Soundcloud Vs YouTube For Music Promotion

Soundcloud Vs Youtube

Soundcloud Vs YouTube For Music Promotion

As a musician, dependent or independent, existing or up-and-coming, promoting your music is absolutely important for you to achieve success in your music career.

Music promotion can be expensive but tools such as SoundCloud and YouTube make it more affordable.

Which platform offers better options when it comes to music promotion on SoundCloud or Youtube? This article will highlight the pros and cons of both platforms to help you choose the best option for music promotion.

SoundCloud promotion will bring all the fame artist deserve

SoundCloud is a music streaming platform. It is a community of musicians/artists who think alike musically and have come together to network.

The platform is very different from all the other social media platforms. It is more of a social network of musicians and fans from all over the world.

As a musician on this platform, asides from being able to upload your music and share it with other musicians from all over the world, you can listen to their music as well.

This benefit and many more are what you enjoy on SoundCloud. Some of the benefits you stand to enjoy are stated below-

  • You can promote your tracks on SoundCloud. The platform can provide you with the space you need for your music promotional plans because of the enormous community of artists who have ideas similar to yours. You can reach SoundCloud’s follower base easily for this purpose.
  • You have the option of buying SoundCloud plays. This depends on how quickly you want your promotion to take off. SoundCloud plays can be used to broaden the platform’s reach and fan base. There are companies and websites where SoundCloud plays can be purchased which comes with a money-back guarantee and followers of high quality. Buying SoundCloud plays should be given some serious consideration as you may implement it as your music promotion strategy.
  • Just like other social media platforms, you can send messages directly, repost, and share on SoundCloud.
  • Collaborating with other musicians is possible. The platform encourages potential collaborations among musicians which will be an advantage for both you and other musicians.

YouTube is here for the best music promo

YouTube holds a record for a huge success rate when it comes to music promotion. This is because it allows musicians to reach a wide range of audiences on its platform. YouTube is a leading platform for all content creators.

It is more of a video streaming platform that is not dedicated to music alone. However, many people use it for streaming videos, and that works well for musicians and artists alike. Here are the benefits of using YouTube for promoting your music-

  • If you have the means, you can create a music video and promote it on YouTube. Having an interesting video will help get further traction for your track.
  • Like other social media networks, YouTube also allows artists to engage their fans. That way, they can connect with other musicians and fans.
  • You can expand your brand using SEO (Search Engine Optimization). When people search for a particular type of music or an interesting topic, Google capitalizes on it, if you take advantage of this, it will help move your track up on search results as a musician.

Both platforms are great for promoting music. However, SoundCloud has more specific tools to help artists. It is ideal to use a blend of both platforms for better reach.

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