Success Story of Doctor Shaiba, Woman Entrepreneur, Founder of Maneraa

Shaiba and Shabana - co-founder of Maneraa

This is a success story of doctor Shaiba, a dentist by profession, Woman Entrepreneur, Founder of Maneraa.

In 2019, she quit her job for business. She started the eCommerce start-up Maneraa with her sister Shabana Salam & in just one year, she got more than ten thousand orders.   

For the experience in ethnic fashion, she worked with the Dubai-based online aggregator. They made more than 9,000 stock-keeping units (SKU) in just one year.

Shaiba and Shabana have completed around 10,000 orders in the last few months in Kochi, Bengaluru, Pune, Trivandrum, Calicut and other cities.

In the year 2021, on the theme of Made in India, their company aims to on board more than 500 sellers to cater to over two million buyers across India.

Shabana says that the use of internet and smartphones is now increasing rapidly in metro cities as well as in tier two and three cities. Therefore, Manera has a focus in these cities. In beginning they had to face the problem, especially of funds and networks.

However, gradually, with the help of friends and family, the platform started to be recognized. They started star up with the idea of providing market place to small brands.

Before starting Maneraa, they met many small brands and retailers from India. They did not have market exposure despite the ecommerce boom in the country.

Shabana claims that the $ 100 billion Indian fashion retail space comprises 70% of unorganized and unbranded retailers, small brands and unknown designers.

They either have no online presence or are lost among the big names on big platforms. Therefore, their idea was to create a platform for these small brands and budding designers.

They both knew that to compete with Amazon and Myntra, advanced technology is needed.
They received help from family & friend for technology.

They researched properly & then talk to family & friends. Eventually there family friend, Prince Jose, joined hands as a technology partner.

He helped in building platform. Recently, they have a team of 15-people working towards building such a platform. Maneraa’s headquarter is in Pune & they have an office in Kochi.

There challenge is to set up there ecommerce start-up among Myantra, Nykaa Fashion, Limeroad, Amazon Fashion etc.

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So far, they have boosted their start up with a seed investment of Rs. 1-crore. However, now they are looking for funds to scale operations for new projects in 2021.