Success story of entrepreneur Asif Rahman from salesperson to Insigne Carpets’ CEO

Asif Rahman - Insigne Carpets

Motivational Story of Asif Rahman from door-to-door salesperson to Insigne Carpets’ CEO

Where entrepreneur lose courage because of small setbacks, Kolkata’s Asif Rahman did the first job of his life as a door-to-door salesperson.

Today he is the owner of InSigne Carpets and has customers all over the world. Once upon a time, he used to sell products in the streets, today he is the owners of a company worth crores.

It is said that if you try hard and diligently, you will definitely get success. We are going to tell you the success story of a successful entrepreneur who proved this.

Once upon a time Asif Rahman used to sell his products in the streets and today some of the most expensive places in the world (hotels, airports etc.) are his customers.

Asik was born in a poor family. His father was a jute mill worker, who was proficient in Arabic. His mother was a homemaker, but she had knowledge of Sanskrit.

Asif obtained his graduation degree from Kolkata University in the year 1988 and started looking for a job.

He got his first job when a shopkeeper called him inside his shop on Park Street in Kolkata and asked him to go door to door selling carpets as a sales representative.

He was standing outside looking at his shop with curiosity. That is why that shopkeeper called him and talked to him and offered him his first job.

As reported by CanFolios, after embarking on an entrepreneurial journey in the carpet industry, Asif only knew that consistent hard work would lead to success.

As a door-to-door salesman, Asif faced many challenges including physical and psychological.
But Asif kept learning and became an expert in the carpet business. In 2003, Asif got an opportunity to work with a carpet company based in New York.

Asif worked with the New York based company for 8 years. During this, Asif mastered the carpet industry with an international approach and also made good business contacts.

He had become a carpet-wizard and decided to start his own business. Then he launched his company ‘Insigne Carpets’.

As soon as the company started, the first order was received from Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, Mumbai.

This was a big achievement for him. The authorities there took several special permissions to make way for Asif to be included in the list of suppliers of IHCL.

Because they have strict rules for giving work to the suppliers. Since then, Insigne Carpets has grown steadily and has become a leading carpet manufacturer.

Asif tried his best to find carpet artisans from across the country. As of 2020, InSigne Carpets had manufacturing facilities in India and China, 18 offices around the world, and team of more than 15 designers.

The list of clients of Insigne Carpets today includes Google and Louis Vuitton. Some of his company’s best projects include carpeting for the personal yacht of the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi.

The company’s clients include large 5 star hotels and airports, private and government jets and the properties of the world’s richest and most influential people.

Insigne Carpets started in Newada village, Varanasi with one manufacturing facility, and set up another in Agra, which manufacture 1,000 sq metres of Carpets.

Today the company has four manufacturing units — including two in China’s Hangzhou and Guangzhou cities with the capacity to produce 5,000 sq metres of carpet.

There are many methods to manufacture carpets, but Insigne Carpets predominantly use hand-knotted and hand-tufted methods to make Carpets.

The company buys raw fibre from local sources and processes it into yarn. Then they decide the design, colour, size and other details of Carpets with the client. Once, everything is in final, the actual process of manufacturing the carpets begins.

It takes six to seven weeks for the carpet to get ready using the hand-tufted method, and 14-16 weeks using the hand-knotted method. Asif also plans to make carpets using more environment-friendly and sustainable options.

For someone who accidentally and needlessly entered the carpet industry and rose from door-to-door salespeople, this is an inspiration to all.

We hope you find this inspiring success story of Asif Rahman Insigne Carpets’ CEO and Indian entrepreneur useful and inspiring through your entrepreneurial journey and will keep you inspired.

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