Tata Realty collaborates with BrandMusiq to unveil its new sonic identity, #SoundOfIntellion

Sound of Intellion

Mumbai, 19th April 2024 : BrandMusiq, Asia’s leading sonic branding agency  known for its innovative approach to creating sonic identities or brands partnered with Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd.  a leading provider of office parks, to create an innovative sonic identity for its Intellion office Parks.

BrandMusiq used a strategic brand approach that combines the science of sound and art of music to create a sonic identity system for Tata Realty. Tata Realty is not just a leader but a leader with a sense of empathy. The brand’s essence lies in its commitment to innovation and a compassionate approach in the real estate sector.

The Tata Realty MOGOSCAPE® is a carefully curated soundscape that blends elements of leadership, innovation, and empathy. The concept draws inspiration from the combination of Saxophone, Trumpets, and Horns, symbolizing authority and a commanding presence.

However, these traditional elements are delivered in a way that reflects empathy, creating a harmonious blend that resonates with Tata Realty’s values. The integration of these musical elements is designed to convey Tata Realty’s leadership in a compassionate manner.

The perfect blend of traditional instruments with a modern yet empathetic delivery ensures that the sonic identity encapsulates the brand’s identity accurately.

The Tata Realty MOGO® is an immersive sonic experience that not only expresses the brand as a leader but also highlights its empathetic and trustworthy positioning. The unique blend of traditional and modern elements creates a memorable soundscape that resonates with the audience, establishing Tata Realty as a distinctive and influential force in the real estate industry.

Rajeev Raja, Founder & Soundsmith of BrandMusiq stated,“Tata Realty is the leader in the real estate business and they approached us at BrandMusiq to create the sound of the Tata Realty brand.

When we analysed the brand, we realised that it was a leader, but a leader with a heart and therefore we created the entire soundscape or MOGOSCAPE® as we call it to reflect this. At the same time there was the aspect of innovation.

They are doing lots of interesting new things in this field, so when we put all of this together, we felt leadership or being a ruler in the category was best expressed through a combination of Saxophone, Trumpets, Horns as it were, but at the same time delivered in a very empathetic way with the elements of innovation and tech being built into the soundscape.

So, all in all,we have a Tata Realty MOGO® that absolutely in essence, reflects their true stature as a leader and innovative leader and compassionate leader in the real estate space.”

Mr. Sanjay Dutt, MD & CEO at TATA Realty & Infrastructure Ltd., expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, The introduction of our new sonic branding represents a pivotal moment in our journey.

Our auditory identity, encapsulated in the form of MOGO® and MOGOSCAPE®, is more than just a musical composition; it is about distinguishing Intellion as a brand. Through this industry first initiative, we merge the traditional with the contemporary, echoing the harmonious blend of leadership, innovation, and empathy that defines Tata Realty.

As our sonic branding permeates every aspect of our brand identity, it will transcend from a mere melody to become an omnipresent symbol of our identity. It will serve as a cohesive and enduring expression of Tata Realty’s Intellion commercial spaces brand, fostering a profound and lasting connection with our diverse audience.”

Tata Realty & Infrastructure becomes the first company in the CRE space to launch their sonic identity and will become an integral part of Intellion office spaces, resonating through lobbies, lifts, and across various touchpoints such as videos and podcasts.

About BrandMusiq:

Founded by ex-Creative Director and musician, Rajeev Raja, with his advertising colleague, Ajit Varma as CEO and Co-Founder, BrandMusiq is the pioneer of Sonic Branding in India & Asia. BrandMusiq has perfected a process that expresses a brand’s persona and emotional essence, by applying the science of sound and the art of music.

BrandMusiq’s Sonic Identity System comprises a MOGOSCAPE® (Sonic palette), MOGO® (Musical LOGO), and a Mini-MOGO® (Confirmation sound/alert).

About TATA Realty & Infrastructure Ltd. :

TATA Realty and Infrastructure Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Tata Sons and one of the leading real estate development companies in India with an extensive portfolio of over 50 projects across 15 cities. With an agenda of dispensing intelligent, collaborative, and dynamic projects, TATA Realty and Infrastructure Limited has developed ~17.6 mn. Sq. ft. of commercial projects and has ~16.7 mn. sq. ft. of projects under development & planning.

Keeping with the Tata philosophy of leadership in sectors of national economic significance, TATA Realty and Infrastructure Limited was set up to identify the most promising opportunities for growth in the Indian real estate and infrastructure arena.

TRIL is currently focused on long-term infrastructure projects of national significance, as well as mixed-use projects in the real estate sector.  As is with all Tata companies, the selection of projects is a specialized process, with the eventual selection list scoring high not only on business objectives but also on the guiding Tata values and policies.

Tata is one of India’s largest conglomerates, with annual revenue of over $100 billion, and 107 operating companies in seven business sectors, employing over 1 Million people worldwide.

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