Interview with Sukanya Bhataacharya, entrepreneur & Founder of Prathaa

Sukanya Bhataacharya

An exclusive interview with Sukanya Bhataacharya, Founder of Prathaa

In the realm of handcrafted women’s fashion accessories, Sukanya Bhattacharya stands as a beacon of creativity and entrepreneurship. As the founder of Prathaa, her passion for blending tradition with contemporary aesthetics has given rise to a brand that resonates with women seeking unique and elegant accessories.

Sukanya’s journey is a testament to her unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, sustainability, and the empowerment of skilled artisans. In this exclusive interview, we delve into the inspiration behind Prathaa, the challenges and triumphs along the way, and the vision that propels Sukanya to redefine the landscape of women’s fashion accessories.

What inspired you to establish Prathaa and how does the brand reflect the essence of India’s textile heritage and craftsmanship? 

Sukanya Bhataacharya: My love for travel and exploration, combined with a deep respect for Indian Art, Weaves, and the incredible talent behind them, serves as the cornerstone for Prathaa . 

Prathaa stands out for its fusion of contemporary fashion with traditional weaves. Could you elaborate on how you blend modernity with the rich historical inheritance of Indian textiles in your designs? 

Sukanya Bhataacharya: Prathaa is deeply anchored in traditional values, drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of our heritage. However, our commitment to welcoming change and embracing innovation is evident in the way we infuse contemporary elements into our designs.

This delicate balance results in a collection that seamlessly marries the timeless allure of traditional weaves with the freshness of modern fashion, creating a unique and captivating aesthetic.

Your background spans corporate experience in marketing and communications. How have these experiences influenced your approach to building and nurturing Prathaa as a brand?

Sukanya Bhataacharya: Driven by curiosity, I envisioned Prathaa as a platform for cultivating a mindful community. A customer-centric approach guides the brand, where I actively listen to needs and offer relevant solutions, seamlessly integrating my love for interactions and continuous learning.

In essence, Prathaa’s brand-building journey is nurtured by combining corporate expertise with a genuine passion for creativity, ethical values, and a profound connection to India’s cultural and natural heritage.

The ethos of Prathaa revolves around the notion of “Look Good, Feel Better.” How does this philosophy resonate through your designs and resonate with your target audience?

Sukanya Bhataacharya: At Prathaa, our philosophy of “Look Good, Feel Better” is a two-way street – our designs are crafted not just to make you look good but also to enhance how you feel. It’s about more than aesthetics; it’s about comfort, beauty, and confidence.

Our clothing is meticulously designed to make you feel more comfortable, more beautiful, and ultimately more confident. We believe that when you feel great in what you wear, it radiates through your confidence and empowers you in every aspect of your life.

This ethos is woven into every stitch, aiming not only to create visually appealing designs but also to uplift and empower the wearer, making them feel their absolute best.

Could you share some insights into how Prathaa ensures ethical practices and fair dealings with artisans, customers, vendors, and employees, maintaining a sense of good karma within the brand’s ethos? 

Sukanya Bhataacharya: Prathaa upholds ethical practices by prioritizing fair dealings with artisans, offering transparent collaborations, and ensuring just compensation. Transparency extends to customers, building trust through open communication and incorporating feedback.

The brand values fair and timely transactions with vendors, fostering trust-based partnerships. This commitment also extends to employees, providing a supportive work environment and fair remuneration.

Rooted in a sense of good karma, Prathaa aims to positively impact both artisan communities and the broader world, aligning practices with values of sustainability, integrity, and compassion.

Your childhood experiences and love for nature are highlighted as sources of inspiration. How do these personal elements reflect in the designs and overall narrative of Prathaa’s collections? 

Sukanya Bhataacharya: Prathaa draws inspiration from the dynamic tapestry of my upbringing. Rooted in childhood influences and a deep connection to nature, Prathaa’s core design language reflects a love for handloom cotton, weaves, and creativity. 

Sukanya Bhattacharya’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to preserving traditional craftsmanship shine through in every meticulously crafted piece at Prathaa. Through this enlightening interview, we’ve gained insights into the passion and purpose that drive Sukanya to create a brand that not only offers exquisite accessories but also fosters sustainable and ethical practices.

As Prathaa continues to make waves in the world of fashion, Sukanya’s journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and advocates of timeless elegance. The fusion of tradition and modernity embodied by Prathaa reflects not only in the accessories but in Sukanya’s unwavering commitment to making a meaningful impact.

With a visionary leader like Sukanya Bhattacharya at the helm, Prathaa is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of women’s fashion garments.

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