Sustainable Fashion Meets Sustainable Beauty With Rahul Mishra’s Couture Fall Collection and asa beauty at Paris Haute Couture Week 2021

asa beauty for Rahul Mishra Couture Collection 2021 at Paris Fashion Week

8th July 2021, India: asa, India’s first luxury clean beauty brand with products that are more than 92% natural, vegan, refillable and sustainable has collaborated as a beauty partner with renowned Couture designer, Rahul Mishra, for his Couture Fall 2021/2022 collection- ‘The Shape of Air’ at Paris Haute Couture Week on 7th July 2021. 

With a vision to create a world of conscious consumerism and lead the well-informed global Indian woman to choose a purposeful life, asa is moving in the right direction of ‘Clean Awakening’.

The brand is not just careful about the ingredients that go into their products, but also focuses on how they are formulated, packaged, shipped and eventually how they can be absorbed back into the environment which circles back to the thought process and ideology imbibed by fashion designer, Rahul Mishra.

This collection showcased by Rahul Mishra renders artistic expression in couture. A recollection of the overall experience, of how a physical space is perceived by the eyes and felt by a soul.

Five elements, all containing, form a physical space when combined together in right proportions—earth, water, fire, air and space.

The city of Santorini, Greece is used as inspiration. Intricate details rendered in hand embroidery—hand cut and individually tacked on the bright hued, ombre surfaces. Pinched, gathered and sheered lengths of tulle representing air and water in their different interpretations gives volume and movement to the otherwise sculptural silhouettes.

Some of the other applications include dramatic draping of sheer fabric, so as to create a fluid bubble around the garments.

The products used included shades of pressed Powder Foundations, Easy-Blend Concealers, Finishing Powder, Cream Correctors and Luminising Powder.

For the lips, the range consisted of Hydra Matte lipsticks, Crème Lipsticks, Lip & Cheek Tint and the Everyday Mascara for the eyes. 

Paying homage to Rahul Mishra’s inspiring collection, asa beauty is extending their offerings with the launch of a new eyeliner range and also some extension shades of the top selling Easy-Blend concealers, powder foundation and the Cult favourite lip & Cheek Tints. 

Commenting on the association, Founder Asha Jindal Khaitan said, “We completely resonate with Rahul Mishra’s commitment to creating a brand that is conscious about its impact on its ecosystem.

Rahul’s nature-inspired work showcasing Indian artisans, wins our heart as the asa range is more than 92% Natural and also exclusively created for the global Indian. 

To have joined hands for this digital show with Rahul and give a little sneak-peak of our upcoming products is a matter of pride for us at asa. The amalgamation of two different industries, merging into one, for a cause they believe in, is beautiful!”

Co-Founder Sukriti Jindal-Khaitan said, “We are thrilled to be joining hands with Haute couture designer Rahul Mishra, and walk the path of Conscious Consumerism together.

Proudly Indian, asa prides itself in being India’s first Luxury Clean beauty brand founded on the three pillars of Purposeful Beauty, Purposeful Living, and Purposeful luxury.

Our core philosophy of Clean Awakening resonates with Rahul’s mission to create Sustainable solutions that are not only carefully crafted but also create a movement of conscious actions

Rahul Mishra, Indian Fashion Designer commented, “It is a pleasure for us, at Rahul Mishra to have joined hands with asa beauty, for realising our vision through this campaign.

Their philosophies of clean, sustainable and environmentally conscious beauty resonate with our intentions of cultivating slow and mindful luxury.

We find organic synergy with our efforts towards advocating thoughtful consumption and simplistic beauty and are honoured to present  a stronger, collective voice emerging from the homeland, to our global audience

asa has proved that it is more than just a beauty brand and able to become experts in mindful living and wellness through such an activity. Their brand pillars of Purposeful Luxury, Purposeful Beauty and Purposeful Living bring to you a balanced and a gratifying experience. 

About Rahul Mishra

The first Indian designer to showcase Paris Haute Couture Week champion slow fashion with traditional Indian crafts.

With two flagship stores in India and a thriving national and international distribution channel, their eponymous label finds its origins in the idea of ​​sustainability that presents fashion as a tool to partner and empower India’s local craft community.

The purpose of the brand defines the process. The slow moving process of hand weaving and hand embroidery allows to build a sustainable livelihood for over 1000 artisans.

Fashion critic and former international fashion editor of Vogue, Suzy Menkes, who is an ardent follower of the brand’s work, considers Rahul a “national treasure”, while the late Franca Sozzani described her as “successfully embodying the best and strangest features of her motherland”.

The design house which works on the philosophy of 3E – Environment, Employment and Empowerment, aims to see luxury through the lens of participatory and not just consumption.

About asa

India’s first luxury beauty brand, with over 92% natural, refillable, vegan and sustainable products that look at beauty through the lens of conscious living and wellness.

A brand that brings together a formulation for the global Indian, the pursuit of purposeful luxury – a lifestyle that breeds goodness, with a brand that nurtures it.

With asa’s ‘Swachh Jagriti’ movement, the brand aims to create a beauty experience for the global Indian that they have always wanted but never fully experienced.

Catalyst in creating a more conscious way of being, asa goes beyond the notion of traditional beauty to create a world that is designed to continually give back.

The face range of products includes shades of Pressed Powder Foundation, Easy-Blend Concealer, Finishing Powder, Cream Correctors and Luminizing Powder.

For lips, there is a range of Hydra Matte Lipsticks, Crème Lipsticks and exclusive Lip and Cheek Tints. And above all, there is an everyday kajal for the eyes. The entire brand range is available across, Nykaa and all major e-commerce retailer platforms.

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The makeup ranges from INR 1750 to INR 2900 while the refills range from INR 1250 to INR 2450. A lifestyle that begets goodness, with a brand that accentuates it.