Surrogacy in the Netherlands- guaranteed childbirth in the Netherlands


Are you looking for an authentic surrogacy clinic and want to carry your procedure with all authentic means? You are definitely at the right spot as the Feskov fertility clinic helps couples, single men and single women have their child of their own through surrogacy.

Do you want to have the child birth process in the leihmutterschaft niederlande? There is no issue with that as of now you have a guaranteed childbirth in the netherlands.

Moreover, you can surely obtain a legal birth certificate with a quite simple process for child legalization.

Surrogacy cost in Netherlands

The estimated surrogacy cost in the Netherlands is €90,000. The surrogacy costs cover different expenses including the surrogate mother’s.

Furthermore, there are different types of services that the Feskov fertility clinic has to offer to its clients. Following awesome of the services that the clinic offer:

●  Legal support

●  Birth of a healthy child

●  Full risk coverage

●  Gender identification

●  Stress free solution for the clients from Holland and other european unions.

International surrogacy program in the netherlands

The Netherlands is an incredible country by its living standard. Moreover, the country has an extravagant health system too.

Besides, there are many married couples who can not have a child of their own and can surely opt for surrogacy in the Netherlands to have their own child.

In addition, with good research you can surely find the best surrogacy clinic or agency in the Netherlands.

Although surrogacy in the Netherlands is not that common nor is it the hub of surrogacy, still people can opt for the process. Also, the surrogacy process is only available for altruistic reasons.

Become a parent in Netherlands through unique offerings

Feskov fertility clinic has some unique offerings for the couples from the Netherlands. The surrogate mother from Ukraine is offered for childbirth in the Netherlands.

Moreover, the surrogacy cost in Ukraine is not that high as it is the hub of surrogacy and one gets the best surrogacy procedure at the minimal cost.

Furthermore, Ukraine falls under the list of the countries that have some favorable laws regarding surrogacy.

In addition, the state is highly responsible to take care of the rights of all the parties involved in the process. There is no way that the genetic parent’s or newborn’s rights are exploited.

Legality of surrogacy in the Netherlands

Surrogacy is publically not allowed in the Netherlands as one can carry out the process through someone they know or acquaintances.

Moreover, the potential parents can also not declare that they are seeking a surrogate even on social media.

Surrogacy in the Netherlands is associated with different costs including the costs of a surrogate mother.

Hence the prospective parents need to carry out good planning before opting for the surrogacy process.


Surrogacy is a process carried out in different countries. The legality of the process varies from country to country. In this article, our main focus was on surrogacy in the Netherlands.

In addition, choosing the right surrogate mother is crucial. It is because she must be able to qualify the prerequisites and meet your expectations. Last but not the least, the overall cost of surrogacy in the Netherlands is €90,000.

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