Tarun Katial, Founder of Genius Inside, decodes for you the 6 Pillars of Success

Tarun Katial Founder of Genius Inside

Genius Inside, a recently launched AI-powered platform aiding personal and professional transformation, is proud to present its first live session on the “6 Pillars of Success”.

Spearheaded and orchestrated by industry titan Mr.Tarun Katial; Founder Genius Inside and Ex-CEO Zee5; the workshop will decode the route to sustainable success.

The “6 Pillars of Success” session has been tailored to help you translate your life and be the guiding light to take the right steps towards achieving your personal goals and attaining happiness.

This 90-minute session brings to you the answers to your eternal success driving you to the ultimate goal.

With Mr. Tarun Katial, one of the mavericks of the media industry with 11 years of experience, at the helm of this session will reflect on the values of perseverance, persistence, and introspection.

Tarun has been a Vipassana meditator for over 15 years, has been at the cusp of change across satellite television, radio and video streaming and has led thousands of team members to success.

About Genius Inside:

Genius Inside – an AI powered digital platform for leadership and personal development content that is structured, personalised, focuses on learner outcomes and helps with successful internalization through coaching intervention.

The vision is to inspire people & inculcate confidence and bring out the ‘genius’ element, so they can be, do and have anything they want, making for a better life for themselves and others.

Learn to create a code that will not only bring you recognition and riches but also a better world with the 6 Pillar of Success workshop.

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What: 6 Pillar of Success
Date: July 24, 2021
Enrollment Fee: FREE
Registration Open
Website: https://geniusinside.org/