Interview with Srishti Baweja, COO and Whole-Time Director at E2E Networks

Srishti Baweja

An exclusive interview with Srishti Baweja, COO and Whole-Time Director at E2E Networks – a leading cloud infrastructure company from India

Welcome to this exclusive interview with Srishti Baweja, the Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Whole-Time Director at E2E Networks, a pioneering force in the realm of cloud infrastructure within India.

With a career characterized by remarkable leadership and a profound understanding of the technology landscape, Baweja has played an instrumental role in shaping E2E Networks into a true industry leader.

Her strategic acumen, coupled with an innate ability to navigate the complexities of the ever-evolving cloud sector, has driven the company’s growth and innovation.

In this conversation, we delve into Baweja’s insights on the dynamic world of cloud computing, her vision for E2E Networks, and the broader implications of cutting-edge technology on businesses and society.

E2E Networks has experienced rapid growth in the cloud computing sector. Could you share some insights into the factors that have contributed to your company’s success and accelerated growth in this competitive industry?

Srishti Baweja: E2E Networks is NSE-listed AI-First cloud service provider, with an unwavering focus on driving innovation in India’s tech landscape.

Our approach encompasses several key elements: firstly, providing state-of-the-art cloud solutions and highly performant infrastructure tailored for the Indian market; secondly, delivering exceptional value through optimal price-performance offerings; thirdly, building a robust platform grounded in battle-tested open source technologies, enabling seamless scaling for numerous enterprises.

Crucially, we prioritize full compliance with Indian IT laws, ensuring our customers enjoy peace of mind alongside cutting-edge solutions.

For instance, E2E Networks was one of the first cloud platforms to offer cloud advanced GPUs to the Indian market. This has enabled Indian startups and enterprises to harness the potential of generative AI and machine learning.

By leveraging these high-performance GPUs, businesses can effectively train their AI/ML workloads, gaining a competitive edge and ensuring they stay ahead in the AI era. E2E Networks is more than a cloud service provider; we are catalysts for growth, equipping Indian developers, organizations and businesses to thrive in an era of accelerating technology progress.

Cloud computing is a dynamic and ever-evolving field. How does E2E Networks stay ahead of the curve in terms of technological advancements and innovations to provide cutting-edge solutions to your clients?

Srishti Baweja: E2E Networks stands out in the highly competitive market by maintaining a keen awareness of our customers’ platform goals and needs, and the emerging technological trends.  Our team has gained invaluable insights from witnessing unicorns scale on our computing infrastructure, which has led us to develop a robust ecosystem of essential technologies.

We take a proactive stance in understanding our customer demand for specific technologies, and also regularly tracking emerging technologies that our customers may want to leverage.

As a result, we introduce these technologies as streamlined cloud solutions, simplifying the process for our customers. This customer-centric approach keeps us ahead of the competition and helps us launch cutting-edge solutions in the Indian market.

One of our recent achievements is the launch of ‘Tir,’ an innovative Data Science and Machine Learning platform hosted on our cloud. This platform simplifies the data scientist’s journey, making it remarkably efficient to build and deploy machine learning models.

Kindly brief us about your company, its specialization, and the services that it offers.

Srishti Baweja: E2E Networks is a listed AI-First Hyperscaler on the NSE, delivering instant access to scalable AI/ML and Cloud services. Our offerings cater to developers, data scientists, startups, enterprises, educational and research institutions, as well as government bodies.

Our goal is to simplify the deployment, usage, and scaling of machine learning platforms, data science workflows, and various cloud applications.

Since our inception in 2009, we’ve been the go-to Cloud Platform for startups, playing a pivotal role during the scaling journey of several startups into unicorns. After securing an initial seed funding round led by Blume Ventures, we made our debut on the NSE Emerge through an IPO in 2018, which was oversubscribed up to 70 times. We then transitioned from NSE Emerge to NSE Mainboard in 2022.

Embracing the era of Generative AI and machine learning, we’re dedicated to crafting the essential Cloud GPU Platform that will empower India’s data scientists, developers, and businesses as they step confidently into the future.

E2E Networks places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. Can you elaborate on the strategies and initiatives that your company employs to ensure that clients receive top-notch service and support?

Srishti Baweja: We make continuous efforts to improve customer experience by engaging with them and asking for their feedback. We make sure to be in touch with our customers through calls, online and physical meetings, conducting customer surveys.

We have different ticketing queues and dial in numbers for all kinds of functions like support, finance, sales etc. Also, we put a great emphasis on preparing and improving documentation along with FAQ’s for our customers.

In a market with several cloud computing providers, what unique value propositions do E2E Networks bring to the table, and how do you communicate these differentiators to potential customers?

Srishti Baweja: The following are the key features that set us apart from our competitors:

  • Best price-performance ratio in the Indian market
  • Battle-tested open-source based platform used in production by our customers
  • 100% predictable pricing,  prepaid billing
  • Cutting edge GPUs and compute resources
  • An entire ecosystem of cloud technologies that developers need to build reliable applications, such as GPU and CPU resources, DBaaS, Object Storage, CDN, Block Storage, Containers, and more
  • Exceptional 100% ‘human’ support teams to assist businesses in building production platforms
  • Our Extensive experience in enabling the scaling of unicorns on our infrastructure
  • The transparency and stability that comes from our NSE Listing
  • Fully Swadeshi cloud, which provides businesses with peace of mind around data sovereignty.
  • Security is a critical concern in cloud computing. How does E2E Networks prioritize data security and privacy for your clients, and what measures do you have in place to address these challenges?

To communicate our differentiators, we conduct LinkedIn Live Events, send out regular newsletters, constantly create developer-centric and solutions-focussed content that our customers can leverage, and always keep a direct channel of communication open with them.

Security is a critical concern in cloud computing. How does E2E Networks prioritize data security and privacy for your clients, and what measures do you have in place to address these challenges?

Srishti Baweja: We prioritize the utmost safety, security, and privacy of data, and this has been demonstrated by our security certifications such as PCI-DSS and ISO 27001. These certifications underscore our commitment to exceeding the security standards that are typically implemented by cloud service providers.

Apart from direct and secure access to their infrastructure, our customers also benefit from enhanced security measures including security groups, ingress controllers, and a partnership with Bitninja, offering anti-malware and customizable Web Application Firewall (WAF) support.

Our platform actively encourages the use of encryption, empowering customers to secure data through SSL for seamless transfer.

As a homegrown Swadeshi AI-First Hyperscaler, we strictly adhere to the regulations of the Indian IT Act. Our full compliance with all Indian laws and regulations ensures that data remains free from the risk of sharing, interception, or seizure by foreign entities. This assurance grants businesses a data sovereignty and peace of mind when operating on our cloud platform.

What are your success tips for young and aspiring entrepreneurs

Srishti Baweja: I have a lot to say on this, however will list down a few tips below for young and aspiring entrepreneurs-

  • Stay focussed on few things instead of trying to do all at once
  • Patience and perseverance is the key to success
  • Innovate and deliver within timelines thus staying ahead of the curve
  • Engaging with customers is a must

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