Studio Palasa, Helmed by Preine Pereira and Prinston Pereira, a brother-sister duo

Preine Pereira_Co-founder at Studio Palasa

Studio Palasa, Helmed by Preine and Prinston Pereira, a brother-sister duo

Palasa is a Bangalore-based botanical wares studio that was established in 2016. Helmed by Preine and Prinston Pereira, brother-and-sister duo, their products celebrate the effortless convergence of man with nature and design. 

About Preine Pereira (Co-founder)

A marketing professional with 5+ years of experience in direct marketing, advertising, content creation and social media marketing.

Preine Pereira is responsible for the research, strategic planning, risk management, business development and structuring the overall framework for Palasa.

Having said that, her passion and tireless efforts have brought Studio Palasa to where it is today – a promising entity at the brink of bigger and better success stories.

Besides their remarkable planters, the team at Studio Palasa offers garden and space makeovers with a promise to make them green and serene.

Adding to their passion for design and aesthetics, the brand has added to their product line with their recently launched range of Rattan Lamp called ‘Ortus’, garden furniture, and a range of home accent pieces that includes trays, ring and jewelry holders, trinket boxes.

Prinston Adel Pereira (Co-Founder)

An architect and product designer by profession, Prinston is responsible for the design language of Palasa.

All of Palasa’s products, the planters, the accessories, the store and the website are designed by him. He works with a numbers of manufacturers, artists and artisans using various materials to get the desired outcome. He also works out the manufacturing process to maximize efficiency and profit. 

Studio Palasa

Palasa is a Bangalore-based botanical wares studio that was established in 2016. Helmed by Preine and Prinston Pereira, brother-and-sister duo, their products celebrate the effortless convergence of man with nature and design. 

What started out as an idea of using design and plants to creatively enhance spaces, has grown into a full -fledged commitment of using plants and planters in enhancing the overall well being of a person or a company. 

Being avid plant lovers, they saw a huge design gap in the market for planters and knowledge of plants.

Moreover, the house plant market was just picking up, with more and more people bringing their plants indoors adding it to their interior decor. Most of the planters around them were plastic and not aesthetically pleasing, and so they decided to enter this space and create a range of planters to house the plants. 

Preine, a marketing professional with over 6 years experience in sales and marketing, came back to India with the concept to bring greenery to every home in India. With her expertise in marketing and her brother’s passion for design they set up Palasa. 

Prinston, an architect by profession, leads the design and production team and experiments with new materials and techniques to stay up to date with the trends across the world. 

Manufacturing Set-Up

Their in-house production team works with different materials like FRP (Fiber reinforced Polymer), GRC (Glass reinforced Concrete), Concrete, Metal and Terracotta. 

They started with Fiberglass planters, but soon moved to other materials like concrete and GRC planters. The market for well designed planters is expanding and manufacturing and customizing the planters gives Palasa an edge in the market.

The Co-founder Prinston says “Design is at the helm of all our creations. We are constantly exploring new materials and love experimenting with techniques.

It’s not just about getting a plant into your home, but also the rich knowledge you extract from having nature right there in your living space to learn from, interact with and nurture. With that philosophy in mind, we design and create products that people would love to keep in their homes.” 

The factory based out of Bangalore works with skilled artisans to manufacture their products. All their products are handmade and hand painted.

They take in a number of young men and women under their wings, train them and work with them to produce new products over time. 

Preine says “Each part of India comes with rich resources and we love exploring artisans who use those resources to make products. From Banana Fiber products made in Karnataka to Water Reed and Bamboo products made in the North Eastern part of India, we support local artisans.” 

They also ship our planters pan India through our online store. The brand has grown exponentially since its inception with an almost 100% growth year on year. 

This bootstrapped venture has sold over 2 lakh products and is aiming at a 7 crore revenue this year.

Future Growth

During the pandemic, they have seen a 100% growth in home owners wanting to get the outdoors inside. The trend of having house plants has never been higher and can only be seen increasing in the coming years as house plants cements its position in interior decor. 

They are looking to expand our SKU’S and enter the Outdoor Living/ décor market that includes décor items like garden furniture, lighting and sculptural accent pieces. 

Palasa aims to become a household brand and make inroads into the international market by exporting its products worldwide. 

Apart from selling the products online, they also have a 4000 square feet physical store in Bangalore. Preine says “We are looking to take Palasa nation-wide with stores in Hyderabad, Mumbai and Delhi soon.”


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