, a room without any plumbing connection would require you to spend about USD $35k for this project type.

It’s better to think that new bathroom addition can be costly, demanding an investment of anything from USD $21-74k.

If you seek budget-friendly attachments, it may take about USD $50 per sq ft. Luxurious features can require USD$ 650 per sq ft.

You can also account for expenses related to permits. Some states and localities charge a higher fee. Still, this is around USD $250-600. On top of this, there will be cosmetic changes, fixtures, plumbing connections, and more.

Nevertheless, half bathrooms are less expensive, no matter where you build one. With smaller footprints, the half baths need one sink and one toilet.

Consider this option if you can do without a bathtub and shower and have a tight budget. Or you can choose a compact design to accommodate a shower stall.

Other things that can bump your budget are tiles, showerheads, vanities, etc. Your expenses rise when you add tiles on floors and walls because the cost of each piece varies by sq ft.

Adding a new bathroom or remodeling older one depends on the situation. However, cosmetic changes like sinks, faucets, showerheads, furniture, and others can happen anytime.

Even coloring the walls with fresh paint is easier than other tasks. If your bathroom needs energy, try introducing new elements and see their impact.

Sometimes, minor improvements look worthier than significant transitions. However, you can take bolder steps to achieve more.

Since remodeling or building a new bathroom requires a meticulous approach, find a trusted designer for assistance.

Ask for their ideas, but share your expectations first. If your imagination aligns, it can be the right time to work on this.

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