Tapsi Wadhwa, a professional Tarot Card Reader, Life Coach, and relationship counselor

Tapsi Wadhwa - Tarot Card Reader
Tapsi Wadhwa - Tarot Card Reader & Life Coach

Tapsi Wadhwa, a professional tarot card reader since 2005, was one of the first individuals to introduce tarot in Jaipur, Rajasthan.

She also teaches over 20 other courses including career enhancement, healthy living, beauty and weight loss, etc.

Tapsi Wadhwa, a girl filled with dreams and has visions to accomplish them. Her passion is the driving force behind the work that she acknowledges – achieving the goals and ambitions in her life, According to Tapsi, Passion is a mix of truth, authenticity, enthusiasm, and depth.

Any act lacking sincerity, emotion, or enthusiasm just will never be able to exist in the world of the passionate. Tapsi is a firm believer in Always Keeping your efforts going and aspirations high.

Tapsi Wadhwa, a professional tarot card reader since 2005 said, “It has been over a decade that I started reading these mystical cards. That was the time when people barely knew about this magical, divine guiding.

I was one of the first individuals to introduce tarot in my city Jaipur.  A television show called Kosmic chat gave me a sense of knowing deep about this beautiful art!”

After generating the correct predictions gave Tapsi a push in pursuing a career in tarot card reading and since then there has been no looking back.

As the tarot is an amazing guidance tool, showing one the right direction and path to move ahead, people asked for remedies as well!

Which motivated her to acquire lots of other modalities which include candle magick, herbal magick, oils magick, zibu angel symbols etc.

It all started with a word of mouth and later through a lot, many exhibitions in many cities over India, as well as abroad Tapsi Wadhwa, began to expand her profession.

Eventually, Tapsi started reading for celebrities and doing great predictions for them as well.

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Tapsi Wadhwa also teaches over 20 different courses in her workshops, the list includes Tarot Level 1,2,3, Health and protection, Candle making 5 types, Healing candles making, Tea leaf reading, Zibu angel symbols, Career enhancement, Relationship enhancement, Healthy living, Beauty and weight loss, Aura protection.