Success Story Of Indian Women Entrepreneurs Making a Great Impact in Food Business

Sakshi Guha - Bengali Love Café ,founder
Sakshi Guha - Bengali Love Café ,founder

There is no denying the fact that women are now taking significant roles in the food and beverage industry.

Women are breaking the stereotypes and treading into the male-dominated entrepreneurship world. In our section of successful women entrepreneurs.

When it comes to successful women entrepreneurs in the food business, we cannot leave Sakshi Guha behind.

She is the founder and owner of one of the most popular food-tech companies – Bengali Love Café ,founded in the year 2020. 

After completing her MA, Muzaffarnagar-born Ms Sakshi Guha went on to work in different companies in different industry domains, including Allianz Partners . 

In 2020, she moved to the food industry with Bengali Love Cafe, with her mother being head chef an online restaurant that today serves almost 200 orders each day through Swiggy & Zomato located in Sushant Lok Phase 1  Gurugram. Benagli Love Café is a traditional Bengali restaurant.

The average order value is ₹250. The best part is that her online restaurant included all types of meals, including Traditional Bengali food delicacies and interesting food options that are different from the regular foodstuff and her freshly-cooked food is delivered to the doorsteps of its customers. MS Sakshi Guha is a women who have set an example in the food industry.

Bengali Love Café is available for home delivery on Zomato and Swiggy

Bengali Love Café :  also know for it’s catering services. They are one of the leading names in the business of Catering Services and has served a range of customers with trust and pride.

Their company is comprehensive as well as efficient in all aspects and provides all types and tastes of premium catering services to every occasion and event.

Their team of waiters, chefs, and cooks are highly skilled and are always ready to take any challenge.

Bengali Love Cafe’s supreme quality of catering is extraordinary for everyone and so they prefer to offer a multi-cuisine buffet, which also includes local culinary flavors.

No matter where your wedding or function location is, their team of caterers and service staff will move according to your location and choice so that they can plan all your extraordinary functions in a great manner.

Bengali Love Cafe provides an array of catering services which can be selected as per your needs and budget requirements. A bunch of services and cuisine options at discounted rates.

A woman can always succeed to her desired dreams. This is also motivational story of a 65 + of age woman who had dreamt of having her own food outlet.

Mrs Deepa Guha mother of Ms Sakshi Guha they worked together and within one year they achieved success.

A woman has the capability and ability of being anything that man can do. There is always a boundary when any women wants to succeed in her life out of the “so called society rules”.

In this story with her Daughter Ms Sakshi suha support she has achieved everything she had dreamt off.

When in a man’s successful life woman is the main back support why it can’t be reverse? A successful career is purely based on talent and knowledge then why can’t we think of that it can be achieved by anyone and talent doesn’t support any gender.

This story highlights how a woman can be successful with her Daughter’s and Family’s support.

Recently they have started their new venture Groceries on wheels which is again being very popular and famous and being successful venture within less than 6 months.

This is completely woman based organization she is hiring and helping uneducated house wife or woman and trained them to learn how to survive and earn and grow together.

Bengali Love Café group is also famous for lots of social work and charities too like Free Food Campaign, Free meals distribution, Free School study kit distribution, Planting tree campaign, Educating poor children campaign, Distributing free meals to street beggars and needs.

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Turly inspring story they started with zero now being millionaire within 1 years only.