Interview with Sonali Sarkar, Mom Blogger & Certified in Child Nutrition and Child Care

Sonali Sarkar

An exclusive interview with Sonali Sarkar, Mom blogger & Certified in Child Nutrition and Child Care

Sonali Sarkar is not just a mom blogger but also a certified expert in child nutrition and child care. Her journey in the realm of motherhood has transcended personal experiences, shaping her into a dedicated and knowledgeable advocate for parents seeking guidance in nurturing their little ones.

Through her insightful blog and professional expertise, Ms. Sarkar has empowered countless parents to make informed decisions about their children’s well-being. In this interview, we delve into her inspirations, her certified insights, and her mission to offer support and knowledge to parents on their exciting and challenging parenting journeys.

Can you share a bit more about your personal journey as a mother and what inspired you to start your mom blog, particularly focusing on child care and nutrition?

Sonali Sarkar: Motherhood in the initial period felt very lonely for me. I had always been a working professional since the age of 21, and all of a sudden, the pause in my life, coupled with the pandemic, made me very anxious. It was a major shift in my daily routine, and I found myself in uncharted territory.

Desperate for a way to connect with others who could relate to my experiences, I reached out to a community where I could vent out my feelings and share my journey with people who had been through similar situations. It was incredibly comforting to find a support system that understood what I was going through.

As time went on, I realized that I wanted to be more than just a silent observer. I wanted to be relevant and gain knowledge about topics that were directly relevant to my life at that moment. One of those topics was starting solids for my child. I embraced this new aspect of my life with passion and enthusiasm.

I’ve always loved food and believed in the importance of a healthy diet. This passion naturally extended to my child’s nutrition, and I eagerly delved into the world of introducing solid foods in a way that was both nutritious and enjoyable for my little one.

In essence, my journey from feeling lonely and anxious in the early days of motherhood to becoming actively engaged in a supportive community and passionate about my child’s nutrition has been a transformative one.

It’s a testament to the power of finding connections and purpose in unexpected places, and I’m grateful for the knowledge and support I’ve gained along the way.

Your educational background includes an MBA in HR and experience as an entrepreneur. How have these experiences shaped your approach to managing and growing your mom blog as a business?

Sonali Sarkar: My educational background in HR and experience as an entrepreneur have significantly shaped my approach to managing and growing my mom blog as a business. My MBA in HR taught me valuable skills in understanding human behavior, which has been instrumental in crafting content that resonates with my audience.

I recognized that if there’s a demand for specific topics, such as recipes and healthy tips, I can supply that demand through my blog.

Moreover, my entrepreneurial experience instilled in me a strong business acumen. When brands reached out to collaborate, I realized the value of my content and expertise. This experience allowed me to confidently set fair pricing for my services and establish a sustainable business model.

I’ve learned the importance of capitalizing on my knowledge and providing a valuable service to both my audience and brands, which has been instrumental in the growth and success of my mom blog.

You’ve undertaken a comprehensive course on Child Care and Nutrition. Could you elaborate on some of the key insights or lessons you gained from this course that have been valuable in your journey as a mom and blogger?

Sonali Sarkar: Absolutely, my comprehensive course on Child Care and Nutrition has been incredibly valuable in my journey as both a mom and a blogger. It has clarified many aspects that often lead to confusion. One of the key insights I gained is the importance of balance in a child’s diet. Understanding how to provide a variety of nutrient-dense foods has allowed me to ensure my child’s well-being.

In a world where time is a significant challenge, this knowledge has been crucial in optimizing the limited time I have for meal preparation. As a mom, my child’s health is a top priority, and the course has equipped me with the tools to make informed decisions about their nutrition.

This knowledge has not only benefited my family but also my blog audience, as I can now provide well-researched advice on child nutrition and care.

Nutrition is a crucial aspect of child development. What are some of your top tips for parents looking to ensure their toddlers receive a well-rounded and nutritious diet, especially those with busy schedules?

Sonali Sarkar: Nutrition plays a vital role in the healthy development of toddlers, even for parents with busy schedules. First and foremost, it’s essential to focus on balance. Incorporate a variety of food groups into your child’s diet, including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, and dairy. Secondly, plan and prep.

Take some time during the week to plan meals and snacks, and prep ingredients in advance to streamline the cooking process. Additionally, make snacks nutritious by offering options like Good Fats. Avoid sugary and processed snacks as much as possible.

Finally, involve your child in mealtime. Encourage them to try new foods and make mealtime a positive experience. Remember that consistency is key, and small, gradual changes in their diet can lead to healthier eating habits in the long run.

Building a supportive community of fellow moms is one of your goals. How do you envision this community evolving, and what kind of support and resources do you hope to provide to mothers worldwide?

Sonali Sarkar: Creating a supportive community for fellow moms is a passionate endeavor. I envision this community evolving into a safe and inclusive space where mothers from all walks of life can connect, share their experiences, and find the support they need. It should be a platform for building lasting friendships, seeking advice, and celebrating the joys and challenges of motherhood.

The support and resources I hope to provide to mothers worldwide include online forums for discussions, live chat sessions for real-time advice, and expert-led webinars on various aspects of motherhood.

We would also share practical tips, informative articles, and access to trusted resources on topics like childcare, self-care, mental health, and personal development. Additionally, I’d love to organize local meet-up events to foster in-person connections, as well as support charitable initiatives for mothers in need.

Together, we can create a vibrant and supportive global network, empowering moms to navigate the beautiful journey of motherhood with confidence and solidarity.

Balancing motherhood with self-care is something you emphasize. Could you share some of your favorite self-care practices and how you manage to prioritize them in your daily life?

Sonali Sarkar: Balancing motherhood with self-care is indeed crucial for my well-being, and I’ve found that dedicating even short but consistent periods of time for self-care makes a significant difference. I prioritize quick self-care sessions lasting 20 to 40 minutes each day, and I don’t necessarily opt for elaborate spa treatments or extensive rituals.

Instead, I focus on simple practices that rejuvenate me. These include quick workout, coffee date with a friend and walks. By incorporating these manageable self-care moments into my daily routine, I ensure that I don’t become depleted and can continue to give my best to both my child and myself.

It’s a reminder that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity, and it allows me to be a better mother and take care of my own well-being simultaneously.

As you aspire to become the best mom blogger, what are your future plans and goals for your blog, and how do you see your platform evolving to continue empowering and supporting moms on their parenting journeys?

Sonali Sarkar: As I continue my journey as a mom blogger, my foremost goal is to maintain the authenticity and honesty that my readers have come to expect from me. I want my platform to be a space where we all grow together, sharing both the joys and challenges of parenting.

In the future, I plan to expand my content to encompass a broader spectrum of insights on healthy living, focusing not just on physical health but also on mental well-being. I believe that a balanced life is essential for every mom, and I want to provide resources and support to help them achieve it.

Through my content, I aim to empower and support moms on their parenting journeys by offering practical advice, sharing personal stories, and fostering a strong and positive community. I look forward to evolving my platform to meet the ever-changing needs of moms and continue being a source of inspiration and guidance for them.

Sonali Sarkar’s journey from being a dedicated mother to becoming a certified expert in child nutrition and child care is truly inspiring. Her blog not only reflects her passion for sharing her experiences but also serves as a valuable resource for parents looking for guidance and support.

As our interview concludes, it is evident that her dedication to empowering parents through education and her personal journey as a mom blogger and certified professional continue to have a positive impact on the lives of countless families.

Ms. Sarkar’s commitment to nurturing the well-being of children and parents alike is a testament to her influence and the importance of sharing knowledge within the parenting community.

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