Sonali Bhadauria Success Story: From a software engineer to a YouTube Star

Sonali Bhadauria
Sonali Bhadauria

The inspirational story of Sonali Bhadauria who quit her IT job to become a YouTube Star!

Many of you already heard of the success story of Sonali Bhadauria, a women entrepreneur who had guts to leave her higher package and a well-settled IT career for her passion for dance.

However, her road to fame was never easy. Let us read a success story of how a Software Engineer turned into a YouTube star with 1.6 Million fans following and more than four lakh Instagram followers. We hope you are going to enjoy the success story.

Who is Sonali Bhadauria?

Sonali Bhadauria, a Dancing Star is a YouTube sensation with 1.6 Million fans following her for their love of dance.

She quit her high paying Job from Infosys Limited, India’s reputed IT consulting and software service provider to become a YouTube Star! After working as a software engineer at Infosys for four years, she eventually pursued her dream.

Beginning Of a Dancing Star

Sonali was born on 12th December 1989 very simple middle-class family at Saudagar City of Pune, Maharashtra to Mrs. Savita Bhadauria and Mr. R.K. Singh. Her father worked in the Indian Navy.

She inherited her poise from his father. She spent her entire childhood on the songs played on the radio or dancing in front of the TV set. Her close friends call her sweetly as Sonalu.

Her father wanted to get a stable job, so he never supported her dancing career. Her mother was very chill about her doing whatever she wanted in life but my.

She obtained her bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai.

Steps towards Dream

After completing her Computer Science studies, she worked as a Software Engineer in Infosys Limited for four years.

However, as considered right, if you desire to achieve something, then all the forces of the universe will show you the way forward.

Image Source: Instagram @sonali.bhadauria

The same happened to Sonali when she joined ‘Crazy Legs’, the official dance group and the dance club formed by the employees of Infosys Limited. Here he started living his dream again.

It was never easy for Sonali to maintain the balance of her dual-tone life. But she was doing everything. She was participating in various competitions and events after office.

Leaving her higher package IT Job for her passion for dance

This was the place where she met Krupesh Solanki who was also working in the same company.

Here she met Krupesh Solanki, her husband who was also working in the same company.

She married her loving boyfriend – Krupesh Solanki. For one year after her marriage, Sonali had to choose between these two (higher package IT job or marriage life) because managing dual-tone life was becoming very difficult.

Finally, she quit her high paying IT job and took to dancing full-time. During this tough phase of her life, her husband stood by her side all the time.

Image Source: Instagram @sonali.bhadauria

Sonali had to make a choice of leaving her well-settled IT career and coming to Mumbai. Here she got complete support from her husband. She later moved to Pune for work.

Start a YouTube channel: Live To Dance with Sonali

She took wedding choreography assignments. She started recording her dance videos and decided to upload them on “Live To Dance” YouTube Channel on a friend’s advice.

In 2017, when a video of ‘Shape Of You’, and ‘Nashe Si Chadh Gayi’ and songs choreographed by Sonali, spread like wildfire. These YouTube videos had gone viral internationally and earned her a spot at the contest for Ed Sheeran’s concert.

These viral videos made Sonali earned an immense number of Instagram and Youtube followers and, the love of her fans has not stopped till date. Today, she well knew for multiple viral dance choreography YouTube videos.

Sonali has performed in Mumbai at YouTube Fanfest, which was held in 2018. She began to conduct dancing workshops, and soon several contracts from the film industry (Bollywood) pulled her back to Mumbai.

Sonali’s YouTube videos started getting great response from Viewers from Indian and London. This marked her entrepreneurial journey to success.

Sonali Bhadauria
Image Source: Instagram @sonali.bhadauria

Sonali has successfully done this in such a short span. She conducts her dance workshops in multiple cities. Sonali has plans of spreading her dance art across the globe.

She is one of the most popular dancing sensations of India with around more than four lakh Instagram followers and more than 1.6 Million followers on YouTube. This is because of her talent, hard work and dedication.

Nothing came in a decorated platter

Today, Sonali Bhadauria has emerged as a mass influencer and a youth icon. Her dance moves are so perfect and clear. People love the way she dances.

This one motivational sentence has summed up the entire entrepreneurial journey of India’s dancing diva and inspiration to many Indian entrepreneurs and young talented buds.

Sonali Bhadauria is not only living her dream but also inspiring thousands of entrepreneurs to follow their intention and do not settle for regular life.

For this YouTube star and social media influencer, nothing has come easy, but Sonali was so busy looking at her ambition that she never gets time to think about the obstacles.

Sonali Bhadauria: Dancing Her Dreams

The success story of Sonali Bhadauria is a learning curve for all upcoming start-ups and women entrepreneurs.

Sonali is a big inspiration for all of us. Female Entrepreneurs who are wishing to become a successful women entrepreneur, her inspirational success story may encourage you.

She teaches us that the mantra of sticking to one’s roots and evolving from there is still a very successful one!

Sonali Bhadauria
Image Source: Instagram @sonali.bhadauria

Sonali Bhadauria’s entrepreneurial journey is nothing less than full of inspiration. We hope you find the true inspirational story of success.

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SugerMint wishes you all the best and wishes to emulate her on the path of success. We hope you find the success story of Sonali Bhadauria inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you motivated.

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