Entrepreneur Success Story Of Supam Maheshwari Co-Founder Of FirstCry

Supam Maheshwari - FirstCry
Supam Maheshwari: Co-Founder Of FirstCry

Inspirational Facts about Supam Maheshwari

Supam Maheshwari is a wealth creator by his excellent entrepreneurship. Nothing like most of the highly qualified who initially decide on for high paid job, while Supam had immediately began in the entrepreneurship journey.  

Supam Maheshwari is Co-Founder of FirstCry. FirstCry is the largest baby as well as mother care online and offline retailer in India. He is also the co-founder of XpressBees – the largest logistics company in India.

He was the only one in his relatives to challenge for acquiring into entrepreneurship with Brainvisa, well Firstcry was full of struggle that he was experiencing individually at the time of he was about to be a father.

His first company was a Brainvisa technology and it’s the largest e-learning company in India. Brainvisa was an E-learning company which had been concentrated on supporting businesses around the world to boost the education and instruction effectiveness.

It’s succeeded by systematic organized end-to-end education solutions. Later, Brainvisa was acquired by Indecomm Global for $25 million in 2007.

Supam Maheshwari was the foremost in the industry to permit other retailers to sell on his online portal. This development was afterwards continued by everybody else.

He closed down company Goodlife.com in 2013 as it didn’t return much as expected before.

Supam has enormous intelligence of thoughtful and knew that folks like better buying babies, kids and children clothes, that’s what the reason he prolonged the online commerce to offline form also.

FirstCry has been honoured as “Largely Admired Online Site” (2013) because of Supam’s ventures and strong-minded hard works.

Supam Maheshwari Education

Schooling: Apeejay School
Graduation: Delhi College of Engineering, B.E. Mechanical (1991-95)
Post-Graduation: IIM, Ahmedabad, PGDM (1995-97)

Here are the Interesting Initial Phases of the FirstCry and its formation

At some stage in his working days of Brainvisa, Supam became a father and his occupation needed him to journey a lot to Abroad.

Therefore very often, he carried many of the stuffs for his new born baby girl as the worth of products obtainable in a foreign country could be trustworthy and because some of them did not exist in local market.

During these days, E-commerce was not well-accepted shopping destination. Joint business for only kid’s stuff was something like fifty thousand crores at that moment.

This had materialized to him not only as a prospect but necessitates as valuable and trustful products for kids was a requirement for all parent.

Now when Supam Maheshwari moved out of Brainvisa, he commenced finding stuffs for his daughter and not able to find for what exactly he was looking for.

That is when he understood that, there was an enormous requirement and delivery fissure in the local bazaar for new born babies, kids and children oriented brands.

So the inspiration had straight away developed into very perceptible to him. He wanted to build an e-commerce entity which could carry trouble-free access of superior baby and kids products for the parents.

Supam Maheshwari wanted to make available huge selection but with first-class quality. He wanted to link between the Indian parents and his business model.

Once all that was managed properly, Supam along with his friend Amitava Saha and with beginning capital of Rs. 2.5 Crores., rose from personal resources and friends, started BrainBees Solutions.

And then under the wings of BrainBees, they Launched Firstcry.com in 2010.

Successive Pathway of FirstCry

2010 Establishment of FirstCry and operating commerce on an inventory control system management.

Four storehouses functioning in Pune, Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata were for huge stock management. Profits were reaching to the top level, as big as yearly about Rs. 100 crores.

2012 FirstCry started its foremost sell shop.

2014 Retailers could sell their products online by getting it listed on FirstCry. Six hundred nationalized and worldwide brands were on the project with FirstCry.

2014 FirstCry initiated its earliest in-house brand name – BabyHug especially for apparels and Cute Walk for footwear.

2015 Engaged in the company of six thousand hospitals and provided a FirstCry motherhood box to women who have given birth.

In point of fact, this was a brilliant selling strategy. More than seventy thousand parents received and happily involved with FirstCry this way.

2016 Bought Mahindra’s Baby endeavour is called as a BabyOye.

And, now

Today Firstcry has gone on to turn out to be the biggest online shopping website for kids, expecting mothers, new born babies and children in Asia.

The members of staff strength of FirstCry are being over 1200. The business has obtained six rounds of financial support turn over currently amounting to $65 million roughly.

Firstcry has 20 million families with them, more than 2, 00,000 products along with 5800 brands, 400+ shopping stores across India and its India’s largest community for parents.

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