Revolutionizing Marketing: A Conversation with Tamanna Gupta, Virtual CMO of Umanshi Marketing

Tamanna Gupta

Navigating the Digital Landscape: Insights from Tamanna Gupta, Virtual CMO of Umanshi Marketing

Welcome to this exclusive interview with Tamanna Gupta, Virtual CMO of Umanshi Marketing. With a trailblazing career in the world of marketing, Tamanna has carved a niche for herself as a strategic visionary, driving success for brands with her innovative approaches.

As the driving force behind Umanshi Marketing’s digital prowess, Tamanna has revolutionized the way brands connect with their audience and achieve remarkable results in the competitive landscape.

In this candid conversation, we delve into Tamanna’s remarkable journey, her insights on effective marketing strategies, and her vision for the future of the industry.

Can you provide us with an overview of Umanshi Marketing and its unique approach to supporting startups, SMBs, and the social sector in their marketing efforts?

Tamanna Gupta: Umanshi Marketing is a boutique marketing agency that specializes in supporting startups, SMBs, and the social sector in their marketing efforts.

Our unique approach stems from our deep understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced by these sectors.

One of the key aspects of our approach is our focus on delivering meaningful and measurable results. We believe that marketing should go beyond mere visibility and branding.

It should drive tangible outcomes such as increased sales, enhanced brand credibility, visibility among investor community, lead generation, customer engagement, and social impact.

This approach sets us apart from other agencies, as we are committed to delivering real value and return on investment for our clients.

To further differentiate ourselves, we work as an outsourced marketing team deploying marketing tools across the traditional, digital or hybrid spectrum.

What inspired you to focus on these specific sectors, and what is your vision behind providing marketing services tailored to their needs?

Tamanna Gupta: Our inspiration to focus on these specific sectors comes from the recognition of their immense potential and the need for specialized marketing support.

Startups are the engines of innovation and disruption, and they require strategic marketing to establish their brand presence and gain market share.

SMBs, being the backbone of the economy, need targeted marketing to compete with larger players and achieve sustainable growth.

The social sector plays a vital role in addressing societal challenges, and effective marketing is essential to raise awareness, attract support, and drive social impact.

Our vision behind providing marketing services tailored to these sectors is to democratize marketing and make it accessible to all, regardless of their size or budget.

By focusing on startups, SMBs, and the social sector, we aim to level the playing field and empower them to succeed through impactful marketing campaigns.

Startups, SMBs, and the social sector often have limited resources and budgets for marketing. How does Umanshi Marketing address these challenges and provide effective and affordable marketing solutions?

Tamanna Gupta: We have successfully addressed the limited resource challenges by providing effective and affordable marketing solutions.

A prime example is our work with ‘Stevia based’, a D2C brand operating in a crowded market. Despite having limited budgets, we leveraged the power of their existing customer base by implementing strategies such as reselling and subscription models.

By turning a one-time purchase into a long-term agreement, we achieved over 35% customer retention. We also optimized their current resources and set up cost-effective marketing channels such as email marketing leading to an increased customer lifetime value by 520%.

Our approach demonstrates that it is possible to achieve remarkable results by leveraging existing customer sets and optimizing resources, without the need for expensive campaigns or targeting new audiences.

In your experience, what are some common marketing challenges faced by startups, SMBs, and the social sector, and how does Umanshi Marketing help them overcome these challenges?

Tamanna Gupta: In our experience, startups, SMBs, and the social sector often face common marketing challenges such as identifying the right marketing approach and tools to solve their business problems.

Also, straightforward or piecemeal marketing solutions may not solve their problems. At Umanshi Marketing, we understand that these businesses need a comprehensive ecosystem to deliver marketing solutions and even reap its benefits. Umanshi creates and delivers this ecosystem!

A prime example is our work with a Chennai-based tradigital logistics firm. As a new company in a competitive industry, they faced the challenge of building trust and attracting talent.

We identified LinkedIn as the right platform to reach their target audience and positioned the brand as the new frontier for digital logistics.

By leveraging the platform’s features and developing engaging content, we successfully attracted 10 times more job applications, organically.

How do you approach developing marketing strategies for these sectors? Can you describe the process of understanding their unique target audiences and tailoring marketing campaigns to resonate with them?

Tamanna Gupta: At Umanshi Marketing, we approach developing marketing strategies for startups, SMBs, and the social sector by placing a strong emphasis on understanding their unique target audiences, going to the level of micro-segmentation and marrying the product proposition with it.

