Top 15 Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India: List of successful Female entrepreneurs

Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India

List of Top 15 Successful Women Entrepreneurs in India

Building a successful business is heavy hard work. Many entrepreneurs are starting their journey. But they have to be quiet in the middle of the trip because of the struggle.

Success does not have any shortcuts, meaning e you have to complete your journey no matter what happens.

There will be many hurdles in the middle of the trip. Some entrepreneurs can deal with the loads, and others can not.

Now I am going to name some of the famous entrepreneurs in India. Who successfully continues their journey? And they are getting a lovely result in the return of their hard work.

15 Top Successful Women Entrepreneurs In India: List of successful Female entrepreneurs

Being a woman is a blessing. You are by birth multi-tasker and when you are selecting the best career path for you. Success will come to your doorstep.

Here are the names of 15 successful women entrepreneurs in India who are making their dreams come true. And their organizations are now achieving sky-high success.

1. Aditi Gupta:

Aditi Gupta
Aditi Gupta, Menstrupedia Founder
  • Achievement: The Co-founder of Menstrupedia
  • Founding Year: 2012

Aditi Gupta’s name always comes at the top of the famous social entrepreneurs lists. She was an author and co-founder of the comic Menstrupedia.In 2012 she and her husband started this comic.

2. Basudha Shrivastav:

  • Achievement: ExpressEarth Digital Services
  • Founding Year: 2015

Basudha Shrivastav is the co-founded of  Expres Earth Digital services. This is a travel agency which is taking care of your emergency travel needs. He found this company with his schoolmate Himanshu Narula.

3. Chitra Gurnani Daga:

  • Achievement: Co-founder of Thrillophilia
  • Founding Year: 2009

Chitra Gurani Daga is a co-founded of Thrillophilia. And she started her business venture with her husband, Abhishek Daga. This passionate business entrepreneur is also an alumna of the Indian School of Business.

4. Falguni Nayar:

Falguni-Nayar - The Founder and CEO of Nykaa
  • Achievement: Founder of Nykaa
  • Founding Year: 2008

Falguni is the founder of She was experienced in the financial sector. After quitting her job, she started her entrepreneur journey.

The success story is very fast. You can see how fast this application gained popularity. This is the reason you must take the time management tips from her personal blog.

5. Isha Choudhry:

  • Achievement: Co-Founder of ZoloStays
  • Founding Year: 2015

Zolo Stays helping and guiding the students to find accommodation and food. Zolo was founded in Bangalore in 2015.

Every student is thinking about the place and the accommodations during the relaxation. And this application will solve all your headaches.

6. Radhika Ghai Aggarwal:

Radhika Aggarwal
  • Achievement: Co-Founder & CMO of
  • Founding Year: 2011

Radhika Ghai Aggrawal has started the company Shopclues. She was experienced in different sectors like retail, public relationship, and e-commerce. Shopechues is first offering utility items for the kitchens.

7. Ritu Kumar:

Ritu Kumar
  • Achievement: Fashion designer
  • Founding Year: 1969

Today all know her name. She is one of the top few fashion designers in India. Ritu Kumar started her career as a fashion designer in 1969 with bridal collections.

She focuses on traditional printing, natural fabrics, and weaving. She and her son jointly launched the sub-brand of the company in 2002.

8. Vandana Luthra

Vandana Luthra – The Founder of VLCC
Vandana Luthra – The Founder of VLCC
  • Achievement: Founder Of VLCC
  • Founding Year:1989

Vandana Luthra first founded this company in 1989 as a wellness center. She is one of the first Indian women entrepreneurs.

The challenge was very tough. Hence at that time, there were very few women entrepreneurs. But she was the winner by the end. Now everyone is well aware of her brand.

9. Shradha Sharma

  • Achievement: Founder And CEO of YourStory
  • Founding Year:2008

Shradha Sharma was the Founder and CEO of YourStory. She started this show from CNBC in Mumbai. She interviewed many entrepreneurs in her show. And this show is starting to broadcast millions of success stories.

10.  Upasana Taku

  • Achievement: Founder Of Mobikwik
  • Founding Year:2009

Upasana Taku is the Founder of Mobikwik. Mobiwik is an easy replacement for your wallet. MobiKwik is an Indian payments application.

You can get the option to access digital credit and deliver stable financial security. You can get any financial services just by clicking a few buttons.

11. Divya Gokulnath:

Divya Gokulnath - co-founder of Byju
  • Achievement: Co-founder Of BYJU’S
  • Founding Year:2011

BYJU’S have made rational changes in the history of the education world. We all know Byju’s is an educational platform.

From class 1 to competitive examinations entrances. You can take the tuition from her, and students are always learning something new from these platforms.

12. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw:

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw - Chairperson and Managing Director of Biocon Ltd
  • Achievement: Founder of Biocon Limited
  • Founding Year: 1978

Biocon is a Bangalore-based biotechnology company. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw is the sitting chairperson and managing director of Biocon Limited.

This is a biotechnology company in India. Now she is one of the most influential people in the world. She is one of the most promising global thought leaders in the biotechnology industry.

13. Malini Agarwal:

  • Achievement: Founder, Creative Director of Miss Malini
  • Founding Year: 2011

Miss Malini is the founder and creative director of her company Miss Malini. She is now the most influential young woman in India.  She is a best-selling author and a successful digital influencer.

14.  Meghna Agarwal:

Meghna Agarwal
  • Achievement: Co-Founder of IndiQube
  • Founding Year: 2015

Megha Agarwal has over 14 years of expertise in HR. She started the chain of coworking spaces to provide food and accommodations to the entrepreneurs.In 2018, IndiQube got funding of $ 15 million.

15.  Naiyya Saggi:

  • Achievement: Founder Of Babychakra
  • Founding Year: 2015

Now baby chakra is one of the most popular parenting applications in India. Naiyya Saggi is the co-founder of this application. They gave multiple important products and services to the parents.


Success does not come within weeks or months. Everyone requires a very stable time frame to shine. But once you are starting your journey, you must complete your journey and face the challenges.

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The more you meet the business challenges, you will be much more experienced in the future. This is the list of most successful women entrepreneurs of 2022. Go through the business journey, and you will know how to overcome the business obstacles.