Spice Up Your Stories with Instagram Story Stickers!

Instagram Story Stickers

Instagram stories are fun, but do you know what makes them even more exciting? Stickers! They’re like the sprinkles on your ice cream, adding extra flavor and fun. Whether it’s a funky GIF, a catchy tune, an engaging poll, or an interactive question, stickers can make your stories pop and keep your followers entertained.

So, let’s explore how to use these cool embellishments to jazz up your Instagram stories! Quick heads up before we start: if you’re looking to download Instagram stories, Insta Navigation has a free ig tool available. Okay, getting started:

1. GIF Stickers:

GIFs are animated images that can make your stories lively and amusing. Want to express excitement, joy, or any other emotion? There’s a GIF for that!

How to Use:

  • Tap the sticker icon after uploading your story.
  • Select the GIF option and search for one that suits your mood or post.
  • Place it wherever you like on your story.

Tip: Use GIFs sparingly to avoid clutter and keep the focus on your content!

2. Music Stickers:

Add a musical touch to your stories with music stickers. Pick a song that matches the vibe of your post and lets your followers groove along!

How to Use:

  • After selecting your photo or video, tap the sticker icon.
  • Choose the music sticker and pick your favorite tune.
  • Adjust the segment of the song you want to play and place the sticker on your story.

Tip: Pick a song that enhances the mood of your story without overpowering it!

3. Poll Stickers:

Want to know what your followers think? Use a poll sticker! It’s a fun way to engage your audience and get their opinions.

How to Use:

  • Tap the sticker icon on your story screen.
  • Select the poll sticker and type your question.
  • Customize the answer options and place it on your story.

Tip: Ask engaging and relatable questions to encourage more people to participate!

4. Questions Stickers:

Encourage your followers to interact with you by using a question sticker. It’s a great way to start conversations and answer queries!

How to Use:

  • After uploading your story, tap the sticker icon.
  • Choose the question sticker and prompt your followers to ask you something.
  • Position the sticker wherever you prefer on your story.

Tip: Be prepared to respond to the questions you receive to keep the interaction going!

5. Countdown Stickers:

Building anticipation for an event or launch? Use a countdown sticker to let your followers know when it’s happening!

How to Use:

  • Select the sticker icon on your story screen.
  • Choose the countdown sticker and set the date and time for your event.
  • Customize the text and color and place it on your story.

Tip: Use this sticker a few days in advance to build excitement and remind your followers of the upcoming event!

Using Stickers Creatively:

  • Combine different stickers to create interactive and engaging stories.
  • Use stickers that complement your story’s theme and aesthetic.
  • Experiment with placement and size to create visually pleasing compositions.

Consider drawing inspiration from your competitors. You can use Instagram story viewer from IGSV to download Instagram stories, giving you great opportunities to experiment and innovate.


Instagram Story Stickers are like little magic wands, transforming your stories into interactive and entertaining pieces of content.

Whether it’s a cool GIF, a vibe-setting music snippet, a fun poll, an intriguing question, or an exciting countdown, stickers offer endless possibilities to express yourself and connect with your audience. So, get creative, play around with different stickers, and let your Instagram stories sparkle!

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