Interview: Sriram Kanuri, Founder & CEO of Arteria Technologies

Sriram Kanuri

An interview with Sriram Kanuri, Founder & CEO of Arteria Technologies, specializing in IT product development and implementation.

Welcome to an insightful interview with Mr. Sriram Kanuri, the visionary Founder & CEO of Arteria Technologies, a renowned leader in IT product development and implementation. With a passion for innovation and a wealth of experience, Mr. Kanuri has steered Arteria Technologies towards excellence, delivering cutting-edge solutions to clients worldwide.

His expertise and leadership have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of IT services, making him a respected figure in the industry.

Can you share your journey and the inspiration behind founding Arteria?

Sriram Kanuri: Absolutely! So, Arteria is all about bringing a digital transformation to the traditional ways of managing the supply chains, and our FinessArt suite of products is at the heart of it.

Imagine this as more than just software – it’s a journey where we break down the barriers between your company, suppliers, transporters, warehouses, and financial institutions. We’re connecting the dots to create a seamless network, all happening on the SAP cloud platform, the engine powering our digital adventure.

The inspiration behind the development of the FinessArt suite stemmed from a clear recognition of a critical problem – the lack of comprehensive visibility throughout the supply chain. This gap resulted in significant inefficiencies, particularly in the management of inventory working capital.

Traditionally, the segregation of Enterprise Supply Chain and Banking systems only exacerbated these operational challenges. We strategically harnessed Automation, Digitization, and Integration across the entire operational spectrum, aiming not just to streamline the Supply Chain Network but to revolutionize the Finance System of the Enterprise.

FinessArt’s goal is to go beyond meeting market demands – it’s about setting new standards for efficiency and transparency in response to the evolving landscape.

The digital enterprise  landscape is constantly evolving. How does Arteria stay up-to-date with industry trends and changes, and how do you adapt to new platforms and technologies?

Sriram Kanuri: At Arteria, we thrive on adaptability and innovation, tailoring our solutions to ever-evolving market needs. Our focus on product maturity, implementation expertise, and native integration with SAP modules ensures a seamless experience for clients. As a SAP certified OEM solution with embedded SAP Cloud Platform, we stay on the cutting edge of technology.

Our “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) approach expedites solution deployment, while our integrated engine with country-specific functionalities showcases our adaptability across diverse markets.

The closed-loop B2B marketplace serves a range of corporate industries, including Automotive, FMCG, Oil & Gas, Cement, Apparel & Footwear, Automobile, Consumer Durables, Financial Services, Energy & Natural Resources, and Discrete Industries.

Looking ahead, our plan is to ramp up efforts in key areas such as artificial intelligence, data analytics, and blockchain. These technologies have tremendous potential to boost efficiency and provide valuable insights.

By seamlessly integrating these advancements into our offerings, our goal is not only to meet but to surpass our clients’ expectations, solidifying our leadership in the digital solutions landscape.

Can you tell us about FinessArt and how it functions?

Sriram Kanuri: The idea for creating the FinessArt suite of products came about when we noticed a big problem: there was a serious lack of a complete view of the supply chain. This was causing major issues, especially in how efficiently inventory working capital was being handled.

Traditionally, Enterprise Supply Chain and Banking were treated separately, leading to a lot of operational inefficiencies. That’s where FinessArt from Arteria comes in – it was designed to tackle these problems by using Automation, Digitization, and Integration throughout the whole process.

By facing these challenges head-on, FinessArt aims to make the Enterprise’s Supply Chain Network and Finance System smoother, ultimately meeting the demands of the market with improved efficiency and transparency. It’s worth noting that FinessArt was a pioneer in embedded finance long before that term became popular.

Can you tell us about the gap you saw in the market when you started Arteria?

Sriram Kanuri: Arteria was born out of a clear recognition of the market’s pressing needs and challenges stemming from outdated solutions. The existing systems were causing not just performance and scalability issues but disruptive business impacts.

This realization fueled our drive to create a Digital Marketplace uniquely tailored for our proposed customers. We saw the imperative to replace aging hardware and make the crucial move to the cloud, ensuring enhanced efficiency and a customer-centric approach.

Our vision included leveraging advanced technologies to optimize operational workflows in sales management, operations, and support. The goal was not only to address the inefficiencies stemming from dark data and the reliance on multiple management systems for sales, inventory, and finance but also to alleviate the operational overhead resulting from the limited support of obsolete systems.

Arteria was founded to bridge these gaps, providing a contemporary, integrated, and customer-focused solution to the evolving challenges in the market.

How do you procure clients? Can you name a few of them?

Sriram Kanuri: We connect with clients in different ways – our in-house sales team reaches out, we find potential customers at events, and we team up with partners like SAP and financial institutions to bring in a variety of clients. It’s a mix that keeps things interesting and helps us build lasting relationships.

Some of the clients we have strategic partnerships with include Britannia, Exide, Emami, RSPL Group, HDFC Bank, Axis bank, M&M, Nayara Energy, Tata Steel, Tata Chemicals and more.

Can you tell us more about your business processes such as automation, management of vendors and suppliers, etc?

Sriram Kanuri: At Arteria, our business processes are meticulously crafted to harness the power of automation, ensuring efficiency and precision across every aspect. We’ve seamlessly integrated automation into various facets of our operations, from sales management to support and operations.

This not only expedites workflows but also minimizes manual errors, allowing our teams to focus on strategic initiatives.

In managing vendors and suppliers, we take a collaborative approach. Our Digital Marketplace serves as a centralized hub connecting with suppliers, transporters, warehouses, and financial institutions, fostering seamless communication and transparency.

We prioritize strong partnerships, actively engaging with suppliers to understand their evolving requirements. This collaborative stance allows us to co-create solutions that effectively address dynamic challenges.

Our commitment to innovation extends to vendor and supplier relationships, ensuring a symbiotic collaboration that propels us forward in the ever-evolving landscape of digital commerce and supply chain management.

What advice do you have for budding entrepreneurs looking to venture into such an industry?

Sriram Kanuri: If you’re diving into the supply chain software world, here’s some advice from my journey: really get to know the ins and outs of the industry—understand the nitty-gritty challenges. Listen to what customers need; tailor your solution to solve their actual problems.

Flexibility and scalability are non-negotiable—make sure your software can roll with the changes. Stay up-to-date on tech trends; invest in R&D to keep your software cutting-edge. Forge strong partnerships with key industry players for insights and opportunities.

Keep the interface user-friendly, prioritize data security, and give clients the power of analytics. Stay agile, offer top-notch customer support, and plan for the long haul. Success in this space is a mix of tech smarts, industry know-how, and solid relationships. Best of luck with your venture!

Mr. Sriram Kanuri’s journey as the Founder & CEO of Arteria Technologies reflects a remarkable blend of vision, dedication, and technological acumen. His commitment to excellence and relentless pursuit of innovation have not only propelled Arteria Technologies to the forefront of the IT industry but have also inspired countless professionals.

As we look towards the future, Mr. Kanuri’s insights continue to guide and shape the ever-evolving landscape of IT product development and implementation.

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