Success Story of Seasia Infotech – Journey from 5 to 500 Employees!

Success Story of Seasia Infotech – Journey from 5 to 500 Employees

A small room, cramped with five people, led by Anil Khanna – An Army Veteran, was the starting point of Seasia.

The humble beginnings did not mean that the aspirations were low. On the contrary, their vision included becoming IT-industry leaders globally. Under C.E.O. R.P. Singh, the company has thrived, leading to a successful venture that is known worldwide.

1999 – The Beginning of Seasia

Reusing is not just excellent for the environment; it also helps organizations save on their budget.  We were just starting out, and needed expensive equipment, so we used our resources and finances wisely.

We ordered the best technology, and found innovative ways to cut costs. To avoid paying for computer tables, the cartons of these products were used as tables, and the small room became a haven for discussions and growth.  

The business was running on a shoestring budget back in 1999. In this stage, we built our skill set and team to better serve our clientele through the latest technologies of that time and find solutions that worked.

For the next few years, we were still building our team, serving clients, and working on creating solutions that surpassed current standards of I.T. operations. Till now, we have been working with small and medium-sized businesses in a variety of technologies.

2006 – The Perfect Opportunity to Grow

In 2006, our efforts came to fruition as we grabbed the opportunity to work for USA-based firms that took over a company in Chennai and gave us the opportunity to work with several United States of America’s government sectors.

At this time, we started working on a range of international public products, providing services to several States of America, including Vermont, Michigan, Rhode Island, etc. We worked on the Pension System, Voter Registration System, and the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Through a range of mergers and associations, we ended up working as an outsourcing partner with H.P. – State and Local Government Division, billing for around 500 developers.

In essence, we had the opportunity to work with leading I.T. services providers from the United States of America State and Government entities.

Rupinder Singh

During this period, we had the chance to work on groundbreaking projects for U.S. Government entities, and we successfully executed several multimillions and multi-year programs for our clients. 

Through this body of work, Seasia internalized ethos like structured product delivery, Data Security and reached the CMMi Level 5 certification through our quantitative and qualitative approach to work. 


We were rewarded with the Software exporter award for two consecutive years during this period.

2009 – The Demerger and Resulting Hardship

In 2009, H.P. decided to stop its offshore operations and started working on creating an in-house developer team. After a challenging discussion, our collaborative work started to decrease, and in around a year, they ultimately moved all their operations to the in-house team.

2010 – The Blessing in Disguise 

While the consistent work dropped, the company leaders understood the business’s potential and recognized that the world was also changing, with Web 2.0 right around the corner, Seasia took it as an opportunity and decided to carry the company forward by turning it into an independent entity. 

During the transition period, we focused our energy on future-ready technologies like desktop applications and web apps.

These were the technologies that were making waves during this period, and our years of expertise in the field and willingness to grow helped us improve our skill set. 

The 2010 demerger became a blessing in disguise as it helped us realize our full potential, and by 2015, Seasia was an independent and successful venture.

Our Certifications

In 2007, the company gained the CMMi Level 3 Certification by building process strengths. The certification indicates that an organization functions at a “defined” level.

This level indicates that the processes are well characterized and understood, and the organization has described these processes in standards, procedures, tools, and methods.

We improved our operations after becoming independent and became the first organization in North India to achieve CMMi Level 5 certification in 2013.

It is the topmost level present under certification and is proof that improvement objectives for the organization are established, regularly revised to accommodate any changes in the business goals, and are the baseline criteria for managing process improvement.

Our Current Ethos

At Seasia, we believe in matching all our clients’ implicit and explicit needs and still are working on becoming the most dominant I.T. Software solution company worldwide.  

Our competitive pricing and faster implementation, with high-quality results, contribute to our identity as an organization.

We also ensure integrity in all our company practices with all the stakeholders, including customers, employees, suppliers, investors, and the overall communities.  

We have successfully served national and international clients for the past two decades because we believe in handling every situation truthfully and honestly.

We have built an environment of mutual trust, collaboration, and ethics among the employees. Moreover, our organization thrives on advancing its employees’ knowledge and skill base to help improve the overall growth and development of the company.

A quantitative and qualitative approach to improving our process has helped our organization garner expertise in every aspect. 


Seasia, as an organization, prides itself on being a problem solver. Our clients bring their business issues to us, be it a lack of clients, expensive operations costs, or anything else. We find solutions that can add value to their businesses and offer our clientele a high return on investment.


Our vision for the organization revolves around providing client satisfaction and integrity through our services and building a long-term relationship with every client while offering the best working environment for our employees to become the best I.T. Solutions providers worldwide.

What Makes Seasia a Cut Above the Rest?

Seasia, as a company, originated at a time when I.T. companies were sparse, and the need for their services was increasing. The sheer number of years that the company has survived adds to its value operations and overall function.  

Our expertise and experience in the field, combined with our ethos, set us apart from our competitors and help us maintain the leading position in the I.T. industry.

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