Step by Step Guide to become a blockchain developer


The demand for a blockchain developer roadmap has increased by huge margins in recent times. Find the best path to become a blockchain developer in 2023 now.

Blockchain provided a new definition to the conventional approaches for financial transactions and methods for exchanging data.

The widespread misconceptions regarding blockchain present formidable challenges for candidates interested in blockchain development jobs.

The journey to become a blockchain developer can appear challenging, even for people with strong command over technological concepts.

However, you can become a professional blockchain developer by pursuing the right career path with guidance from industry experts.

Will the right training platform solve the challenges in the journey of becoming a blockchain developer?

The answer presents only one aspect of the recommendations for aspiring blockchain developers. Let us find out the details of important things you need to become blockchain developers.

Why Should You Become a Blockchain Developer?

The first step in the career path for an aspiring blockchain developer reflects on the necessity of establishing your goals.

Why do you want to pursue a career in blockchain development? The answer can serve as a starting point for your blockchain developer roadmap, particularly through an outline of the reasons why blockchain development is the right career option for you.

First of all, you must notice the prospects for lucrative salary prospects in blockchain development. Entry-level jobs for blockchain developers could guarantee an average annual salary starting from $90,000.

As you gain experience and advanced skills, you can pursue higher roles with an annual salary ranging up to $320,000.

The responses to questions like “Is blockchain a good career?” would also focus on the interest of big companies in blockchain technology.

For example, big tech companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Starbucks, Google, and Walmart have been experimenting with blockchain-based solutions.

Amazon has introduced its own managed blockchain service, while Walmart utilizes blockchain to transform its supply chain management.

On top of it, the use cases of blockchain technology are expanding beyond cryptocurrencies and the financial services sector.

Smart contracts and NFTs are the best examples of the emerging applications of blockchain technology. At the same time, you should also take note of innovative developments in the field of metaverse technology and web3.

Roles and Responsibilities of Blockchain Developer

The increasing frequency of searches for blockchain skills in demand right now is one of the most prominent highlights in the technology labor market.

However, it is important to identify the roles and responsibilities of blockchain developers before beginning the roadmap.

Blockchain developers could either work on the core architecture of blockchain systems or create dApps on existing blockchain networks.

As a core blockchain developer, you would have to develop protocols, design security patterns and supervise the optimization of the network for better performance.

Blockchain software developers have to address the requirements for front-end and back-end development alongside design and maintenance implications.

Important Steps for Becoming Blockchain Developer

The confusion regarding career prospects in blockchain development can be a formidable setback for beginners.

On the contrary, a clear outline of best practices for pursuing a career in blockchain development could solve such concerns. Here is an outline of the important steps for becoming a blockchain developer.

●  Familiarize yourself with Basics of Blockchain

The first requirement for pursuing a career in blockchain development is the knowledge of fundamentals of blockchain technology.

You can use entry-level courses on blockchain concepts such as decentralization, consensus mechanism, hashing, and use cases of blockchain.

●  Learn the Important Blockchain Skills

You should learn all the skills required for blockchain developer jobs, such as programming, cryptography, and smart contracts.

It is also important to learn about data structures and concepts in blockchain architecture alongside important tools for blockchain development.

●  Earn Practical Experience

The most crucial requirement for becoming a blockchain developer would point to the need for practical experience.

You should learn blockchain development from demonstrations and work on real projects to understand the workflow.


The challenges of becoming a blockchain developer can present confusion for beginners. However, it is important to find a credible blockchain developer roadmap to find your way through all the obstacles.

First of all, you should clear your doubts regarding career opportunities for blockchain developers to overcome the initial apprehensions.

Subsequently, you should identify the important skills you would need to become a professional blockchain developer.

Finally, you can choose trusted training courses and blockchain certification from platforms such as 101 Blockchains to validate your blockchain development expertise. Learn the in-demand skills required for blockchain development with experts right now.  

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