We believe that effective marketing begins with a deep understanding of the customer’s preferences, aspirations, and pain points.

One example is our work with ‘The House of Misal’, a quick-service restaurant in Mumbai. They faced the challenge of reviving the lost love for misal and making it the go-to dish for younger audience.

To attract large footfalls, we positioned traditional misal as a quirky and new-age dish for millennials. We created a captivating campaign called “Aai Shapath 18+ Misal” and spread the word using their favourite medium: Instagram and Facebook.

For mass and organic reach, we engaged nano influencers to generate momentum, followed by collaborations with larger influencers such as ‘Curly Tales’ and ‘Things To Do In Mumbai’.

Our viral campaign gained significant traction, garnering millions of views and engagements across various platforms.

We leveraged GMB to create solid social proof and UGC. As a result, ‘The House of Misal’ experienced a remarkable 700%+ increase in sales, with 7 franchises and became one of the top five misal eateries in Mumbai in less than a year.

6.  In the social sector, impact measurement and communicating the organization’s mission are crucial. How does Umanshi Marketing assist organizations in the social sector in effectively conveying their message and showcasing their impact?

Umanshi Marketing recognizes the importance of impact measurement and effective communication of an organization’s mission in the social sector.

We are committed to assisting organizations in effectively conveying their message and showcasing their impact through our comprehensive support programs.

One of our key initiatives is capacity building for sales and marketing within the social sector. We collaborate with social impact accelerators and conduct GTM (Go-To-Market) workshops, where we empower organizations with the necessary tools and knowledge to amplify their message.

These workshops cover various topics, including leveraging the power of social media, transforming their website into a salesperson, crafting compelling vision and mission statements, and deploying customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

By equipping organizations with these skills and strategies, we enable them to effectively communicate their mission and showcase their impact.

We believe that a strong sales and marketing foundation is crucial for social organizations to reach their target audience, attract funding, and create sustainable change.

Through our capacity building programs, we empower these organizations to maximize their outreach, engage with stakeholders, and effectively convey their message to create a lasting impact.

With the rapid advancement of digital marketing and technology, what are some of the key trends and opportunities that you see emerging for startups, SMBs, and the social sector? How does Umanshi Marketing stay ahead of these trends to provide cutting-edge marketing solutions?

Tamanna Gupta: One key trend we observe is the increasing importance of marketing technology (MarTech). By integrating MarTech solutions such as CRM systems, email automation, and conversational AI, we streamline marketing processes and enhance customer engagement for our clients.

We also recognize the growing significance of personalized marketing and targeted campaigns. Leveraging data and advanced analytics, we help businesses understand their target audiences better and create personalized experiences to drive meaningful engagement.

With the rapid advancement of digital marketing and technology, Umanshi Marketing stays ahead of the trends to provide startups, SMBs, and the social sector with cutting-edge marketing solutions.

We actively attend conferences, seminars, and industry events to stay updated on the latest developments and emerging opportunities in the marketing landscape.

What is your success tips for women entrepreneurs

Tamanna Gupta: I firmly believe that success in entrepreneurship is not defined by gender. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, the key to success lies in being resilient and relentless.

Overcoming biases and facing challenges head-on, women entrepreneurs have the power to conquer even the tallest mountains.

As Eleanor Roosevelt once said, “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.”

This quote beautifully captures the essence of women entrepreneurs. It emphasizes the strength, determination, and resilience that women possess, which often goes unrecognized until they are faced with challenging situations.

My advice to women entrepreneurs is to believe in themselves, embrace their unique strengths, and never give up.

Surround yourself with a supportive network, seek out mentors who can guide you on your journey, and stay committed to continuous learning and personal growth.

Remember, you have the power to achieve greatness and make a significant impact in the world of entrepreneurship.

As we conclude this captivating conversation with Tamanna Gupta, Virtual CMO of Umanshi Marketing, we are left in awe of her profound knowledge and expertise in the marketing domain.

Her dedication to innovation, strategic thinking, and ability to create impactful campaigns set her apart as a true leader in the field.

With her at the helm, Umanshi Marketing continues to empower brands, driving them towards unparalleled success in the digital world.

Tamanna’s visionary approach and relentless pursuit of excellence inspire us to embrace creativity and evolve with the ever-changing marketing landscape.

We extend our gratitude to Tamanna for sharing her invaluable insights, and we eagerly look forward to witnessing the continued impact of her marketing prowess in the industry.

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