Tania Nijhawan, Founder, Fork n Spoon under the aegis of Nijhawan Group & Nuts 4 Us

Tania Nijhawan - Founder - Fork n Spoon & Nuts 4 Us

Tania Nijhawan, Founder, Fork n Spoon & Nuts 4 Us

Dr. Tania Nijhawan, Director Nijhawan Group , is a widely respected persona in the health and wellness industry for her track record of conceiving and launching successful health and hospitality brands.

Tania has completed her BDS (Bachelors of Dental Science) from Dr. D. Y. Patil Dental College, specializing in Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry.

Dr. Tania experienced a massive drive and focuses during her young age and envisioned her passion for becoming a cosmetic dentist.

Her entrepreneur skills have led to a growth of her entrepreneurial venture in the health and hospitality arena. Tania is responsible for the hospitality and retail vertical of the Nijhawan group as well.

Dr. Tania further ventured into the business field and selected the food sector as a point of focus under the banner of ‘Fork N Spoon’ under the aegis of Nijhawan Group.

It represents a new wave of catering services that transcends a life event into a surreal experience of a lifetime.

In a short span of three years Fork N Spoon has become a brand in itself. The innovative and enthusiastic culinary artists are constantly involved in managing up to 5000 people in one event.

After receiving great success and acclaim at ‘Fork N Spoon’ Dr. Tania has forayed further with  founding the brand ‘Nuts For Us’. . Dry Fruits have been known as superfoods since time eternal. ‘Nuts 4 Us’ is a luxury retail brand for premium dry fruits from around the globe and pure oils.

Nuts 4 Us is a premium quality dry Fruits, nuts, and 100% Pure Cold-Pressed oils to the luxury retail market.

Tania Nijhawan along with her sister leads this venture with an amalgamation of accumulated knowledge and experience of over 130 years from their family.

Carefully curated range of premium quality dry fruits and nuts are sourced and handpicked from the country of their origin.

Our philosophy of ‘source to skin’ is embodied in our cold-pressed oils of these dry fruits, which are 100% natural, pure, preservative and pesticide-free. They have been successful in formulating dry fruits to cater to the growing every day healthy needs of the people.

Tania Nijhawan firmly believes it is their responsibility and duty to share and promote a healthy lifestyle for all customers.

Thus, the dry fruit and oils from Nuts 4 Us are crafted to the highest quality standards for the health, wellness, and beauty of their customers.

Nuts 4 Us offers a range of Pure products for better wellbeing. Apart from sourcing the most premium quality products, Dr. Tania Nijhawan strives to educate customers on matters of health and nutrition. Their selection of dry fruits, nuts, and essential oils is preservative free and contains no GMOs and gluten.

The premium selection of delicious dry fruits and nuts is sourced fresh from farmlands all around the world and packed with vitamins and minerals which helps you strike a rare balance between flavor and health.

Likewise, our versatile cold-pressed essential oils are extracted using heat-free methods which gives them longer shelf life and more nutrition content.

Dr. Tania Nijhawan believes that individual characteristics are important but what is more important is bringing in a larger and more experienced team.

Everyone wants to be successful in their business, giving their best quality products and excellent services to delight their customers.

For that, the company’s teams are their backbone for this. Businesses need strong teams that work smartly with excellence.

Without a talented team, you’re just the walking dead without the motor skills to get you where you want to go.

Tania has also received various  AWARDS and ACCOLADES:

• Most innovative Caterers in 2015 by Wedding Mantra
• India Hospitality Award in 2016 (Best Catering Company)
• Ravishing Design Awards 2017
• Best promising partner in 2017 by Benetton
• Achievement in Impossible is Nothing, 2012 by Adidas

About Nijhawan Group

With over 40 years of experience in India, Nijhawan Group is one of the leading travel groups and has the widest diversity of organizations within the travel industry.

The Nijhawan Group has a history of successful business partnerships with major airlines and hotels. In fact, the company has successfully represented British Airways for 34 years, and has been with a range of major international airlines for decades.

The food sector does not face the challenge of digitization and hence further, Nijhawan Group has diversified into the food sector with the name of Fork n Spoon.

It represents a new wave of catering services that has transformed a once-in-a-lifetime event into a surreal experience of a lifetime, with over 1000+ events.

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Innovative and enthusiastic culinary artists are constantly involved in managing 5000 people in a single event. There are 250+ employees in the retail and food sector and hence the number increases to 1200 in the group.