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Steve Jobs

Success Story of Steve Jobs, Apple’s co-founder

Who is Steve Jobs (Biography, Education, Career, Family, and Death)

We all know that we always get success by failure. In this article, we will see from the Steve Jobs story how he was successful.

Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs is no longer in this world but he will rule in the hearts of crores of people for the time being due to his innovation.

Steve Jobs was born on February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, California. Steve Jobs died of cancer on October 5, 2011. He narrated stories related to his life in Steve Jobs’ famous speech “Stay Hunger Stay Foolish”.

Steve Jobs enrolled in college at the age of 14. During his studies, he felt that all the earnings of his parents are spent in college studies. At that time, he was not able to understand anything. They did not even know what they would do going forward.

After all, he decided to drop college and thought that he would do something that would help parents. At that time, his decision was not right, but later he felt that his decision was right.

Route obstacle

At that time he had no room to live so he used to stay in his friend’s room and sleep on the ground. They also sold coke bottles so that they could eat the money they got from them.

He used to walk as many as seven mills and then used to go to Krishna temple so that he could eat food.

Reid College was very famous all over the world for Calligraphy. The entire campus of that college had beautiful posters made by hand. Seeing this, Steve Jobs became interested in studying Calligraphy.

He learned serif and san serif typefaces. He created typography by adding different words from the same typeface which consists of dots. After 10 years, he designed the first (Macintosh computer).

This was his first computer design. If he did not come out of college and did not study calligraphy, then he could not make it.

When Steve was 20 years old, he started Apple in a garage with Vojniac. Both of them put a lot of hard work in it and in 10 years those people reached very high. Started in a small garage, the company reached 2 billion people and employed as many as 4000 employees.

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Those people together released the best creation Macintosh. As the company grew, those people chose a talented person to take over the company. The first year did a very good job in the company, but the vision of those people regarding the future could not be fulfilled.

When Steve was 30 years old, he was fired from the company. At that time he felt that he had been removed from his own company. After this, in five years, Steve started a new company called ‘NeXT’. After this, he created another company called ‘Pixar’.

Pixar made Toy Story, the world’s first computer animated feature film. Even today, this studio is considered to be the best animation studio.

After this, the Apple company bought ‘NeXT’ and Steve returned to work at Apple. This technology gave new life to Apple.

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If Steve had not been removed from Apple, then he would not have done all this. There are also such moments in our life, but we should not panic at this time and should do our work well. There must be some goals in our life, without them we cannot move forward.