Interview with Tanya Mehra: Instagram Mom Blogger & Influencer, Certified in Child Nutrition & Yoga

Tanya Mehra

An exclusive interview with Tanya Mehra, Instagram Mom Blogger & Influencer, Certified in Child Nutrition & Yoga

In today’s interview, we have the pleasure of delving into the world of Tanya Mehra, a remarkable Instagram Mom Blogger and Influencer. With a unique blend of expertise in child nutrition, nutrition, and yoga, Tanya has not only captured the hearts of her followers but has also become a trusted source of knowledge and inspiration for parents around the world.

Her journey is a testament to the power of passion, dedication, and a genuine commitment to helping others lead healthier, more balanced lives. Join us as we sit down with Tanya Mehra to learn more about her remarkable career and the valuable insights she has to offer in the fields of parenting, nutrition, and holistic wellness.

Can you share with us the journey that led you to become a certified child nutritionist and a renowned Instagram Mom Blogger? What inspired you to pursue these roles?

Tanya Mehra: To be completely honest, everything happened by chance. I started this page on a friend’s suggestion, who noticed my passion for my child and my willingness to go to great lengths to provide her with the best.

Taking up this course was simply driven by my desire to offer the healthiest meals to my child. Little did I know that sharing my personal experiences would resonate so deeply with other mothers. To my surprise, I reached 5k followers within the first three months, and from that point on, there was no looking back.

Balancing a career, being a single mom, and maintaining an active presence on social media can be challenging. How do you manage these responsibilities, and what tips do you have for other single parents trying to find balance?

Tanya Mehra: It is indeed challenging, and I won’t deny that. However, the love and affection I receive from others motivate me to be there every single time. Balancing everything is something I’ve learned over time. It has been tough, but I must say, I have a great support system in my parents, grandparents, and our helper (the important pillars) that enables me to manage everything effectively.

Many of your followers refer to you as the “Google of Child Care.” What key principles or advice do you consistently share with parents regarding child nutrition and care?

Tanya Mehra: Ha ha ha! I don’t know why they refer to me like that. I simply post every question that comes to mind as a mother. That’s all. There is no extra content, just all the questions I have and all the things that Noor and I experience together.

Yoga and fitness are essential components of your lifestyle. How have these practices benefited you personally, and how do you encourage others to incorporate them into their daily routines?

Tanya Mehra: Personally, workouts have kept me sane. You see, I’ve had a challenging time being a single mom, raising her alone, and so on, but workouts serve as my outlet to stay calm and release stress. I encourage all moms to engage in one form or another, be it yoga, gym workouts, pilates, or even walking, to carve out that “me time” for your body, mind, and soul.

Early childhood development is a crucial focus of your content. Could you share some practical strategies or activities that parents can implement to support their child’s growth and learning during their formative years?

Tanya Mehra: I believe in four foundational pillars for any child’s growth: Routine, Nutrition, outdoor play, indoor quality time, and lots of love. During the formative years, a child needs to have a routine. Without knowing what they will be doing next, it is very difficult for them to adjust. I simply ensure that Noor gets the right balance of these four things, and that’s all. It’s not rocket science, right?

As a certified nutritionist, you emphasize the importance of nutritious foods. What are some common misconceptions about child nutrition, and how can parents make informed choices when it comes to their children’s diets?

Tanya Mehra: Oh! There are a lot of misconceptions, especially in India, where every parent tends to overfeed their child. It’s not that simple. Trust me, you need to establish a refined sugar-free foundation to ensure they have better growth. Even if they explore different diets as they grow, they will eventually come back to their roots, and those roots need to be established by us— the “Parents.”

Lastly, what future plans or projects do you have in mind to continue inspiring and guiding your followers in their journey towards wellness in all aspects of life?

Tanya Mehra: In the future, I want to focus primarily on nutrition as it forms the foundation of everything we do. We are all aware that food is evolving, nutritional values are changing, and our relationship with food is evolving too.

I aspire to continue contributing to a healthy lifestyle and offering parenting tips because my world begins with Noor and revolves around her well-being. My goal is to keep sharing delightful experiences, and it brings me immense joy to serve as a guide for fellow moms and connect with them as “A mom to another.”

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